Romance scam letter(s) from Alena to Forrest (USA)
Letter 1
Hello my new friend!!!
I am very grateful to you, that you have written to me the letter!
I am glad, that you wish to correspond with me. If it is fair,I with big impatience waited your letter. I am very strongHoped for your prompt reply! I hope, that you and I become good Friends. I shall be glad, if our dialogue becomes the mortgage of strongfriendship,Which shall be the beginning of serious relations.
I do not know as more correctly to begin our dialogue. I think, that I shallnot be mistaken,If for the beginning I shall inform you more on myself.
Me calls Alena. To me of 28 years. I was born on August, 21st, 1979. My sign on the zodiac - a lion. If it is fair, I do not trust in horoscopes, but
For interest sometimes I read them. I live in Russia in settlement with beautiful
Name Sanchursk. It is small settlement which is in European Parts of Russia. It seems to me, that Sanchursk very cosy settlement. Probably it will sound not modestly, but it seems to me,
That I am the creative person. I have some hobbies.
I like to read Russian classics. Sometimes I and itself write small verses. I bet, that to you are known and it is possible you readProducts of Russian writers: Chekhov, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky?
I like to spend time on kitchen at preparation of dishes of Russiankitchen{cuisine}.
You sometime had an opportunity taste Russian meal?
In our settlement Sanchursk there is an Ice palace of sports. I go thereTo skate two times a week. I also like to make jogs on park. Four times a week I find time
To make jog and to take a breath of fresh air. It is useful for an organism
Also helps me to behave with the good form.
I do not smoke. From alcoholic drinks I presume to myselfOnly a glass of red wine on big holidays, such as New Year or
Birthday of the close person. You have read through my letter, means now you me
Already hardly hardly know. I also hope, that you inform me what to like
To do to you and that you love. I want as it is possible to learn you isbetter!
I thank, that you have read up my letter up to the end.
Please write to me about itself. I hope to you my photo which I have sent you has liked.
Letter 2
Hello Nelson!!! I am very glad to receive your answer.
To me it is very pleasant, that you have not left my letter
Without attention also have answered me! Today I wish to inform you on my life.
I in the last letter have written to you, that I live in settlement Sanchursk,
It is located in the Kirov area. The nearest large city from my settlement is
I do not know what the population is, but I think it
Approximately some tens thousand. But I tried to find on a map
Our settlement, but unfortunately unsuccessfully. It is small settlement.
From different directions Sanchursk the taiga surrounds. Many kinds of animals live in woods
Such as wolves, bears, fibers, elks, wild boars, foxes, hares.
At you in the nearest woods to your city live any of these animals?
Also in the Kirov area it is a lot of lakes and rivers. A lot of fish is found in these lakes.
On these lakes there come fishermen from the next republics and areas.
The Kirov area very much big, it is rich and well-known for the nature. Russian nature changes the appearance with each change of a season.
My favourite season a mellow autumn.
In Russia there is an expression - "mellow autumn", because in the autumn fox trees
Become brightly yellow color. In the end of summer and the beginning dawn people
Go to a wood to collect mushrooms which are a product for
Many Russian dishes.
Many adult men at leisure are engaged
Hunting. Not looking that our settlement not so
Big in it it is a lot of places where it is possible to spend time pleasantly.
Actually from
The big city of Sanchursk differs only in the sizes as in it is
Cinema, restaurants, cafe, bars, libraries, schools.
Also my friends like to organize tourist rest.
To me very much to like to go to campaigns. Rest on the nature is the most useful
Kind free time of forwarding. Such rest always is remembered for a long time. Sanchursk it is located on river Big Kokshaga. It is the river is inflow of the river Volga.
I hope, that you know, that Volga is the greatest river in the Europe,
Which runs into Caspian sea. On river Big Kokshaga the area of dwelling is located
Beavers and cancers. Also this river is considered one of the cleanest rivers in the Europe. I already wrote to you, that we in settlement Sanchursk have a fine park,
In which it is often possible to see fiber. In this park there is a small pond. In the summer when I make jogs on park, I always stop
At this pond also I feed ducks. Park this one of my most favourite places
In Sanchursk. In this letter I have told to you the small information on my settlement Sanchursk.
It is very interesting to me to learn in what place you live. At you favourite places in city?
