Scam letter(s) from Saasha Johnson to Frank (Germany)

Letter 1
Thanks for the mail and interest shown on me, I will like to ask you few questions. Before I proceed in asking let me tell you more about myself. I was born in Malta and my mother is from Inverness Scotland , but we lives in Malta . I lost my father few Years ago to a car accident on his birthday. He was ***** and he had an accident with his friend that affected them all may his soul rest in peace. I like to play table tennis, volleyball, batmintin, snocker and soccer. After about 3 years of his death, I and my mum decided to come back to the state when she was hooked up with sickness and I spent a lot on her before she eventually die I cried been the only child but no one to console me like my best friend Kate who happens to be my classmate and a brilliant girl as well. She never want to leave me for a moment because we are just like a twins and she told me that she want to travel to Nigeria but she is afraid that we might miss each other which I told her that I will like to go with her and then we left to Nigeria with a ****** Atlantic Airways because she want to do her wedding with her husband who happens to be a Nigeria like her and she had to leave the country to Nigeria which they did. After there wedding which went successful and i am the best lady in the wedding i was praying for such to happen to the time of mine and she prayed and her husband and her was very happy because i can bet it that is the best wedding ever attended in my life. On there honey moon Night because we live in the same house and the next door room when i heard a knock on the door I thought its one of their family member but they are are not it was the owner of the house the armed robbery who came with knives and guns in their hands. They wanted to **** me and the bride but the husband dragged with them which took his life and I was rapped and i also which lead my friend and I in the hospital on the test carried by the doctor she was 3 week pregnant eventually she died in the process in the hospital I cried and everything is just like a dream to me and I was pregnant as well I begged the doctor to abort the pregnancy for me which he did. Coming to Nigeria is a nightmare to me i cannot talk to my friend and her husband and now. I am stranded because I am short of money for my flight. I am just telling you this for you to know more about me not for anything because Nigeria is a corrupt country; I believe that coming to Nigeria is my dream, which later on became a nightmare to me.
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