Scam Letter(s) from Toni Palmer to Keiran (Australia)

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Letter 1

Am glad to receive your message today, I like to know about you,No experience over the internet am totally new to this online thing,am single seeking a faithful and fruitful relationship with A TRUE soul mate.I am unmarried , no kids and by profession am a make up artist..I make up for performing group and excel in other aspect of art work. As a matter of fact i have not gotten any luck ever since i started this internet dating though I have not dedicated much of my time on it but i believe this could be one of the greatest opportunity for both of us provided you wish to further on .For now we can keep corresponding with each other through email exchange,
Honestly this online dating has turn out to be unexpected .I never had any luck since I started and I am thinking of quitting very soon if am unable to meet up my expectation. It is very hard finding a true soul mate these days without falling in the hands of those that want to play. I just want you to realize that this time am going to take a chance for real conversation with you provided you are serious with your intention. With this little time, am going to take some time for myself looking for a soul mate. It is tough these days without having to deal with people just wanting to play or cheat. I have been jilted so much in some past relationship with men and my past relationship was nothing to write home about.I have never come across a sincere person and I wish i could be fortunate someday . I always find it hard to believe that true love still exist due to my experience in my last relationship with my X though i did not allow that to turn me down completely, am still optimistic of a better future.I no there would be "A SUNSHINE SOMEDAY" .I honestly want someone in my life, i don't want any Game or adventures and am open up to relocating to wherever i found my true love .I want alife time relationship with someone real..I need a Genuine and trustworthy man to spend the rest of life together. Someone who is ready to love me unconditionally and who is ready to share the life greatest joy and sorrow with me ...I don't know if this is what you want as well. ..I need a man who will be always supportive and willing to give me an unconditional love .... I would be so glad if I could meet the person in you .I will like to ask you some questions : (i)What do you do for living? I was born in Astralia and i lived in NSW,My Dad is originally from the Milwaukee in the US and mum from aussie, after my mum died of cancer at sixteen i relocated to US where my Dad lives before he passed away, it pains alot to remember this but i had to tell you about my family and i hope to know more about you,
Where do you live? what do you do? I hope you dont mind the distance because at the moment am in Africa due to the nature of my job for a particular contract which had been done and will be back home soon.It would be my pleasure if you could come up with the answers to the questions below in your next email. (ii) What sort of relationship do you want?? (iii) What is your present marital status??
I'll stop here for now and it would be my pleasure to hear from you real soon.Meanwhile do not forget to send your photos while emailing me back
Take care,

Letter 2

Hello ,
Pleased to read from you again, I want you to know that reading from you has really make my day to know that you are no longer bully though you were
I know there maybe distance between us at the moment but i hope you dont consider that to be a major factor in relationship. Let me ask you some questions and want you to answer them carefully,
1.What sort of relationship do you like most?
2. How long have you been on this site searching for the right partner?
3. can you delete your profile from the site we met so as to face each other squarely?What is the time overthere? It's around 8:00 am here, Anyway like i told you I have just concluded my contract here in Nigeria and i should be back home as soon as my boss gets back from his trip. He went to China to get some business settled and i have to wait for him till he comes back, So as go to the company we worked for here and have our entitlement, then we will be on the plane home. I am not even sure of what you want from me now and how do you think we will meet when i get back home, i want you to know that its not as if i am in a hurry but that very day i read your profile, my instinct agreed with me to get to you and i did because i believe that it always lead me right. I am planning to quit this contract job when i get back home in fact thats one of the reason my promoter went to China to find another lady that will work for him in his new job in South africa. but i decided to quit because it has been my dream to settle down and have my own family healthy and happy in love. And i am sure that if i continue to do this, i may never be chanced to get my self settled. so i am planning to established a beauty salon for ladies when i get back from the little money i realize from this trip. I am a proffesional hair stylist and i also engage in costume designing so i am sure of excelling in that field. i am just praying to God to lead me right to the best location, i am not sure i can stay again with my friend since she got married and i will be the only one and i think a very good location is one of the most important thing to make a business boom rightly.I will like to know more about your family background, my dad always tell me before he passed away that "one thing is to have a good wife and another thing is to have bad in-laws" According to him it was good in-laws from my mum's family that helped them most in there marriage and life style. Do you want to have children ? if yes how many?Have you date a
nyone on the internet before and if yes how does it feel when you meet the person?I will have stop now.. Till i hear from you again,