Write to me about that what nature in your city, and than your city is known? I hope you will not keep me waiting long your letter.
Letter 3
hello my friend!
How your mood? How has passed your day? At me delightful mood because I have received your letter.
I wish to tell to you, that I did not study specially English language and did not visit any
Rates. In institute which I have finished to us taught English language. Now I am good
I know colloquial English language, but probably I do many mistakes in my letters.
I hope, that you can disassemble everything, that I write to you. Today I wish to inform you on where I studied also what HIGH SCHOOL have finished.
When to me was eighteen years, in 1997, I have acted in the Kirov medical institute and have studied there
Six years. In 2003 I have successfully finished the study with the red diploma and have received higher education on a speciality the children's doctor - the stomatologist. In the class I was the head. Also I participated in many actions which were spent in institute. In the end of training director of institute has handed over to me the letter for active participation
In a life of the Kirov medical institute. Time of study was the best in my life.
But in the beginning it was very difficult, as I have left from the settlement Sanchursk for the city of Kirov new to me.
During the first year of training I have got many new friends. I very much would like to meet them
To thicket, but unfortunately the destiny has scattered them across all Russia.
We occasionally call up to them. Now mine
Schoolmates work in hospitals of different cities. I probably do not earn many money, but my work very necessary.
Many children are afraid to go to the dentist, therefore I try to be very kind
And attentive to visitors. I remember as itself in the childhood was afraid to go to the dentist.
Therefore except for as the nurse I can be named the psychologist also.
I bet, what in the childhood you too were afraid to go to the doctor or you were the brave boy?
It seems to me, that the trade of the person forms in him some qualities.
My work has made me very patient and has given me skill to get on with children.
Therefore I think, that when I will have children, at me and my spouse will not be
It is a lot of problems with their education.
Write to me about the work! It will be very interesting to me to read through it. I hope to receive your answer shortly. Alena
Letter 4

How are you doing? You missed mine the letter? Today I before have come from work home! I have decided to tidy up
Houses and I have found my picture album. I have sat down in an armchair and began to look through
Photos. There there were photos on which I am represented together with mine
The former guy. In my head pictures from my past at once began to appear.
I wish to admit to you, that I had serious relations which three years last.
Name of mine exboyfriend Oleg. I have got acquainted with him when has arrived in Sanchursk from Kirov where I studied.
So it has turned out, that once we have appeared on one party. Since then we began to communicate.
In the beginning we were friends and no more. But later some years have understood, that us connects
Not only friendship. Our love was mad. It seemed to me, that he reads my ideas.
With him I felt princess. He was ready to make all for me.
But in one fine evening when we had supper with him, to us in the house the young girl has come.
She was presented by girlfriend Oleg. I did not represent, what shocking news waited for me.
This girl has told, that she waits for the child from my Oleg. I cannot transmit words of feeling,
Which I have tested during that moment. To me seem, that the life has lost sense. I very long roared.
Oleg has told to me, that it is the truth and he already for a long time wished me to throw. he has told to me, that it is more than me
Does not like and has asked to leave from his life. It has appeared, that he had other relations for
My back in current of half a year. And looking in my eyes, he has admitted,
That never loved me. These words as a dagger have entered into my heart, having left deep
Scar which still was not delayed. I have collected the things and have moved to my grandmother.
After that I have stayed for kiss week in a room and anywhere
Did not leave. My heart has been broken into one thousand small splinters. But later any time I have come to the senses. I hope now you understand why I have decided to search for love on the Internet.
In Russia I am not able to do it. All men remind me Oleg. I any more do not wish to recollect him.
Though has passed already almost year, all the same at times I have bad mood because of old memoirs on Oleg.
At me to you the huge request, I ask you that you did not set to me questions about this person.
I consider, that he is not worthy my ideas and words. Now I live with the grandmother together in her apartment. Her name is Alevtina Mitrofanovna. She mum of my mum.
My mum call Ekaterina. In the following letter I promise, that I shall more in detail tell to you about the parents. In this letter I have written to you about the last relations.
Write to me why you have no relations now? And why have decided to search for the love
On the Internet? Forgive me, that has forced you to listen to my experiences about the past.
