Scam letter(s) from Valentina Sidorova to Carlos (Mexico)

Letter 1
The Exclusive Service - Translation Department
************************************************ Dear Sir, We are glad to present our firm "The Exclusive Service, Gorskoe" we are a provider of Internet&Computer support, translation service for individuals, converting any documents in electronic way, scanning any kind of documents. Our firm was created in 1996. Since that time we are supporting any individuals with our service, by our experience the best advertisement for our company is numerous quantity of our clients who came to our firm by ads in newspapers, magazines and by advice of our clients. Among different kind of support for individuals we have such service as providing our clients with creating e-mail address, any other computer service and translating of any kinds of texts. Your lady Anna is one of our client and she holds all expenses for our service. By her ask we send you our price list in order to inform you the rates she was paying and to introduce you with our service. You know that your lady Anna can't hold all expenses herself and if you are interested to help her with sharing them for translating of your letters you are welcome to use our service. If you are interested please write back to our e-mail: and we will send you more detailed information. With best regards,
"The Exclusive Service Gorskoe", Ilona, the executive manager
Letter 2
The Exclusive Service - Translation Department
Dear Mr Pessoa.
We are informing You that Your account is going down and sending You the detailed report of expenses concerning Your correspondence with Your lady Anna. Unfortunately your last letter to your lady Anna we didn't manager to translate due to lack of funds on your account.
You have sent (29.02.2008) $91 On Your account was $0
We have translated 6 letters for Anna $30
We have printed 2 photos $6
We have translated 9 letters for You $45
We have scanned 3 photos $9
Translation of telephone talks () $0 **********************************************
Total: $90
On you account is $1

Just to avoid breaking up in your constant correspondence You have time to renew Your account with your lady Anna and we are always open to all your wishes and offer to make our service more comfortable for you waiting for your letters with Your ideas to our e-mail:
Thank You for using our service.
With best regards,
Ilona, the executive manager of "The Exclusive Service Gorskoe"
Letter 3
Hello my dearest Carlos!!!! my love!!!
Thank you for your wonderful letter and honey i love you too!!!! It is a pity only that your letter is so short but anyway I am happy to get it!!!! Because it is from you my beloved Carlos!!!!
As for my international passport here is the explanation: For example, to get it in one month - costs 600$, two months term passport cost 500$,three months term passport cost 300$ and in six months is 150$ you understand it is too much for me..
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