Scam letter(s) from Ivy Bernson to Luc (Belgium)

Letter 1
hello these are my pics hope you like them. want to know more about you ok

Letter 2
hello luc, i am very proud for your response, i will be so glad to also chat with you so we can get to know each other better, i want you to know that you are the first man in my life after been lonely for the past 7 years after i lost my man in an accident some years ago, i found it hard to open up for men, my heart was hardened and never thought i will fall inlove again, but i am proud i have found you and seen joy in your eyes, i promise to be a good woman and always be there for you even though i am far from you i promise to do my best to hold and love you forever with all my heart, and i will treat you as a king if you will also promise to treat me as a queen. i will be happy if i get your phone number so i could call you, i am now in UK, if you really dont mind about the distance, i hope to hear more from you. thanks for your friendship. i promise never to let you down.i am so happy to meet you luc. have a nice day and talk to you soon.

ivy bernson
Letter 3
hello luc,

i am very honored with your response, you can surely count on me as a good friend and you will be also happy with me, i am very honest, loving and caring which i know every one is looking for so i hope to hear from you soon. have a greatday and talk at 9 as you say. i am glad to know you luc. i am very very happy. talk soon.

love ivy
Letter 4

hello honey,
its been a great pleasure to hear from you this morning, i am glad we like each other and willing to get to know our selves better, i am sorry for yesterday with the internet connections problems, well i will be willing to chat more today so i will check you online later in the day this afternoon. have a nice day and blessed day. hope to talk to you soon. love ivy
Letter 5
hello honey, i miss you so much, sorry i have been working, will be with you probably in the evening. i care about you so much. ivy
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