I hope, that my letter was not for you unpleasant. Alena
Letter 5
Hello! Today at me very good mood!!! I wish to inform
To you that disturbed me last days. I for a long time was not at the parents. And today has decided to go to them on a visit.
For me it was very important to learn opinion of my parents on our acquaintance.
I already wrote to you, that my mum call Ekaterina. To her in this to year 52 years were executed. All life she works
At musical school. she learns children to play on the piano. My mum has finished a conservatory in the city of Kirov and has music education. When to me there were approximately 5 years I began to study to play on
The piano. I did not visit musical school as mum learned me houses. Today
I have tried to play, but at me it has turned out not so well. I unfortunately now
I have no an opportunity daily to play, as I have no the house of the piano. My mum very much likes to grow up indoor plants. When I come on a visit
To my parents, as get in a paradise garden.
To mine to the daddy of 55 years. My daddy call Slava. This reduced name, full sounds Vyacheslav.
My daddy comes from Volgograd.
Volgograd is one of the most well-known Russian cities. Earlier he referred to Stalingrad.
During the second World war in Stalingrad there was a staff Hitler's apartment. During war struggle
In city between Russian and Germans followed each meter of city. In this city is cult for everyone

Russian a place - Mamayev a barrow. There there is a well-known statue - the
Native land mother. If to you interesting Russian culture and history you can find much about Volgograd in the Internet. My daddy the militarian. In Volgograd he has finished military school.
After the ending of training the daddy have transferred on service in Sanchursk as in Sanchursk there is a military part.
And when my daddy have transferred in Sanchursk, there he has got acquainted with my mum.
Since then he}with mum live in Sanchursk. Now my daddy in resignation, on pension he has left in a rank the lieutenant colonel.
The Russian army. he likes to go to a wood to collect mushrooms and berries.
Very often ihe goes on fishing. he speaks, that fishing is the best rest.
Also he adores hunting, once he has filled up a bear. On walls in the house trophies from hunting - skins of animals weigh the daddy. On a floor in a bedroom the skin of a bear lays. My parents live in the house. The house has a kitchen garden where they grow up vegetables.
Also my parents has Russian bath. To a bath in Russia is tradition and a part of Russian culture.
My daddy likes to go to a bath where he is soared by brooms. And after that my daddy likes to drink strong hot tea.

I have told him, that have got acquainted with you on the Internet. I am disturbing waited their opinion on my words.
To my big pleasure they very much were delighted for me. For me it is very important to know it and to feel them
Support. They have supported me and have wished our of good luck. I now have fine mood in this occasion!!! I very much would like to learn is better your family and relatives.
To me it will be very pleasant if you write to me about the family. With big interest I wait your following letter!
Care of itself! Alena
Letter 6
Hello! How your mood?
I hope at you today there was a successful day! Thanks for your letter,
Owing to which I any more do not feel such lonely. After I shall add to you the letter I shall go to make a supper.
I do not remember I spoke you or not that my favourite kitchen-Russian, I also very much love the Central Asian kitchen. Today I want
To prepare for a borshch. It is soup which basic product is a beet.
You sometime tasted Russian soup a borshch? In Russian kitchen many various dishes. I love and I am able to prepare
Pel'menis, borshch, cutlets on-kiev, an okroshka, pies with a cowberry,
I can list different salads, aspic and this list infinitely.
You sometime tasted Russian meal? I am assured, that you heard names of these dishes.
At my place there is a book about hundred dishes only from one potato. Also I perfectly bake a fish in an oven.
I am proud of that perfectly I prepare for different national dishes. I should thank my mum for it.
My mum perfectly prepares for dishes of any kitchen. My daddy constantly speaks, that to it has carried
In a life to have such mistress in the house, as my mum. In Russia it is accepted, that each woman should
To be able to prepare, be engaged in cleaning, washing and to iron linen, in general to keep order in the house.
From the earliest childhood of mother learn the daughters to this craft. In
Russia it is accepted, that the woman should
To watch the house, and the man to provide family with money. So has developed for a long time. Whether I wish to ask you able to cook you food? Also it is very interesting to me,
What do you like to eat? Probably you sometime will have a chance taste that
I have prepared. I wish to tell to you, that I do not adhere
Any diets. Playing sports and an active way of life, help me to support
Itself in the good form. Therefore I often afford high-calorific meal.
