Scam letter(s) from Oksana Platanova to Johny (Australia)

Letter 1
Hi my John! How are you? I feel perfectly and I am glad to that that our correspondence proceeds. I did not trust in that that we with you shall correspond till this time both I and I did not trust in that that I the Internet was possible to find such understanding person as you my John. Now Iunderstand that I deeply was mistaken also I believe in that that our correspondence will lead to to that - be good. You trust in it? I think that our correspondence should have friendly character because I think that in relations the friendship and if we want also is important that our correspondence has led to to good relations. What do you think? I have already got used to you and I have got used to name you my John. I hope that you not against it and I should know it precisely. I know yours relation to me and I hope that you speak me always the real truth. I hope that you do not take offence at me, but you should understand that I search only serious for the man and I now have chosen you for this purpose. John I have no phone, and I hope, that you understand me. I can talk inEnglish freely. Today I send you a photo where I in one photo at my best girlfriend of the house, and the second photo about its house. I should finish now my letter as I need to go home. I hope that you will soon answer my letter and I hope that when tomorrow I shall come to the Internet of cafe I shall receive your letter.
Yours Oksana!
Letter 2
Hi my lovely John I am happy to see your letter. How are you? What did you do these days? How your mood? I have excellent mood because I read your letter, and I can write to you. I only today have arrived home, to city, I was at my mum, on a summer residence, I had to work, and to help my mum, therefore I could write to you, there nearby there was no Internet of cafe, and I hope, that you understand me. These days we had very good weather, therefore my mum has asked me that I have arrived to her on a summer residence, and has helped, I have taken two days of holiday from work, and have gone on a summer residence, we very well spent time together, the truth I is very tired, and after I shall add to you the letter, I shall go home, and I shall have a rest. On a summer residence I did not have time to have a rest as I had to work much, now at me even hurt fingers on hands a little, you likely are dared, but it is the truth, I as write to you this letter. On a summer residence I looked after colors, watered and fertilized vegetables. I dream what once, we as shall be together, and we shall have the kitchen garden, we shall look after together vegetables, I think, what it could be once a reality, what you think of it? My John I today went to a tour agency, and I about all have learned to arrive to you, I will need to issue the visa and the international passport, and it costs 705 dollars, it very much greater money for me, and I do not know whence to me to find it. I am a shame to ask me your help, therefore in confusion. I very much wish to arrive to you, and I wish to meet you, but now I do not know, how it is possible to make it real. I was very glad to read your dreams, and I very much would like, that all and was, but now I do not know, there will be all this real, or not? I on it shall finish my letter, and I shall go home. I kiss you, my John!
Your Oksana!
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