Scam letter(s) from Snezhana to Joaquin (Spain)

Letter 1
Dear Mr. Joaquin, We inform you, that miss Snezhana is not able to proceed correspondence between you and her because she has no more credits on her account. She is not able to read or write letters in Russian as well, she has no computer. The only way for her to reach you is to use translation service. As you have showed the previous interest in miss Snezhana, let us know if you are really interested in our services so we could help you keep in touch with your lady. All this time miss Snezhana paid for the correspondence and developed trustful attitude to you. She is confused about the situation. Your lady relies on you, she is worrying and waiting for your soonest reply.

Sincerely Yours, Olga Dobrodeeva
"WORD" manager
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