I cannot keep myself to taste something tasty, it is my weakness.
And you often refuse to yourselves what you want?
Thanks that has read up my tasty letter up to the end. With interest I wait your new letter!
Care of itself!

Letter 7
Hello!!! I hope you have good mood,
When read my letter. Your letters always
Deliver to me positive emotions!!!
Dear I read your letters but happens so I can take a great interest in the story and I forget to answer your questions. I shall wait from you in the following letter all questions which you to me wished to set!
I today weigh day was in an anticipation of fine evening. The matter is that in the morning my friend has approached to me and has offered in the evening With her to go in theatre. Originally she should go with the husband, But he has been urgently caused for work. My friend call Christina. We together with her We work in a polyclinic. Though are familiar since the childhood. she has told, that it will be good to recollect That time when we were young and constantly together went to different institutions. We in settlement have a palace of culture in which there will be a performance. I have solved, that it is not necessary to miss opportunities and have agreed to go with Christina.
I should you tell, that I have knowingly gone there. I liked performance. When I was the child I, probably, as many girls of that time, dreamed to become The ballerina. But unfortunately the destiny has prepared me other trade. But I am not afflicted, in fact the trade the doctor is not less important.
After theatre Christina has invited me to itself on a visit.
We often go on a visit to each other. It was very interesting to me to learn as she that I have got acquainted with you will react On the Internet. I have told to her about you. To me it was very pleasant, because she has supported Me. Christina has told, that I too long have no relations and it is good, that in mine Lives has appeared the man. she has told, that never saw me such happy. She has told, that my eyes became happy. I and itself have noticed, that began to smile more And in all to see only good after has got acquainted with you.
I too am very grateful to you, because you have made my life not such Boring and lonely what she was earlier.
It is very interesting to me, as you spend your free time.
Write to me where you like to go and with whom?
I hope, that you not strongly missed at perusal of my letter.
Do not force me to miss pending your answer!
Letter 8
Hello!!! I with big interest have read through your letter! It seems to me,
That with each letter we become all is more close to each other!
To read through your letter and to answer it is the first and
The primary goal by which I about pleasure do when I come home.
I also hope, that having received my letter and having read through you at once You answer it. It seems to me, that today air fills with a smell any
Magic flowers which submits my ideas and forces
To dream. You have such moments when you shroud
Your dreams, you close eyes and represent the future,
Such what you wish it to see? You wish to know about what I dream? In the childhood when I was absolutely small, I dreamed of prince.
I thought, that will pass time, and for me on a white horse there will arrive my prince.
Likely it sounds is banal, but the majority of girls dreams of it.
Has passed time. And I have understood, that no prince for me will arrive.
I have understood, that the world is very difficultly arranged. And princes already are not present more,
They have disappeared from our planet very much for a long time, as well as dinosaurs.
You remember what you dreamed in the childhood? Please write! It Very important and interestingly for me. Now I do not dream any more of prince! I wish to find the ordinary person.
Which will love me more than the life. Such person, with which
It will be not terrible to go on edge of light. To create strong and amicable family-
Here of what I dream. I wish to fall asleep and feel beside
Loving heart of the beloved which fights in a unison with my heart.
I wish to wake up on a shoulder of mine of the man and to feel his morning kiss.
Probably you have too a dream? Write to me please
About it! Of what the person dreams seems to me, much can tell about this person. I wait your answer so quickly as soon as it is possible!!! Alena
Letter 9
Hello my dear friend Nelson!!! My today was not similar on previous. And all
Owing to one event which has happened when I came back
Home from work. My way home lays through park. In park I have met my girlfriend Christina with her husband. her husband call Alexander. They already long time together also are happy in marriage.
And when I see them together it is very pleasant to me to look at Christina's happy eyes.
Happiness of my girlfriend it as well my happiness... We have sat down on a bench as I not so hurried
Home. We sat and talked and suddenly I have noticed, that under a bench
Miaow is distributed. The adult cat there sat. It was dirty and I have understood, that it the homeless.
It I became very a pity to me also has taken it to myself on hands.
He at once has started to purr. he looked at me such enamoured eyes.
