Scam letter(s) from Maria to Todd (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello stranger!I am so happy to get your letter!Thank you for it!I am sorry i am a little bit shy and i am not sure what should i write in my first letter!Maybe i should write a little bit about myself!As i think you want to know about me and about my life in Ukraine,as our countries are far away from each other and we have different cultures!So i think it is very interesting to share our cultures and views.I hope we have a chance!!!
Well, what should i start with?I live near a lot of lakes and mountains!And since my childhood i like to watch beautiful sceneries of my hometown!I think western part of Ukraine is the most beautiful part!As only in our western Ukraine we have Carpathian mountains and wonderful nature!i have never been in another countries and even in another part of Ukraine!I do not know why,but this is true,maybe one day i will think about that!But i still live in my little city (the name of the city is Rahov)And I am very very happy!I have a wonderful family and wonderful friends!But something is wrong in my life,i think! I have never had romantic relationship with man and i think people who fall in love are like a children!Maybe you will never agree with me but this is my opinion!In my life i change my opinion many times and maybe you will help me to change it!And i will become romantic girl who is dreaming to find her prince!Maybe you will be my dream prince,who knows!!!!So i decided to find my soulmate with the help of internet,as i have a lot of good examples!That people find each other in the internet and fall in love!
You know i belive in human retaliations.I think this very important in relations between men and women!!!!Of course ****** relations are very important too!And i belive in such retaliations!Maybe this is for me love means!Anyway, i have to stop now because i can bore you to death with info about myself. Please write as much as possible about yourself in your next letter. hope you will not so bored of my letter and i will be very happy if i will find your letter in my mail box!Take care!
Letter 2
Oh,i am so happy to get your letter!I have a lot emotions now!Internet is amazing thing,it helps people to become closer even when we are both far away from each other!I really happy that i find your letter in my mail box!And i like your letter very much!I feel after your letter that i am special woman!Thank you for such moments of happiness!I never expect that only one letter from a man whom i never saw before will make me happy!But it's really true!
you know i am seating at my friend's house and i use her computer to write you as i have no my own computer at home!I think i will use internet cafe services!And i told her that i decide to try to find my soulmate in the internet!But she told me that she did not like this idea!I promise her to prove that there are a lot of happy stories,and many people find each other with the help of internet!What do you think about that?I hope you are not like my friend!:)
i thought that i will have problems to communicate with person who speak another language,but i am very happy that i have no such problems!Thanks my mum,she is teacher of English language,and i learn language since my childhood!As for my father he work with my mother in school too,but he is the teacher of mathematics!I have one sister she is 27 years old and she is married.She have two children!So i am very lucky girl as i have 2 wonderful nieces!!!!!You know my sister married on a man who is much older that she(he is 47 years old),but i see how they are happy together,and i want to have such family like my sister's family!I think the age is not very important between two person,the most important are feelings to each other!What do you think about that?I hope you will agree with me!You know i will be an instructor of fitness!I like sport very much and this is my dream to become a famous instructor,to be a teacher of dancing for people,do you want to have your private teacher of dancing?I am ready to be your teacher!I hope you will like this idea!I study in the collage now,and it will be my last year of studding!I hope you will like my letter and soon i will get your letter as it is very important for me!Please tell me more about you,about your surrounding,your interests!
It is very interesting for me!I want to send you a little kiss from me!May i?
Muah, your private teacher Maria!!!!!
Letter 3
Hello dear!Thank you for your nice letter!I am very happy to find it in my mail box!I like your words so much and i wanted to thank you for your attention from the very beginning of my letter!You know i think that we should know each other better!And i am so thankful to internet where we found each other and can know each other better!
Yesterday i stayed at home and thought about how it is possible to be so far away and think about each other,to be so close as we are now!You know i have never expected that i will have such relationships with a man who is so far away,but in my country it is very hard to find a good man,who can be so attentive to his girlfriend, as for example like you!I hope we will continue our relationships and try to protect what we build together!
I always dream to have a man who will always be with me,even he is far away from me,but i should feel his support.I hope you are such kind of man!From my side i promise to be almost:) perfect for you:)Hope this is important for you...I think it is important for every person!
You know my mother is very happy that i try to build relationships with you as she told me that many young girls think only about their job or entertainment and do not want to have serious relationships!She is very happy of that!I just told my mother that i have a man whom i like and want to build relationships and she become very happy!So she supports me with my idea to build relationships with you with the help of internet!
You know my sister will go to our granny to stay with her for some time as she feels very bad,and i will go to her house to stay with my little nieces!As one of my niece is studding English and i should help her to study it!So i can write you e-mails more often as there is an internet cafe not far from there house!I am very happy of that as i can see your letters every day!So i hope to see your letter soon!And you know i will think about you my this evening as it takes me a big pleasure to think about you!I kiss you!And waiting for your letter!
