Scam Letter(s) from Natalia Kravtsova to Nathan (Mexico)

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Letter 1

Hey, my honey and sweety Nathan,
thank you vert much for your sweet letter, my love, I was missing you a lot these days...What is happening to you?
What a awful words? I don't deserve them.
My honey, I'm so sad and I'm in despair now 'cause I have some bad news for both us and I don't know what to do with it and I didn't know how to tell you...
I went to the travel agency and I wanted to book my trip and to pay 2150 USD for it but they told me that because a fuel has raised in price only the ticket to your country will cost me 2587 USD. I even didn't think that its possible. Honey, what should I do now?
I really don't know...I need 1051 USD more for my trip but I don't have such sum of money...Maybe we could decide something? I want to be with you desperately and I'm only yours!
And don't even think that I forgot about you! I'm always with you!
Will be waiting for your reply, love you, yours Natalia.



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