When we have decided to come back home, I would not like to leave it
Defenceless hungry cat in park. I have suggested Christina to take it home, but
She has told, that at her husband an allergy on a wool. And not seeing other way, I have taken this
Purring lump of a wool to itself home. To my pleasure the grandmother was not against it.
We have washed and have fed him, and now I write to you the letter, and he
sleeps on mine
Knees. Now I have two reasons more quickly to come back home from work.
The first are your letters on which you expect a prompt reply, the second-
He/she is my new fluffy friend!!! I long thought as to name a cat and have decided to name his your name. I hope, that you do not take offence at me and
You liked my idea, to name a cat your name. I now when I caress a cat, always think of you.
It is interesting to me as you concern to pets? What animals most of all like you? I and a cat with impatience we shall wait your answer!
Letter 10
Hello Nelson!!!
I wish to tell to you thanks for your warm letter.
I any more do not represent the day without perusal of your letter!
Today I had a usual day. After work I have come home Has had a rest a little and then has borrowed in house affairs. But it not so is important. For me another is important. I today shall tell to you That to me has dreamed the last night. Usually I do not remember the dreams, but this I have for some reason remembered:
To me has dreamed, that I stand in the big floor which does not have edge. The field has been fallen asleep by my favourite flowers - camomiles. On clean and serene The sky the bright sun flickered. On me the light sundress has been dressed only. Barefooted Legs I felt a pleasant touch of colors and a grass covered by cool dew. In a dream to me it was very disturbing, as I was afraid of something to lose.
Suddenly in the distance I have seen a coming nearer silhouette of the person. I have rushed To run to him on a meeting. All of us ran and ran, but distance between us It was reduced very slowly. In due course we have come nearer closely the friend To the friend. I do not remember that was further. But I shall not forget a kiss, with The person from my dream. That I remember precisely so it that I was in his strong Embraces. Unfortunately I have not remembered the person of this person. But when I Has woken up my first ideas were about you.
Probably it speaks about something?... Write to me, what today dreamed you and how has passed your day?
My darling Nelson. I shall try to make for you a special photo. I shall try to make it as soon as possible. As we could try to communicate with you through msn. I have no yahoo but I hope that you will make at yourself msn and in the following letter will give me the msn address. We could try to see each other through the web-chamber. I shall try to take by Sunday web-the chamber from the girlfriend. I hope that you will make too most and on Sunday we could talk in the evening through msn.
With impatience I wait your letter.
Care of itself. Alena

Letter 11
Hello my friend!
I with big desire waited for that moment when I shall come Home also I shall read your lovely letter!!! You missed under my letter?
Today my friends Christina and Alexander about whom I wrote to you earlier, have invited me on a visit. They celebrate anniversary of their wedding. They have got married three years ago. I remember that day their remarkable marriage. I was madly glad for Christina and Alexander. I in a shower hoped, that in due course I too I shall marry. Has passed 3 years and every year Christina and Alexander invite me and my mum with the daddy to the Anniversary of wedding. I always went and I am going to go and today. I have prepared them for a gift. Today after work went on shops. I want the big complete set of bed-clothes, with beautiful figure will present them. I hope, that my gift is pleasant to Christina.
Christina on a secret has admitted to me, that gathers on a party To inform very pleasant news to visitors. I long asked her, As she has very much intrigued me, but she has told, that In the evening when relatives and friends will gather all, she all will tell. Therefore I very much would not like to appear more quickly on a holiday.
Now I still had not enough time. I need to have time to make make up and a beautiful hairdress, To choose an evening dress. On this I shall finish the letter.
I necessarily tomorrow shall write as I shall lead today's evening.
I hope, you will not keep me waiting long your letter.
Letter 12
Hello my dear!!!
At me again at home the Internet it has broken does not work since yesterday. Now I write to you the letter from a computer of my girlfriend. Unfortunately I do not have here photos and I cannot send you again the photo. I very much ?anco?iaia that now I should write more quickly to you and to go home as in the street already late and me it will be complex to go one from the girlfriend home. And from for it wash the letter will be short. To me promised to restore the Internet in current of two days. As soon as my Internet will work I shall write to you. But I hope that as soon as my Internet is restored I can to read through your fine letter again. I hope you will write to me.
Yours Alena!
Letter 13
Hello Nelson!!!
How are you doing today? Did you miss about my letter?