Letter 3

Its good to read from you and to know that you will be deleting your profile from the dating site,i believe if you do that then we are clear about eachother.I always look forward to read from you each morning, It has been cleaning the loneliness in me and i hope you improve in sending more emails.I was just getting into the passion part and didn't want to lose any important thoughts. It does not matter where we are or who we are with to make our lives better together. We should bring out the best in each other always, no matter what the circumstances. If in business we share ideas that will benefit us, that would be fantastic. If we could share some of our success with those less fortunate, this would also be fantastic - together. Reaching our highest goals, sharing our love, our minds and our bodies, everything will be better together.
My passion for life could be strenthened by your ideas and contributions. Making love, finding our ultimate pleasure physicaly and emotionally, stimulating both of our senses could only be done together, wherever and whenever. I do believe we should stand up for each other always. We should strive to make each others' life better everyday. To find a way to help each other, put out an open hand and welcome love and caring attitudes. I do believe we should tell each other everything. Honesty may hurt occaisionally, but truth wins in the end. It builds trust and strengthens our relationship. There have been many times I feel I was deceived previously and I do not ever wish that on anyone in a meaningfull relationship. My ex boy friend lied about not hanging around with other girls, but later the truth was unleashed and i had to leave him for breaking my heart so i woudn't want that to repeat itself again. In a great realationship that is based on honesty and trust this would not happen. I am looking for a great relationship that will last longer and leads to a happy end eventually.There are no limitations in my mind.How about yours? I look forward to your reply.

Letter 4

Hi,everything you said in your email is fully understood,life is either good or bad,so i agree with you that the truth should not be left untold,building a relationship(solid) is not a day job and one thing that matters most is the honesty we share together,we seems to be looking for the samething, i want to settle down and get married too, tired of being single,though i wont jump with my two feet into any relationship that might end up untimely,i want a relationship that will last long and leads to a happy end not just getting married but a happy end also have 2 kids, creating a beautiful and happy family together based on love with the right person,if thats you then get back to me and i like to know more.
take care

Letter 5

Hi,Good morning to you overthere,its good to read from you as it always make my day. Its really good to be our brothers keeper and try to help those who might be in need that re very close to us,am also a kind person and i believe in the sayings that :Givers never lack" Anyway its so sad that you want to sell your car due to economical problems, i wish i was there with you now.Anyway i already told you i concluded my job and am being delayed here in Nigeria due to some things that need to be sorted out,hope soon! I hope you have a wonderful sleep. hope to read from you soon.

Letter 6

Hi,Its good to read from you,i want you to know that am doing fine at the moment and really facing alot hell here in Nigeria,sorry i wont be able talk more than this, i hope to read from you soon.

Letter 7

do you care about me at all????????

Letter 8

Thanks for your heartily concern towards me,I hope this email finds you well...I am not really doing fine here today, i'm not happy and i am really crying all because i have not seen my promoter all this days and i didnt hear anything from him...I'm facing some lilttle problem now,i dont have any money with me to go for shopping and feed myself....I tried to negotiate with the hotel management to be giving me foods on Credit but the management refused to and i dont have anyone to help me now except you, Dear ,i will need you to help me sending me some $250 for me to be feeding myself pending the time that my boss comes back. I know this may sounds odd to you but I dont want to die of hunger here.Pls..I hope you will help me out,i dont know if you will reply back my e-mail or even talk to me any more just because of the money i asked from you.. So,just let me know my fate and the next step,if you want to send me the money then i'll be glad, I hardly ate once yesterday and today, i wanted to keep this to myself but we already said we should be honest about everything and hold nothing back, so i'm putting all my hope in you that you will not let me down,i hope you can find a place in your heart and save me from hunger.
You can get the money sent to my name below through money gram or western union money transfer which is the easiest,fastest and safest means of sending and
recieving money accross the world.
I will be expecting the information to pick up the money in my email as soon as you send it as early as possible tommorrow.hope to read from you soon.



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