Scam letter(s) from Tatyana to Teodoro (Spain)

Letter 1
Hi dear! Thank for the letter to me.It was good to learn with you a network.Well,let me to begin with representation.You already can know, that I - 31 years, young European lady. My growth of 168 sm. I live in Ioshkar Ola city - capital of Republic Mari El in Russia. I speak Russian smoothly and the English language - not so. I work as the teacher of elementary grades at school; I love children and to like to work with them. I am fair, the sensitive, kind, cheerful and sociable person. I love a nature; sometimes I like to go in picnics or only to go in a wood when I have a free time. I like to float and play tennis, though I - not the good player nevertheless In my free time, I like to go in theatres, museums, operas and some games the play. But my work holds me rather occupied, and I spend a lot of time for my work. Anyhow I like to enjoy life, as it. I hate a lie and treachery. I do not love any kind of cruelty, it is possible because I - too female and sensitive internal part of my heart. I love flowers, especially a daisy of an eye and roses. I love domestic comfort, heat and quiet concerning family. That is really important for me in the person - his individuality all over again; his kind intimate and romantic soul can involve me much. Age or distinction of a nationality - not a problem for me in general. I am interested in that that is inside his heart that is in his opinion. I only need in whom - the one who will be my best friend and the devoted partner to whom I shall devote my life and I shall like. I search for the intellectual, strong, unbiassed person who has kind heart, love both romantic soul, and common sense of humour who is capable to protect and support his beloved woman and to be the devoted partner for her. I want to build strong, steady and loving family outside of Russia. Mutual respect, honesty, understanding and strong love really important for happiness of family, I think. It is good, if you are that person who I look for, and you are ready to be loved and love violently your future partner of life, then give, give us chance to try, and probably we shall find, that magic likes, and happiness we look while.I was married once. At me the husband was, but I have divorced from it him. We were together 5 years. It he demanded from me money and all spent on alcoholic drinks. Sometimes it he even lifted on me a hand. Now I have divorced from it him and I live from him it separately. Please inform me more about you directly, your life, your hobbies, interests, expectations, desires. I would like to know more about you. It is really important for me to have idea concerning the person, I am going to transfer with and to develop attitudes ! I would like to look in your photos. Let me to wish good luck you much happiness. Expect to receive news from you soon. Sincerely Tanya.
Letter 2
Hello my friend teo! I want to thank you for the letter, it was very much Interesting to me to read the letter and to learn find out about your life. What full your name? In the letter I want to inform you about me directly in more detail. And I have no any children,but I very much want children. So it has gathered, that I have not met The worthy person whom the unique thing the whole would be with me. Certainly I Informed with various people, but in any of them, I was not confident, you Probably you have been surprised, that to me of 31 years, and I could not find to myself the good husband. I was once for the husband, but now I know, that ours Relations could not be long. I, became closed in itself directly And some time actually did not contact to people, was awful to begin Relations with another the person very much demanded to my trust to trust. But I any more did not trust any to the man, I think, that you will understand me, it was Very difficult. But I do not regret about anything! Now I search First and last love. About my character: in heart I the optimist, Sincere, sociable, In general in me the gentle arrangement. I estimate in Kindness of the person, aspiration and honesty. In me it - is not a lot of friends and familiar, but I have the best girlfriend, its her name - Irina, we are familiar With it from school. She to me informed to try to get acquainted with the person man on the Internet from other country. Unfortunately I have no any house of own computer And phone, I write to you from Cafe of the Internet also. My girlfriend works as the programmer In computer firm, she also has trained me to use it. First I did not do make Understand for this purpose, it is possible to use a computer, I thought it On a computer it is possible to play only games, and now I understand, That a computer - a necessary thing for the modern person. I The Christian also trusts the god, and you trust the god? In you other religion, but the god one for all people, me The right? Please inform me About a life it - is more. On it I shall finish the letter. I shall wait From you for the letter, your girlfriend Tanya.
Letter 3
Hi teo as you today? I am glad to receive yours e-mail. I think, That I more seriously now think of acquaintance through Internet. When you established the structure in service of acquaintances, you thought about Opportunities to find the person for serious attitudes? Perhaps you made it to have a small entertainment? Inform me about it Please. Inform me why you have decided to get acquainted in Internet , instead of In the street. I in the life had no good acquaintances in the street. I think , That if the person specially uses service of acquaintances he has Serious intentions to find the special person for itself. To me Told about many games on internet, but I hope, that you The serious person. I would like, that you wrote to me small The story how the usual person in your country lives. At ours Peoples different culture and life, and I think this story will help me It is better to understand you. I think, that on TV tell not always The truth, and I never make opinion on other people from the TV. I hope, that will not tell some things about it tiresome For you. What importance of family in your country and what opinion at you Concerning it. I heard, that the yours women frivolously concern to To family, that for them their career is more important. And some women leave In marriage and at once make divorce to take half of money from the husband. It is the truth?. It is very difficult for me to understand it. I think, that creation Families very important in life also cannot be played feelings of other people and To have the big purse from it. I already informed you, that at me is present Work which takes away from me many free time. My salary Not so big, but me suffices for life and I am helped frequently by mine Parents. I plan to study in the future to raise the level For work. Earlier I already studied at pedagogical university, it was after I left school. What you having Opinion be relative importance of education in life? Inform to me please The opinions. Dear now it is time to me to go home. I shall be To write to you tomorrow. I wait for your letters. Yours Tanya.
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