I hope you did, and i hope now you feel yourself more better.
In our city of Sanchursk fine evening. In the sky it is a lot of stars. And at me tremendous romantic mood. The soul is overflown with scale of warm and sweet sensations. I hope at you the same mood!!!
I think, that time about our feelings has come to talk. What do you think? To me it is very terrible and is disturbing to speak on this theme with you. But to be silent about it it is even more difficult!!!
In Russia it is very difficult to meet such Careful and attentive men as you!!! To me it is very pleasant, that the God Has noticed us in a web of lonely hearts and has connected us. And I am fantastically grateful To him for it!!! Me pleases and simultaneously disturbs that fact, that all mine Think only about You because it can pass in strong deep feeling. But we are divided with the big distance. I am afraid to break to myself heart. I do not know, That to me to do. Forgive to me my frankness before you. I wish to tell to you the important news.
Probably you have already understood, what I wish to tell? It seems to me, that I love you and I wish to be with you together.
So it is difficult to write these words in the letter and to wait as you accept them. I am glad that I had enough bravery to write it.
Write to me, what you think of it?
I burn down in impatience!!!
Gently I embrace you!!!
I send a gentle warm kiss!!!
Letter 14
Hello my Sweetheart!!!
At me fine mood after perusal of your letter. Your letters of steel for me a beam of the sun in my empire of loneliness. I am madly glad the nobility, that you test to me. My heart fights So strongly and often, that is ready escape from my breast and to arrive To you having overcome distance which separates us.
Dear Nelson!! Forgive for that that I so long could not write to you as I had again problems with the Internet. For this time I had a lot of time to think of our attitudes. I shall try to express all the ideas in this letter.
My God, I the happiest woman in the world. Such I was made by you. You have placed love in my heart and have forced it to fight. You for me the most wonderful, that are in the world. Inside of me the fire of emotions flares. I cannot believe to my happiness. I do not go, and I fly and I am shone as the sun. All my ideas only about you my love.
I close eyes and before me there are you. I look at you and I dream to touch you. It is a pity, that It only dreams. I very much want, that my dream became real! I hope that our feelings to each other never will go out and Will grow stronger day by day!!!
Your letter became my guiding star which has shined my way, Also shows road to the one who loves me and of whom I shall care!
With impatience I wait your letter!!!
I love you!
Letter 15
Hello my darling!!!
I have fine mood, because again I read your warm letter. How your mood?
Today I had a usual day on work. I could not think About what except for your letter. I am grateful to you, that you became My wizard, having connected splinters of my heart. Thanks!!! It seems to me, that in the electronic letter it is very difficult to speak About love. But we have tried and at us it has turned out!!! Electronic letters cannot last infinitely. So We risks for ever to remain in a web which spins the Internet!!!
In my last letter I have written, that I do not know as to make my dream real. I long could not fall asleep and thought of it. It seems to me, that possible continuation Our virtual novel there can be our meeting. What do you think of it? You agree With me? For me it is very important to know your opinion and ideas in this occasion. I have understood, that you that person whom I searched. My heart speaks me, that we can connect our lives. It seems to me, that our meeting will make our love even more strong Also will help us to learn better each other!!!
I very much would like to feel touches of your hands. I very much want To feel and feel your strong embraces in which I shall be To feel in safety.
I want, that you have felt a touch of my lips to the face and have felt taste my sweet Kiss which I sent you in last electronic letters.
Inform me, what you think of our meeting? Your intentions concerning me are serious? If is not present, simply cease to write to me.
Because with each new your letter I more and more With you I fall in love. I any more do not represent a life without your letters. Do not break to me heart, it and so already once It has been broken. If your intentions are serious, the meeting is the important step in our relations. Write to me, that You think of our meeting. If you agree with me and too want our meeting, when, where and as You represent it?
I ask you to answer my questions fairly.
I with impatience shall wait your letter.
Please write to me as soon as possible.
With love,
Yours Alena
Letter 16
Hello my sweet Nelson!!!
I am very glad to your letter and glad that you too want our meeting.
