Scam letter(s) from Kate Robinson to Colin (UK)

Letter 1
Hello How are you doing? it's nice getting Your message ,i've been stressing around getting things packed,i just got back from the Airport not quite long...i had to transfer my Antiques out of the storage unit to the Airport for checking.I have been cleaning up room here i just have to get my things all packed together so i won't leave anything behind....i had to go through some Customs clearance process here.The Customs here checked my Goods and they're much so they billed me out before i can be allowed to get along with it on the plane.They want me to get the clearance first before they pass me back to UK Because it's meant to be...and am planning to get back to England this week.I Thank God everything has been solved but I was bill to pay some little amount of Money before they will release the goods. And right now all the money I have with me I have used it to Buy all the items and there's other way I can Pay for the stuff but I was ask to pay the money so that they can release the goods to me otherwise it might lead to the Governor of the state here.I have never Travelled Out of the UK before, this my first time of traveling down here in republic Of Benin) Well when I was coming down here I brought some Money order here but I couldn’t get those Money order cashed here. I was told they are foreign Money order and it can only be cashed in the England.and the only friend i have, who i trusted that can help me out...she not in the England at the moment.she is on vacation and she went to United State to see her parent... I want you to help\ me out with this, I mean I want you to help me in cashing the Money order. I will have to send them down to you through a courrier services as soon as you get the Money order cashed you will send the money Back to me through westernunion money transfer with my Information. I will be looking forward to your urgent reply.
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