Scam letter(s) from Yana Zharova to Ed (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my dear, Ed! Thank you once again for your letter. I am so happy that you are in my life. You are sense of my life. I thank God for you. I was thinking about you all day and hoping you write me, I not forget you. I am always getting excited for your letters! I want to be with you forever. I want to wake up and fall asleep in your embraces. The week is passing so quickly. Work has been so busy this week. I feel it because of you. You came to my life. I think I fall in love with you more and more with every letter you send me as I feel I am with you at the same place. I thank you so much for your compliments towards me, it means a lot when an absolutely good man as you thinks of me. Have you ever met someone that looks average on the outside and then you get to know them and then they are wonderful on the inside and then after a little time they seem absolutely attractive and beautiful to you. However, when you meet someone that has inner qualities also it is a bonus if they already are beautiful on the outside. Sorry I get carried away, but I just want to express my feelings to you and so you understand me more as the person. To me love is more than just physical attraction, it is the feeling of belonging that one gets, to feel understanding, compassion and respect from a man. The feeling of wanting to be there for one another, to be loving, loyal, honest and a constant support. I find *** an important part of love, as it is wonderful when you love the person, when to bodies become one in unison. I not believe there distance between us as you are close in my heart. Sorry if I write too much! In my mind and in my heart. Yulya.
Letter 2
Dear Sir,
Thank You for the letter. Your Lady Yulya is still interested in You and we are very happy that You have the same feelings. So this is the needed information for making transfer. Receiver: Yulya Kovtyn
Address: Vinnitsa, Street Architektora Artunova, 4, 21000 You can make a transfer money through the Western Union. After these You should send us the information about Your transfer:
Money Transfer Control Number (10 points), amount of money You sent to Your Lady, full name of the sender and the country where from the money is sent. This is our price list. You can choose any post You want. "Unlimited translation". It includes boundless amount of letters you send to your Lady and receive from Her during the period of time You would like to choose. - one month "unlimited translation" - 150 USD;
- two months "unlimited translation" - 270 USD;
- three months "unlimited translation" - 390 USD: "Unlimited correspondence". It includes boundless amount of letters with photos which you send to your Lady and receive from Her during the period of time You would like to chose. - one month "unlimited correspondence" - 200 USD;
- two months "unlimited correspondence" - 350 USD;
- three months "unlimited correspondence" - 500 USD; If You want to pay for every letter You need to know these prices:

Translation and printing one letter - 5 USD - translator service - 2 USD;
- Internet service - 1 USD;
- printing a letter - 1 USD;
- taxes and other payments - 1 USD); -scanning one photo - 2 USD;
-printing one photo - 3 USD; Hope for our further cooperation. Respectfully,
Principal of TC "Albina"
Sergey Petrakov.
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