Romance scam letter(s) from Elena Ryabinina to Ian (Canada)
Letter 1
Hello my love Ian!!!
I am very glad to read your letter, and now my mood much more, and I am glad to that that you really so strongly care of me, and I am simple without is cleverly enamoured in you, because you my hero!! My love I understood you concerning the help for a trip to you, I as well as you every day dream of a meeting with you, and then to me become so alone because all of us yet together, but soon we will a number I I hope for it, my love so strongly I miss on you and so strongly I love you, on my work I have such difficulties, but nevertheless, in the end of this month to me will give wages about 150 euros, and my love to me many money is required yet, and then we will be together, you understand me??? My dear, I hope by the end of this month you can send me at least not many money, for this purpose that I could begin official registration of papers, and then arrive to you, I so strongly wish it, OK now write me the letter I will look forward from you the answer simply, while while your wife Elena!!
Letter 2
Hello my love Ian!
I am very glad to read your 3 letters, and I am very glad to it, all this time I went and selected tickets for flight to you, but my dear, I do not know on what number to me to take tickets? Tell to me it? I need to buy now the ticket, and then it is required to have that money of 1340 dollars, and I can arrive to you, my dear, I very strongly love you, and I wish to be with you, as soon as possible, and I so am glad that you really so strongly love me, and I know that that first supper together will be very fine. And still my dear, my mum transfers to you big hello and she wishes to know as there are your affairs, they asks me about your country, and she so asks every day on you much! And still my dear If fairly that now at me is not many difficulties, for money for the cafe Internet, and on it I could not write you the letter because at me does not remain the money, and I occupied them from mum, but you can not worry in this occasion because at me will suffice still approximately for 1 or 2 weeks! At me in my city very fine weather, already 4 day costs hot weather, and to me is simple very much hot! And all these fine days I dreamt only of you, and I thought as it would be fine, when we will be together, I think that we will spend the finest hours together, to go to a beach, to sunbathe! To look at fine landscapes! And to have it is a lot of fine! And it so strongly pleases me, and I dream to be every day near to you! But I know that will be fast this moment, and that soon we will together. And I know that to both of us will be our meeting is pleasant, OK now write me the letter, I will wait for your letter, while while your wife Elena!
Letter 3
My dear IAN for this purpose that doctors could perform operation to me half of sum is required these are 3000 dollars, I have that money which you has sent me 1430 dollars, and still my girlfriend has told that it will help me, and it will be approximately in 300 dollars. Then I will have 1630 dollars, but 1470 dollars still are required to me, it only for this purpose that doctors could perform operation, and still then I will need to pay it other part of money! 3000 dollars, but now in any case are required to me of 1470 dollars, that to my mum could perform operation!
Letter 4
Helo my love IAN!!!!
I am very glad to read today your letter, but now at me very big problems because I do not know that to me to do, at my mum very bad health, on Monday, my mum has decided to descend in shop and what to reach shop, it is necessary to pass through expensive, and on this road there go many cars and when it passed road it has brought down the car, and that car has disappeared from a scene, and now my mum lays in hospital, at it is a lot of damages, and most terrible that that it has broken a backbone, and now it cannot move, I has just come from hospital, and me have told that it so long cannot live, and now its condition simply very terrible, it lays on a bed without consciousness, doctors have told to me that to it is required serious operation, and it should be made in a current of 5 days, and she costs many money, me would tell what to perform my mum operation, me is required to pay approximately 90 000 thousand roubles, It is many money for me, and I simply do not know where to me to have so many money, to me have told that I should find in a current of 5 days at least half of sum of money of 50 000 thousand roubles, for this purpose that they could perform operation to my mum, and now I simply do not know that to me to do, I simply do not have exit, and I have no right to an error because if I will not find in a current of 5 days at least half of sum of money to my mum I can not perform operation, and it can die, even now I sit and cannot think of it, my hands simply shiver for excitement, that my mum lays at death, and I necessarily should help it, because I is obliged, and during such short time I simply do not know where to me to find so many money, I went to bank, and asked from them the loan, and they have told that they can give to me of 15 000 thousand roubles, but more they cannot because I have no such huge wages, what to singe money during time in bank, And now it is required to me at least 30 000 thousand roubles, for this purpose that could perform my mum operation, but I do not know where I can find so many money during such short time, my love, it is very a shame to me to ask you, but at me is simple on simply there is no choice, I have no right to an error, my love, please I beg you, help me with money for treatment of mum, I have now no money of that sum which that is required to me for operation of mum, and if I will not make it from me more when will not be mums, please help me, me very urgently is required this sum of money, my love, I will hope very much on you, me is simple is nobody to address for the help, my mum is all that at me is in a life, I very strongly love it, and cannot simply think of it, please write to me the answer as soon as possible, I will wait from you the answer, is simple with impatience, I cannot be idle and wait, I cannot sit for excitement at at all me am turned a head, Also hands shiver, and I am simple I can not, answer me as soon as possible, whether you will help me or not??? I look forward to hearing, while while your love Elena!!!
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