Letter(s) from Valentina Sidorova to Grant (Canada)

Letter 1

Hello Matts,

I'm very glad to get your message and nice pictures. Thank you very much for it and I hope that it is just a beginning of our communication and we will go on with it till our meeting one day because this is very important to look into each other's eyes and to find all answer to all our questions and to see the soul of a person.
So,some of my close friends call me Lena,some Elenushka.

My real name is Elena.I am a girl of 27, who is full of believes in the best qualities of people.I am kind,tender and always try to follow my heart-because it's my best adviser.I am a simple girl,who just wants a simple happiness:to be loved and to be happy.

My biography is not so bright. I was born in Dnepropetrovsk, studied in the college of culture.I am a professional dancer-I have a real talent to it!It's hereditary in our family:my aunt and my granny were the dancers.Now I work as a techer of dances with children of different age.I like my job very much,a we go often to different towns and cities across Ukraine and have contests there. My parents are lovely people and they are still young as outside as inside as
well. So, it is very easy to find a common language with them.My family is very creative.My father is a musician,since the age of 5 I play the piano,I finished the musical school.I just adore the children,and in the future I want to have at least 2 beautiful kids.I have a brother Oleg,he is 20,he is a good chap-a typical teenager,who likes music,computers,discos.........

I like singing, watching romantic and philosophical films (like "Mouline Rouzhe", "Eyes widely shut" etc.). yes, I like Nicole Kidman, also Tom Cruise, Bruce Willis.

Music - Madonna, Linkin Park, Robby Williams, Cher - so, I like diffirent music,as I am a person of different interests. I easily can accept interests of other people, learn new things.

So, as you see I am quite satisfied with my life but all I am missing a lot is my love and to share with him bad times and good one as well.

Well, I think it is enough for first letter.Send me a speedy reply,Matts.....

Kiss you!!