Romance scam letter(s) from Elena Olehanova to Jean Luc (France)
Letter 1
Hello dear Luc!! Thank you for your letter a lot, but to be honest I knew that I will find it today in my mail-box. And so I am here to reply. Well, reading your message I want to tell you that you are very interesting man to have correspondence with and I hope that we will become friends and maybe not only friends, who knows, but anyway, it’s too early to talk about this. But I hope that none would be disappointedJ)) What do you feel now?
Well, I think that you are interested why I am here in the internet, I am sure you heard a lot of stories of our Ukrainian men, but I cannot tell they are bad, no, no, I mean that I am a family-oriented women and want to have a strong relationship and simple women’s happiness, someone near me to support and to care me when I need this and from my turn I am ready to make my future beloved one of the happiest man in the world, am I asking for more?? Just simple happiness and sureness in tomorrow, but most of Ukrainian men are not serious enough to give this, that’s why I am here.
I feel that I am ready to force for my happiness. In my previous letter, I have written you before that I was never afraid of any difficulties, but I’m afraid of loneliness. My aunt Christina made an excellent career; she was one of the best engineers in the mine. She devoted all her life to herself. Christina traveled a lot around the world and had a lot of friends everywhere… But my aunt never had real love. So, now she is retired – she has no favorite job and she has no husband and children. Of course, her memory can takes her to the several pleasant moments of her life. And
now she has nothing. No, no, I mean she is experienced woman, but she has not happiness in her life. But I think that the main aim of any woman is to have a family. First of all, a woman has to be a good wife and a good mother, a sensitive lover and just after that she may make a career. So, when I am 60 years old I want to be a kind grandmother of many little children… Frankly speaking I cannot imagine myself as a granny… It is something like me sitting near the fireplace with my husband and we are looking photos of our wedding, photos of our first son in my arms…
That’s why I decided to put my profile in the internet. I believe that I will find a twin-soul, my soul-mate, my beloved one, a man I would be able to spend my last days with in happiness… and my dream about old photos and spacious house with a fireplace will come trueJ Who knows, maybe you are the Right Man for me? Would you like to be my best friend and help me to find right way in any situation? J) I need to Him to be caring, wise and kind man.
Oh, gosh, I didn’t want this letter to be long again, but I feel that I cannot stop myself writing to youJ Sending to you my smiles across miles… with a tender kiss. Elena
Letter 2
I am so glad that you want to meet me!!! I am sure that our real meeting will help us to understand each other much better!!! I do not believe much in Internet, I trust it but do not fully and absolutely believe:) You may say how is it possible and I will answer you…I know that with the help of internet you may find out more about a person…But only real meeting face to face may show you his reaction to your words…May show you his real attitude to you…May show whether he is so into you like he writes…So I am really happy that you suggested to meet!!! Unbelievably happy!!! Blissfully happy!!! I do not know the reason of such excitement! Maybe it is because of the possibility to meet you soon, what do you think? I wonder how will I feel when I finally reach to you:)So that’s all for my emotions:) I really like the idea, and I would really appreciate if you will except my help in organizing your rest:)Would you mind if I help you in finding a flat in Ukraine?Please tell me when exactly you are able to come?!!!I am so exited!!!
Letter 3
My darling i am so happy you wrote!!!!I was waiting for it impatiently!!!!I am so sorry that i can not answer you immediately!!!But the thing is that i have to go to the internet cafe and wait impatiently for my turn and write to you only once per day when my heart is saying that i need to hear from you more and more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My heart wants to be with you!!!!!You said i should stay calm, but i simply can not..I want to be with you, it this a crime?:)all i want is to appear in your arms, to touch you tenderly, to look into your eyes and fall in love forever and ever....Honey i really hope you will come in the early august, because time without you is like a punishment. My love, you should probably fly to Kiev, i do not think that travelling by car is safe...If you come to Kiev, i will meet you there and we will return back to my place. What do you think about it?Darling and once more, i feel like you do not fully understand what i am trying to say to you: we need to book the flat beforehand.And also getting the int.passport is too expensive for me. I hope very soon you will help me with western union on the flat and passport.I am sure it will be fascinating to come to France with you, my Luc.You have my full name and address, so i hope you will do everything as soon as possible.My love, i need to be with you!!!!!My parents want to see me happy and they know that i can be elated only with my beloved one. They want to see you, my Luc!!!!!!My sweetheart all i want is to prepare a flat for us to live in and start doing my passport so i will be ready to be with you and everything will be ready for your arrival.My honey,i feel like i love you with all my heart...Of course it is a bit strange to make a declaration of love virtually,but from the other side so far it is the only chance for me to say:I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!
Letter 4

My darling,i was so happy to hear you!!!!The connection was terrible, but i liked your voice so much!!!
My Luc,i am so elated now and i am glad that you called!!!!Darling i am so happy that we soon will be together!!!I am looking forward to arrange everything!!!!!It will be the first step for us to be together!!!!!!!!!Darling i will come to the internet cafe tomorrow and i will check your mail. Please write to me!!!!!!!!I hope you will arrange everything with the means today,and i will pay for my passport and our flat.I want to be sure that everything is ready for our meeting.My dear Luc,i like you a lot!!!!!
Letter 5
Oh, darling i have just come to the internet cafe and saw your letter. I am so sorry for my lateness. I was just a bit busy helping my mum at home. so how are you, my love? I a, upset because i can not write you more as the internet cafe is closing right now.From the other side i am so happy that you have supported me with means and i will be able to pay for the flat and also i want to start doing my passport.I am so exited, i will write to you about everything tomorrow!!!!
Letter 6
Hello my dear Luc!!!My love!!!I missed you so much!!!
You are my everything!!!
Darling i am so sorry that i could not write to you before as the internet cafe was closed. i really wanted to, but could not do a thing....I miss you!!!!!
Honey, i have already paid for the flat, but the saddest thing is that there was not left for my passport. I do not know what to do.
Please try to understand that i do not want to sit alone after you come and then leave ukraine.
I want to return to your country together with you.So the visa costs $210 because of the emergency!That's all. Do not you want to see me very soon?!!!I think you are serious man and i do not have doubts in your sincerity!!!!I really trust you and know that from your life you want the same thing:to be with me!!!!I really hope you can help me by western union on my passport and visa, so i will be able to do my papares right now and then go with you. As soon as i get the money, i will start doing my documents. And will be able to come to you at once.
Darling, our happiness depends on you. I hope this road leads to our common happiness!!!!
Yours totally Elena
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