Scam Letter(s) from Olesya to Allister (England)

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Letter 1

Hi my favourite allister.
Dear I am glad, that we with you are opened before each other, that ours with you hearts are filled by love and that we can heat our hearts love at a great distance. I think, that it is really present love and that we should make this all real. I hope, that you understand that in letters we already have learnt all about each other, and that we with you not that do not hurry now. You agree with me??? Simply when we with you it is all started to create, you understood all from the very beginning that for such relations the meeting is necessary. A meeting it really very important step for us with you, and thus we can prove all each other, that is between us and that we speak. Road as your affairs??? I'm fine my mum is perfectly in order.
Weather at us was today fine. How your weather??? I want, that you really would concern me very seriously because I would like to speak about ours with you meetings.
We know already each other, we know ours with you feelings, we were defined in a life with a choice, only now it will be necessary to prove each other all it. allister I think, that it is all correctly. To me it would be very pleasant, if I really could arrive to you.
But I very much am afraid that as you to me will concern if you learn that I have some problems what to arrive to you. The problem consists that I will not have such money what to arrive to you. I am simple to you already she spoke about my life what difficult, and is simple to me very much not conveniently before you. And as though I count only on your help because me it is valid there is nobody will address for the help. allister you understand me??? And in general tell to me, what you think about our meetings, what I would come to you???
You are ready to make this important step what to be with me?
allister road I hope, that you will consider all and speak to me. I will hope, that you will agree with me, and will support me during such moment.
I very strongly love you. I wait for your answer.
Yours Olesya.



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