Scam Letter(s) from Vasilisa Romanenko to Scot (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello nice friend! How are you? I hope, you're alright. i am good too.
Thank you for your interest to me. I would like to become close friends, to be closer to you in lines of my letters. I believe, our connection will be exciting for us.
Let's tell you a little about myself. I'm a cute and smart girl, well-educated and intelligent person. Do you know, why? I have the most kind name, Vasilisa. It means kindness, charming and care. I am communicative, person of ready sympathy, with serious looks for life. I work in a kindergarten as a mentor.
The children are the flowers of life and we must care of them. I feel in the right place.
After work I go for sport club to keep in a good shape myself, my free time I spend with my girlfriends. We walk often, go to disco sometimes, visit the cinema the weekends, watch TV at home, listen to music. I live with my parents, we have a grandma, she lives separated from us. I go to her very often. Also I read a book, to sleep more, to cook something tasteful for my family.
I am in sexpectations of love and romantic harmony, an expression of feelings for another person which contain my most inner feelings. I dream of love and believe in love.
I am looking for my dreamful man, close and loyal friend and passionate lover.
You see, how much things must harmonize in the one person, is it possible to be in real?
what do you think? maybe you?
I wish to foster self-esteem and self-reliance for the other person plus respect for both and have long-term relations. my dreams and desires will come true in future.
Maybe you play not last role of winning of my heart as a brave knight.
It doesn't matter his age and appearance. The basic is a true heart connection.
Tell me more about yourself, your character and job, life and merits and demerits.
Unfortunately I didn't find a man here. i don't know, why. I was unlucky in my searches.
The most of men are not serious in a relation. there is hard a real and intelligent girl as me to meet a good and normal man. Why do you look for a woman in Ukraine? Do you think, the women are better than in your country? What do you expect from our connection? Can I become your girlfriend in near future?

I hope, I dream, I wish....
Bye-Bye my nice friend

Your friend

Letter 2

That's great, dear scot, that you wrote me back. I liked your sincerity and honesty with me. I want to open you as a book and read long with pleasure and interest. To know more new about you, your dreams and desires. I go to Internet cafe for writing my letters to you. Because I have no home computer, but you don't worry, I don't use paid translations or the services of the bride agencies. Also, I am not going to take the money for correspondence with you. It's bad and dishonest way. I am writing in English myself and speck very well. one day we can talk on the phone. Well and now i tell you about my free time, tastes and interests, that i love to do more if i have a few free minutes. As you know, my job is brining up of the children, so more part of my time, I spend in the kindergarten. We give the little performances, parties with games and jokes, walks in a forest. It's very funny and interesting to be nearly kids. They are so alive and cheerful, that give the energy.
when i am free from my duties, i go to the cinema, disco, come to see my granny in the village to help her with household chores.
Besides, i like reading, watching TV, comedies, dramas and thrillers, adventure, meetings with my girlfriends, cooking and sports games. I love dances and listening to music, more pop, rock music. My favorites is Enrique Iglesias, Madonna, Rihanna, Gaelle, K-maro and our ukrainian group Elsa's Ocean Tina Karol, Ani Lorak. Maybe, could you heard? that's very popular in Ukraine. I can the cookery, more for my family. I boil borsch, roast potatoes, bake a pie. i will take care of my loving husband, pamper him by love and cares. do you like cooking? what do you likes and dislikes.
What's way do you spend your free time usually? Have you any interests in your life? I dream to walk in a forest among green nature or to picnic one day with my man. It will be so excited to roam in a forest, to see at moonlight, to sleep under stars together. Life is unbelievable, it get's even more beautiful with a person you feel very close to you. what do you expect to get from our connection?

