Scam letter(s) from Hanna H. to Joaquin (Spain)

Letter 1
Dear Mr. Joaquin, welcome to the translation firm "***EUROTranslations***".

Your lady miss Hanna H. is one of our clients. We translate your correspondence with miss Hanna. The reason we contact you now is to inform you that we can't send you Hanna's letter because of she is not able to pay translation fees. She paid for our service herself but she can't pay us now cause of her financial circumstances. If you are interested continue your correspondence with her, you may contact us and we let you know our rates and conditions.

A professional translation in our understanding means a special language activity, aimed at the presentment of the original in another language; it is an activity which demands a special training, skills and ability. Only a professional translation can be an authentic translation in strict sense of the word and demands realization of different skills and abilities from the translator. In other words, a professional translation has no sense without a special linguistic and translating training.

"***EUROTranslations***", a translation firm specializes in the translation of Web sites, software and Web contests, as well as in a wide range of texts such as news releases, magazine articles, research reports, training manuals and private correspondence. Translation services are offered from Russian into English and from English into Russian.

"***EUROTranslations***" makes no compromises when it comes to translation quality and confidentiality and strives to meet your deadlines. Every translation is adapted to its target audience and is meticulously revised and proofread. We offer customized services to meet your every need, as well as competitive rates. And efficient project management is your guarantee of flexibility. Eighty percent of our clients have repeatedly used our services with satisfaction for several years.

Contact us and we will ungrudgingly work with you.

Truly yours,
we translate everything you can imagine.
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