Dear Nelson now I can tell to you that in my heart already for a long time has become impregnated with love to you. I hid these feelings as I did not know that you will tell on my revelation. And whether you will be ready to meet me and to press to yourself. I understand that to you would be better to arrive to me. But my sweet Nelson I when was not abroad for me would be romantic to visit your country. But it not the main reason on which I would like to arrive to you. The main reason consists in that that I wish to arrive to you the first that that I wish to remain with you and to become your lawful wife. To me has bothered to be lonely my heart calls me to you and to ask what I did this first step. I shall try to make all. I tomorrow shall go to agency and I shall learn all about my arrival to you. I think then you will understand on how many my heart have become impregnated with love to you. I think you will estimate my diligence and you love me not less than I you. I have already chosen agency to me its my girlfriend has advised. I love you my dear.
Yours Alena!
Letter 17
Hello my sweet Nelson!!!!
I am glad that you are ready to meet me in your country I think that it will be very romantic. I understand that made of such choice I cannot meet the parents frequently. I understand that it will change my life. But in it there are also pluss I can build with you our family. I very much love you and I hope that we become soon together and us who cannot separate. Dear Nelson I understand that you wish to see my photo in a bathing suit but to me have told to be cautious with such photos. I trust you but nevertheless it would be better if you will see me in a bathing suit when I shall be near to you. I love you and I would ask the god that it when be happens. Dear I can try to make more modest photo you should ask me what. There can be this photo with your name or a photo with the newspaper or what be the book. You only tell which photo to you are necessary. Dear I it would be glad if you will give me your phone number I shall take to try to take a cellular telephone of the girlfriend and to call to you I hope that already in the following letter you will give me such information. I very much wish to hear your voice and to speak by phone. I love you and is ready to speak it every day and every minute to you on an ear.
And I think that at us all will be fast and we can be together.
Your future wife Alena!!!
Letter 18
Hello my sweet Nelson!!!!
I was glad to read your fine letter I is glad that you are ready to accept me at home and ready to such main step in our life. I love you my dear. I shall ask tomorrow I would wash the girlfriend that it has made a photo which you ask. I shall hold in a hand boots and in another clothes. I as shall take tomorrow phone of my girlfriend what you could to call to me here my number +79177022261 so it is necessary to type if you will call to me from a cellular telephone. I shall wait for your phone call. I very much wish to hear your voice. I today went to agency and at once have decided to start to do documents. I have filled many any forms. I was helped by the agent in with the given agency of travel. It will help me and with the further up to the end while I shall not take off to you. So it to me has told. But is except for joyful news and not so good. The prices for all documents have appeared very much greater. The international passport which will be necessary to me for arrival to you there are 213 euros, the visa in your country will cost 394 euros. I have been upset by such prices. I descended in a pawnshop and have put in pawn the chain presented by my mum. And then would go to parents what to ask from them though not many money. I have explained to them that I shall give this money to them back, they very much experienced that it to do it is not necessary. But I understand that at them the same few money. In the sum I had 109 euros it would suffice what to bring the mortgage and to pay services of agency and now documents will start to do. And the passport will be ready in current of 3-5 days and the visa in 5-10 days. Till this time I should find 537 euros more. I shall try to search for them I yet I do not know where to me to take them but I shall fight for our love and I shall try to find this money. Whether I asked the agent it is possible to do documents on credit or whether I can take the loan but as it has appeared in connection with that that I leave the country to me cannot grant a loan and cannot choose the loan. Now my heart fights even more strongly as I understand that us now separates not distance and money. Certainly the agent spoke me that many girls ask about payment of documents of guys to which they wish to arrive. I shall not ask from you as the agent spoke. I shall tell to you so if you will have such opportunity or it to eat to help me with my arrival to you. I shall be glad to your help and when we shall be together I I shall give you all that you helped me. To me when I was not necessary another's always fairly and nobly acted with people. Certainly many use it and is frequent when you do goods they deceive you. I had such cases in a life when I helped but then they forgot it and refused to help me during the complex moment. I do not love such people. Likely I have too deviated from a subject of the letter to you. If you cannot help that terrible I shall try to search money up to the end. My love to you is very strong also I think that the god sees my diligence and the help to us can and we can be together, like each other and build our family. On it I shall finish the letter but know my darling Nelson I cannot express all of feeling in the letter and I can not show all caress which lives in my heart and to ask to you.
I think that I have not strongly upset you with this letter.
Your favourite Alena!!!