Your maria
Letter 4

Hello my sweetheart!How are you?I miss you very much!I do not know why, as it sounds so strange to have feelings to a man whom i have never seen before,but i really have this feelings and i can't explain them to you as i have never had such feelings before!I hope you feel the same!Maybe soon i will understand what i am feeling to you,i promise one day when i will see you in real i will explain you my feelings!I think talking about emotions and feelings is much simpler in real when you see the eyes of your beloved person...
You know,I miss you so much,every morning when i wake up, i am dreaming about you,when i am at the university i am dreaming about you!Oh it is so hard for me only to dream as i understand that you are so far away and if we really want to build serious relationships we should see each other sooner or later!Of course for me it will be better if we will see each other as soon as possible,but it depends not only on me,but on you too!But i hope you have the same plans for future as i have!
Oh, it is hard to confess i dream about you even at nights,i can't sleep as i thinking about you,and for example yesterday i was sleeping i saw a sweet dream about us!It was so real that i believe in it!It was so nice that i want to tell you about it!I saw a beautiful garden with full of exotic flowers they were smelling very tasty!And we were seating near the lake,and on the lake there were a lot of ducks and we gave them food!Oh it was so nice!I was wearing in a beautiful rose dress and you were wearing in blue jeans and brown jacket. We were laughing and were very happy!We were hugging each other and give each other sweet kisses!Oh it was so romantic that i believe in this dream!I think it is very simple to make my dream come true!And correspondence will help us to see each other soon as i want it so much!!By the way tell me about your dream,and whom you are want to see in your dream,i hope me and only me:):)My sweetheart do not hide your feelings to me tell me about them, as your feelings to me will help me to service here without you!As i feel so along and lonely!I think i should be with my half,with you,but i believe that soon i will be!I am sure of that!My dear Todd,i will be waiting for your e-mail and you should know that i always think about you and dream to be with you!I hope my words will help you to overcome any problem in your life!I give you my sweet kiss!
Your Maria
Letter 5
Hello my dear!I am so exited to find your letter in my mail box!I am very happy that you have such feelings to me and you know your words make me desire more to meet you and to be with you!I have a lot of emotions about you!I can't hide them as i think you should know about them!My sweetheart,i think we should be more open to each other as it will help us to be more close,and i think it doesn't matter where we live,the most important for us our feelings and if we love each other we will overcome all the difficulties!Love will save the world, remember the saying?
Oh, almost forgot what i wanted to tell you the whole day:) honey, we have a lot of traditions,and we have a holiday when people gather in the central square of our city and we have a big fair where we can find a lot of different handmade things!And there are a lot of entertainments,for example circus tent and magic park!There are a lot of performances and different shows!I like this holiday very much!And i always go their with my family!you know yesterday we had this holiday and we spent wonderful time together with my family!I was so happy to meet a lot of friends,but i felt very lonely as i can't spend this holiday with you!I imagined how it will be nice if you will be with me,but it is Ok i am sure that we will have such wonderful days in near future!You know we walked around this square and suddenly i saw a fortune-teller, you know i never belive them,but i had a big desire to know when we will be together.i came to her and gave my hand to see my future!She told me that i had a wonderful family and i have a good profession.As for my love,she told me that i was searching for my love many years but finally i had found him!So she told me that he is far away from me and he had the same feelings as i have now!The fortune-teller told me that we will be very happy together in very near future and we will love each other the whole life!She told me that i finally find my soul mate and we will be happy together!You know honey she described me you,she described me the same words that you wrote me in your letters!Oh honey i am very happy that my destiny is you my sweet and i hope you are happy too!Honey now i am sure that you are my destiny and we will be very happy together!The most important for us is to meet each other and be together!I hope honey we will try to organize our meeting as i can't wait to see you and be with you!Honey i kiss you and i will dream about you, my love!
Your Maria
Letter 6
Hello sweetie!i am very happy to get your letter!Thank you for your attention!!I am very happy that you have such feelings to me!You know i feel the same to you!I always think about you!When i think about you,my heart began to beat faster and faster!I think this is love!Truly speaking i had never had such feelings before!Can you imagine that?I know that you can ask me,how i can feel such feelings when i have never seen you before,but i think this is my destiny,as i belive in destiny!What do you think about it?
You know i spoke with my sister and she saw that i became very happy when i talk about you and she told me that this is love!And if i had such feelings to you,there is only way to know for sure that i have such feelings is to meet each other in real life!You know i think this is very good idea.After our meeting we will understand our feelings to each other!I know that this is very fast,but why we should wait,if we like each other,why we can't be together?My dear,what do you think about this idea?Deep in my heart, i know that you have been thinking and searching for the opportunity to meet me as i did!!!!
