Scam Letter(s) from Mariam Guye to Allister (UK)

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Letter 1

Goodday My Dearest

Thanks alot for your mail, How are you doing i hope you are in perfect condition of health?. I'm not too fine but God is takeing care of me here.I would like to use this opportunity to introduce myself to you. Well I am Mariam Guye, I'm 23 Years old Girl from the Republic of Liberia in West/Africa. I'm the only daughter of Late Dr. Lassana Guye.

My father is now late,he died some months back during the last and current crisis in my country (Liberia). He was the Personal Adviser to my formal president Charles Taylor who is now in jail in Holland, after many innocent soul were killed.

Presently, am living in Dakar Senegal Refugee United Nation Camp as a result of the war in my country. My father was unlucky to be among those that was killed by the rebel. The main reason why I am contacting you now is to seek you assistance in the area of my future investment and also for a help me hand over some huge amount of money he deposited in my possession.

This amouth is (US 6.5 Million) is deposited in a Bank some years ago by my father which am the Next of Kin. I am now asking you to stand on my behalf to make this claim out of the bank, to stand as my partner oversea and in time of my future investment as well.
If I am given the opportunity to do so. Pls attach your direct and full information as you reply to me. Here is my picture.

Thanks and Remain Bless.



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