Scam letter(s) from Rose Bellick to Grant (Canada)

Letter 1
Hi dear,
It's really nice to chat with you... However, i think we can really get along with each other... I joined this site to find a serious partner... I have learnt alot about a relationship... I am 28years of age and was born by a Nigerian dad and an American mum in Sherman town, Texas, USA... I lost my mum when i was 3 years of age and i still have my old handsome dad in Nigeria. I schooled all through my life in Nigeria and have a bachelor degree in Business Admin and Customer Relations which i took as a combine course... Moreso about my hobbies, i really love to write love poems, read books, travel, meet new people, love to sing and i really love to cook... I have always learnT to cook cos ever since i lost my mum we have an housemaid who took me as her daugther and taught me alot in the kitchen... I am the only child of my parents and my dad really cherish me alot... I am not that rich neither do i come from a wealthy family but i really thank God for what he made me... I am from an average family, my dad is retired and really hope for the best for me... I hope i have said lot about myself and i think i will like to know more about u too... They are as follows;
1:What is ur name?
2:How old are you?
3:Which country are you from?
4:What kind of job do you do ?
5:Tell me about ur academic status
6:Tell me about ur family background
7:What are your hobbies
8:Are you God fearing
These are likely questions i will love to receive answers from you... Hope to hear from you sooner... bye...
Its me Rose....
Letter 2
I really love the way you talked about yourself, you are of well matured age, from a nice country, you also have a nice job, good academical background, from a good family background, not much hobbies. However, I appreciate the way you respond to my mail, I hope that by continuing this way, we would get into something so nice and okay for both of us. It's nice and okay for us to be good friends and by this way a marriage or relationship can last forever. lol... I really think you still need more to know about me and I need more to know about you. Moreso, if I may ask you how long have you been in US and for how long do you intend to stay?
Are you willing to relocate? Do you stay alone? These are the little questions I have for now and I hope that by time goes on, I will surely have more. Hope to hear from you soon. take care... Rose....
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