I think it will be great if we will see each other soon and spend time together!This is the only chance to prove our feelings to each other!I am really serious about you and i think this is the only way for us!As our correspondence shows that our feelings to each other are very strong.You know i can't tell that i do not like to write you letters every day,of course i enjoy them,but i am a woman and i should feel my man near me!I should feel your presence!I should feel your love to me!I think our correspondence is not the same for me as when you will be with me and we will give to each other love,even when we will see each other face to face!When we will touch each other or kiss each other!I am dying without it!I am dying without you!I want to feel your love in real!I think it is very important about it!And when i thought that if we will not see each other,i become crazy why we loose our time and spend our life far away from each other as we can be together even tomorrow and making love with each other and show our emotions to each other!You know honey we have only one life and i think we should do everything to spend it with people whom we love and with whom we will feel happy!I think you will agree with me!So honey i need to be with you,i know it for sure!And we should do everything to be with each other as soon as possible!Of course i have been thinking about inviting you to my country, but then i realized that for you as a foreigner it would be difficult to communicate with people here as not many people know and speak English in my country and also (i feel very awkward to say that) my country can be a bit dangerous for a foreigner...But then my friend told me, maybe this is a good opportunity for me to see your world, your environment. Oh, i could only dream about such a pleasure: to see you and to see the place where you live. I just do not want to be a burden for you, if you feel like you can invite me to your country, i am ready to come...I just really hope that you do not want to spend our lives on writing letters....Hope no, darling!!!!!!
My sweetheart i hope you will understand my feelings to you and i hope you have the same feelings to me in your heart and you dream to see me too!I hope you will write me and we will decide what to do!Thousands of kisses to you!I will dream about you this night!
Your Maria
Letter 7
Hello my honey!!!!Oh,my god, my emotions are overfilling me!!!
I can not belive that my dream can come true!!!I feel like a princess from the fairy tale and you are my charming prince!!!Or maybe we will compose our own fairy tale?!!:)
Darling,it is a really good opportunity for us to become closer with each other!!!Thanks for that wonderful chance my darling!!!But you must admit that you are doing it not for me, not for you, but for us!!!For our couple!!!You are so sweet!!!
You know I always dreamt to see your beautiful country!!!i remember from my childhood, i was reading some magazines about it, watching TV programs...and now you give me the opportunity to see it with my own eyes!!!Oh, i want to know everything...Traditions in your country!Your national cuisine!!!I want to see your daily lifestyle!!!it would be so nice to spend holidays with you!!!Oh, so many things to share!!!
But you know there are so many obstacles between us!!!You may be surprised but in our country it is so difficult to go abroad.Only rich people can afford going abroad on holidays. Unfortunately my parents are hard workers, they do not have means for travelling, neither do i!!!you know it is so hard to watch TV programs about foreign countries and realize that i do not have opportunity to see it in real. No!!!It was so hard, because now we are together!!!Well, i know that firstly i have to make my international passport!I understand that i had to do it earlier, when decided to search for the man from abroad in the internet. But i did not do it, because i was not sure that i make a go of my search.Just did not want to jinx my luck:)But i have finally caught this luck:)
Anyway all i know that to make a visa is very problematically and it takes some time!So I will go to the tourist company and find out everything about the possibilities to go abroad!!!Oh, i worry so much, honey!!!But your presence in my life helps me to be optimistic!i am sure that you will help me to overcome all the difficulties!!!You are my man!!!
Sweetie,I hope we will be together soon!!!Feel my kiss on your lips!!! With love, your Maria
Letter 8
Hi my lovely Todd!!! I am so glad to receive your letter!!!How
are you there without me?!Do you miss me?!I hope you got back home from work very tried and have no energy or desire for entertainment or hanging out, because i am a very jealous girl:)!!!Frankly speaking, honey, i trust you, so do not take it seriously!!!!
You know it is very hard for me to survive this time without you!You are so far away for me and that is driving me crazy!!!I can only think about our togetherness and it is almost killing me, thank's god i have a very vivid imagination:)
Sorry for my impatience but it is hard for me to wait!!!
so honey i have news for you.Yesterday i went to the tourist agency They told me that it takes 1,5 weeks to make my passport and 2 weeks for visa!!!International passport costs 170$ and visa cost 310$ .I was shocked!!!!i did not expect that it would be so hard for me to come to my lovely men!!!Todd, i was devastated by that fact!!!!You know i am just a student and I don't have such means, my scholarship is too low!Actually you will be surprised but it is about 90 grivnas(~10$)!!!I pay for my dormitory and try to help my parents each month.They are hard workers, they earn their money with exhausting everyday work!also they try to support my sister with means, because she is pregnant again, she does not work and all the means go to the hospital.So i think now you understand that it is impossible for me to ask my parents to support me!!!Of course i can expect their moral support, but unfortunately it is not enough for going to you:)Darling, i do not know how to say...Actually it feels so strange... but if you really want to see me as much as i dream to meet you in real...Maybe there is some way you can support me...i am so afraid that we will lose the opportunity to meet each other!!!i am really in despair!!!I am sure everything will be fine between us, but before that we have to make the last attempt:)!!!I believe in us, my sweetheart!!!I kiss you tenderly!!!
Your Maria
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