Scam letter(s) from Louise Adams to Nick (United Kingdom)

Letter 1
Hello Nick,
It's a pleasure reading from you today Nick,I wonder why peope would create false identities from other peoples' names.It's so crazy a thing to do.I said i am in Benin republic not togo.And yes it is located in West Africa,life here is okay and all is going well here.I signed up at collar me thinking it was a great site but i met something else after i registered i regret doing that by the way.
I have seen pictures of nice places in England and i wont mind relocating there and start a new life but that will take some time as i am presently looking after my mom.My mom is south african while my dad is of Irish background, though i was born there in SA until my dad died 4 yrs after i was born.My mom later moved to Benin republic where she started an orphanage home and so far it's growing by the day.I am a designer and still wish i could forward my education and start a new life in Europe or America where i plan to raise my kids.What about you,are you willing to settle down in the nearest future and raise a family?
I am a very open person so you are free to ask me any questions.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Letter 2
Nick thanks for the email...
Sorry i 've been quite busy for the past few days.... I have decided to come spend the holiday over there with you in the UK...
So what do you say?
Letter 3
Hi once again Nick,am glad you liked my pictures.I hope to get yours as soo?
n as you take them.Well,to answer you questions my interests include helpin?
g people,i like learning about new cultures,love to swim and i also wish to?
travel the world.I have no sister or brother.Am an only child.
Letter 4

About your job,it sounds quite like an interesting one to me. I wouldn't mi?
nd staring at a computer all day so long the pay is good. Thanks for the ni?
ce things you said about my mom. As an only child i get spoilt alot by her ?
cos she never remarried after dad passed away. I design ladies wears and i ?
love my job. How are you today?
Letter 5
well here we go again Nick, your mails keep going into my spam folder. I guess that means i shouldn't be emptying it any longer since your messages are prone to get there. Dont rush yourself dear,take your time. I believe that you can send me the pictures at your own convenient time. I dont want you to think am demanding. How was your weekend? Mine was okay,i was at the orphanage from noon till evening. Talk to you real soon. Ciao
Letter 6
Hi Nick,
Glad to hear from you once again,how are you doing over there?
Like i told you dont rush your self do whatever you can at your own convenient time and dont let it look like am hastening you to get the Camera.Anyway, i still feel that i should at least know the recent appearance of whom i have been corresponding with all this while.
I was thinking the same thing about getting to hear your voice....But i dont have a phone,why dont you leave your number and i will try and call you from a payphone as soon as am chanced to do so....And why would you want to assist me with money when you hardly know me...Am soryy i am not that kind of lady that could be bought.At least let's get to know each other more better before we start thinking of what we can do for ourselves....
Ciao Now and have a nice day.....
Letter 7
Nick dear, you look cute in that picture you sent. Is it not the same as th?
e one you have uploaded on that site where we met?Am hungry as well so make?
sure you reserve some of what you're cooking for me. Am a good cook as wel?
l. We share alot in common, am off to bed now. It's a rainy night.
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