Scam Letter(s) from Nonglak Changkoksoong to Chris (New Zealand)

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Letter 1

Hello Chris.
Thank you very much for your e-mail, until today l was waiting for all the response of my profile… Soon l will delete my AE-profile and from all e-mail l selected just a few man I answer now. Also YOU ! Unfortunetly 90 % of the e-mails l got, was so rude and many stupid sex offer. I really dont like this. But your e-mail was polite and friendly. Thank you ! So l want to say Thank you very much for your nice e-mail. I dont know you, but feel good about you. I am looking for a serious relationship and I think, you too. So now I really want to know you more… I have no secrets and not much past, so whatever you want to know about me, please just ask me,ok ? I will check my e-mail in university by every 3-4th day and very sure, l will always answer your e-mail. So we can know eachother and build up something. Please can you tell to me something more about you ? Please can you attach your picture in your next mail ? Now about me: My family live in Chantaburi, its in the South East of Thailand. I have 1 younger sister and 1 younger brother, they stay with my parents. I do not stay together with my parents, because my university is about 120 km away from our home. I study nursing in the last year now in university in Chonburi city, this mean l will finish my study soon. I have my small apartment here, happy but alone. So I hope to find a nice, faithful and serious man to build up a serious relationship, hopefully leading to successful marriage with happiness and real love. What I do for my life ? Its not easy, to stay alone and to study. So I also have to work part time job. In the afternoon or evening I am working part time in a small shop to sale there perfume and cosmetic. It is a nice work, but the salary is so small in Thailand. So this time it is really not easy for me to earn money and also to continue my study now in the same time. My dream is: To find the right man who really love me, is serious to me and I can give all my love to him. For the future I am marriage minded and if l find my boyfriend l am also ready to move to another country. Now my study, homework and my part time job keep me so busy, that I have no free time to chat. I think, you understand this. Anyway, l will always write you. And I really want to know you more by e-mail, because I have a good feeling about you. I hope l will be right. And little bit later we can think about it, how we can meet in personal to develope a real relationship, ok ?
I am a straight, honest and a loyal person. This is me...!
Now I am waiting for your answer, your serious Lek

Letter 2

Hello again, Chris.
First l want to say Thank you for your polite e-mail.
You write very honest and friendly. I really like this.
Thank you also for your picture.. And you look good...!
On this weekend l will delete my profile in Asianeuro.
So please check it quick if you need some information.
Today I send you 1 more picture from me and I hope you like it. Every e-mail l will send you 1 more picture.
I can send always just one, because the PC here in my university are to old and very slowly to upload picture.
About my study, I will finish my study within this year and you know a relationship can change easy a girls life.
So if l find my partner, l am ready to relocate any time.
This is the main goal of my life, to find a good husband.
Please understand me, l can not chat with you. Because I use the PC in my university. This is free for students to check the internet for study and also e-mail are ok.
But it is not allowed to use the computer for chatting.
On every computer here in my university is a program installed, which block every messenger for a download.
I understand this. Because many students have to use the PC here and even nobody chat, it is already to busy sometimes. I am very sure, you also can understand it.
We will know each other more and more by e-mail, ok ?
So for sure, I will check my e-mail about every 3-4th day, that you and me will get closed fast as possible…
And l can say, I have a good feeling about you and me.
With every e-mail we writing, our feeling will increase.
About my ex bf (thai) before, l have a bad experience :
He drink most of the time in evening to much alcohol and than he hit me sometime, even l was doing nothing wrong.
So my family was very angry about this relationship and l go away from him. Now l not want a thai man anymore !
I think, western man like you take more care about his partner and will try much more to make his love happy…
l really wish l found a loving and honest man with you for a very happy future together. With a big kiss, your Lak.