Letter 19
Hello my sweet prince ______!!!
I tried to call to you but all without result. I as tried to throw off to you sms but it is not has reached you. I very much experience for it. I very much wish to hear your voice. I think that probably I not correctly dialed your number. I shall hope that you once again would will give me your number that I could throw off to you sms and you could phone to me. I as have executed your request and have made a photo. But the girlfriend yet has not brought to me it and it to be on the camera of my girlfriend. I think that in the following letter I already can send you it. As the girlfriend should bring tomorrow already to me this photo and load from phone on a computer. I understand the camera and a computer a little but I hope that it will be easy to make it to it. As you should not care of that what conditions to me to create in our house. I shall arrive also ourselves we shall decide to make as us our corner of a two convenient for us. I as agree with you that when I shall arrive to you I cannot take there all of a thing which from me is. I should buy not which there at arrival!! As you should tell to me what at you there a climate and what things to me to take first of all. Dear I while search money for my arrival to you at my friends and I shall search up to the end to me not cultural to ask you the help. If I shall bypass all native and familiar and it will be without result then probably I should accept your help but while I shall try to do it. The sum which does not suffice me is very great but I try to find it. Me does not suffice on documents nearby 537 euro it about 830 dollars USA. I understand that it very much a greater sum but I love you and our love costs much more than this money. I talked to the agent it have told that as soon as I shall have money for hands I can to take away documents necessary for a trip. Then I should direct to Moscow and from there I can already take off to you. I have approximately presented how many it will leave on time and at me it has turned out that I can be at you already in the end of this month you the nearest should as to tell to you the airport where I can arrive. And as I hope that you will take away me from there. I love you and I hope that in the following letter you will give me number of your full cellular telephone and I can talk to you then. I love you.
Your bride Alena!!!
Letter 20
Hello my dear Nelson!!!
I am glad to read your fine message. I Am a pity that and have not loaded the promised photo. I shall hope that to following weeks I can send you it. Simply girlfriend and has not come to me with the camera. Very much it is not convenient me for it but I promise my dear that will be fast this photo at you. I love you and is ready to make all what we were a number. I as think what be fast I can with you as to me called from agency and have told that I can soon come to take away ready documents for a trip to you. It will be the tourist visa and the international passport. I on Monday shall pass medical survey. I think that I can pass it without problems as I work in hospital and for me a lot of familiar and we pass such medical survey every month. I think that all will be fast. While I and still had problem in a finding of money. I and have not found them. I think that I still have time and I from all forces shall search for them!! It is necessary to me 537 euro - 830 dollars USA. It certainly a greater sum for me but my love to you cannot be estimated with any money. I love you.
Yours while in dreams wife Alena!!!
Letter 21
Hello my dear Nelson!!
Hello my dear Nelson!! It was pleasant to me to see your letter. I certainly am not much upset by that that you so have strictly written this letter. I love you my dear and I try to make all for the sake of that what our hearts became together. I do not deceive you and when did not do it and I do not gather. I am adjusted on serious attitudes. And I think that you send money not to me you send their round to agency. I shall not take any rouble, any dollar from there. My purpose to arrive to you and to do our family. I am adjusted with serious attitudes. I love you. And I wish be near to you to feel your breath to hear palpation of your heart having nestled to you. To spend nights together. It also is my purpose and it refers to LOVE. Love to you. I today specially went to the girlfriend and would ask that it as soon as possible has come to me with the camera and you have loaded a photo which asked on my computer. I have told that you very much are not happy with that that I so long I can not send you this photo. It at once has thrown all business and we have together directed to me and have loaded this photo on my computer. My girlfriend too very much experiences for our attitudes. It would want that at us all was good. It at all jokes much. It speaks that when I shall be at you that they will visit me. But I do not wish to run in before. I very much wish to be with you. But now when I could not find all money for arrival to you I is upset and I still had hope only on you. I shall not throw you even if you cannot to me the help with my arrival to you. I shall always love you. But this love will be only on the Internet. I cannot nestle on you and kiss you. I shall see you only in the dreams. But I nevertheless hope that at all of us it to turn out and we shall be together. I love you!!! I today sent you sms but it is not has reached. I shall try it to do once again while I cannot reach it. Yours Alena!!!
Yours Alena!!!
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