Letter 3

Hello again, my Chris.
Thank you again, for keep on writing me...!
I feel always very happy to see your e-mail.
Every time l read your e-mail l feel already more closed to you. It is a very nice feeling.
I always like to hear when you tell me about you.. l am happy to know you more and more.
Right now it is just a dream, but if one day we let it come true that l come to meet you in your country we are very lucky. Because my auntie is working in a travel agency, and it is her job there to arrange visa for thai people.
She know how to do and sure, she will help me.
You know, l really like to hear your voice, but unfortunetly l not have a mobile phone and no landline at my room. Please understand, that l am just a student with my parttime job and the daily costs of life consume all my income.
So l can not buy now a mobile phone this time.
Thank you very much for understand me, ok ?
My Chris, l am looking forward to meet you.
l believe you will be nice to me and you do not hurt me, when we will meet one day. Because l can feel it, that l can trust and believe you.
Please can you tell me, what is your dream or
Your future plan about you and me to meet ?
I am now serious looking for my life partner.
Important is, l don’t want, someone lie to me.
Sure l can promise you, l will be always honest and serious to you to build up our relationship.
You and me, we have to give trust to each other.
Trust is basic for any relationship. This mean:

You can trust someone without love, but....
you can not love someone without trust !

So may be we can start already to build up now our long term minded relationship, ok ?
For me, it is really important, my boyfriend really loves me and that he is faithful to me.
I think you understand, I don’t want to get hurt, because there is another girl one day.
Are you a faithful person ? Me, sure, I am.
Now waiting for your reply. Kiss you... Lak

Letter 4

Hello again, my Chris.
Thank you for your reply and never forget me.
You write polite and friendly to me and l feel already so closed to you. You are a nice man !
My Chris, l look already alot in internet about New Zealand. I love the nature there. So nice.
I want you to know, I am very serious to meet you, so l am very happy you want me to come to your place. We are lucky, because my auntie work in a travel agency and it is her job there to get tourist visa for many costumer. So she really know, how do do it for me. I will ask her to help me about all paperwork to come to you.
And if you are really serious with me, I will be happy to be a good & loving girlfriend for you.
I am happy, if we start already a relationship.
It is like a small flower, we have to care for it, like to give water every day to a little flower.
If we forget to give water, it will slowly die...
And l think, about our relationship is the same:
If we care for eachother, like to give water, our young relationship will grow and grow…
And one day it will be big and strong like a full developed and beautiful flower, my darling !
You do understand what l mean to say, right ?
Even both of us get hurt before, we not want to be alone, we want to feel care and real love.
We want the same, so let both of us do our best now to become very happy together, ok ?
So l really feel, that l want to meet you soon in personal to build up our growing relationship.
With a big kiss, your sweet (girlfriend ?) Lak

Letter 5

Hello, my Chris.
l want you to know, l am very serious to come to meet you !
I feel always so happy to receive your e-mail and l am sure, that we will develope a very happy relationship with love !
Next month my course of study finish, so it is a very good timing to come to meet you. I feel very very excited now...
Yesterday l visit my auntie in her hometown and she tell me already everything, how to come to see you. Now l know it.
First l have to go to Bangkok to make my passport there.
This will take 3 or 4 days. After this my auntie will get a tourist visa for me, with this l can stay 3 month with you.
In this time we can develope our relationship to big love...
To make my papers, travel, stay 3 day in Bangkok, the visa fee and passport, this will cost complete 11.000 thai baht.
My Chris, please can you help me about this ?
It cost 11.000 thai baht. I dont know the money there in New Zealand, but this is in american USD about 370.-
Sorry l ask you, but l am only a student with small income.
I have my own bank account. Here l send you the details.
I think it is easy, to transfer money from bank to bank.

My full name : Nonglak Changkoksoong
My Account - No . : No. 5 5 0 1 0 3 8 6 7 0
Name of the bank : Bank of Ayudhya, Sub Branch 550
Address of bank : 365 Moo. 9 , T. Nong Prue, Banglamung
Chonburi 20150, Thailand
Swift - Code : AYUDTHBK

SWIFT is for international transfer, the bank told me.
If this is to difficult, by Western Union is also possible.
Lak is nickname for my full name Nonglak Changkoksoong.
I feel very excited to travel first time outside my country and l will meet a very nice, warmhearted man – l meet YOU.
I know, life is give and take. And l am sure, soon will come the time, I can give to you too. And I will be so happy to do my very best, that you and me become very happy together.
I will do everything to be there soon as possible. Promise !
You can be very sure you will have a good girlfriend with me..
Please help me to make my papers and passport, your Lak



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