looking forward,
your Vasilisa

Letter 3

Hello my darling scot!
How are you? I am good today, because I received your letter. Thanks. You're nice to me. I want to be very close to you in my writing. So, I tell you about my family.
I have not large family, my mom, dad, grandma. I live with my parents together.
We live friendly and merry in spite of much cares and problem. My mom is very kind and nice woman, she is 50. But in her ages she looks so attractive, my father is jealous of her still. It's so funny. My mother is a school teacher, works at school.
She teaches Ukrainian Literature. She loves two things in her life, my dad and work.
My father is older than my mom, he is 56 but this is not a barrier for love and passion to my mom, that they feel every day to each other. I'm happy for them. My dad is an engeneer at a factory. He adores my mom and his work too. My parents are very good, intelligent, educated and usual people. I loves them very much. We've a granny in our family. She lives tol the countryside and we go to her often. She is old, wise and joyful granny, like taking care of me and knitting. He knits winter socks for me. It's very pleasant to wear them.
I believe, that I will have the same family one day. My husband will love me so passionately and tenderly. Our love has never fire. i feel it. We'll spend together evenings, nights of love, to solve problem and support each other. But the most important, we save our love long. I believe. Maybe, you're my love knight and loyal husband, my protector. Do you want to be? I'll be your innocent angel, fairy lady, devoted wife. i feel it. And you?
Tell me about your family dreams. Have you any? What's your vision of our love and family? I'd like to hear your thoughts of it very much.

my Tel: +380 63 2230490

Waiting for you
kiss and hug, your Vasilisa

Letter 4

Hello scot!
At first, thank you for answering to me. I have a sincere excitement in my soul. It's fascinating to receive kind of letter from such serious and solid man as you. I share your thought of meeting completely.
Because I hope we will have a chance to meet, hope find love together, hope we will know each other as a man and and a woman!And hope we will start a new life for us... I mean our life in our own family! Just imagine.....We are together. Watching the sunset. Candles lit all over the room.
You and I are are holding each other. As you look into my eyes...take my hand into yours and say three magic words: with a gentle look you took my hand. I held both your hands. ours souls have indeed become one. How fortunate we are that we have found the love so true that everyone dreams about.........This is happy love I think.
I am agitated, I never had great difficulty with stirring words from you. What need for us today, real love, relationships, romance, friendship, lover-partner, reciprocity. So, why not, we must believe and aspire for our meeting in near future.
I see, you have great desire for fasting new more grave, long-term, lasting relationship, love feelings. Your figure are interesting for me. I want to carry on and fasten our connection in future. One of my great desires are family. I'd not against to meet you.
we have splendid opportunity to see each other in near future. Don't think?
There is a pulling power of romantic vision, alluring prospects for us.
Their thrill are caressing me. Visit a restaurant in your community...
Choose a table that is small that your hands and knees will be near each other...
eating together... something sweet desert and enjoying community of each other...with thought of crazy in love written on our hearts.

Darling, i don't know, what's problem. you couldn't reach me on the phone. Maybe, connection was not very good. Either line was busy or you tried to call late time when I spelt. so, try again, darling.
it's very important to discuss with you, our plan meeting. i will wait for your call tonight.

i give you my number again, be careful.
my Tel: +380 63 2230490

have a good day,
with kiss,

I say Good-Bye.

I'll wait your back letter to me

Look forward


Letter 5

my sunshine! i am pleasant to read your today letter. reading it, I imagined you and me in some romantic situation. maybe, i go ahead of us, but i think, we have much in common and can realize our dreams.
What do you think, honey? Are we ready to do it?
Together evenings we enjoy out under moon. Only listening to the sounds of darkness and enjoying the stars on the dark sky. Imagine, the warm wind is tickling your skin, the moon and the stars are winking at us... Thinking of it and I smile and imagine your eyes...
Let me assure in you, your intentions to me. Only in a meeting we are able to see the possibilities, the affinity, the attraction for each other.
In our letters we are able to come closer to each other, to discover some of the inner world of each other. The final approval will be the meeting. I simply know i would die when i would have to wait nearly one year without meeting you, only read your mails.
You are a very attractive man, but this is not the only counting point.
We have in more then one way similar ideas.
Let's us show each other what we are, where we want to go. In truth i try to write what i have in mind, open and direct. I hope my thoughts and ideas are not confusing you.
Let me know that you share my thoughts.
It's really I think a lot about you, your smile, beautiful eyes, your frank soul, your heart. Most of them started with a candlelight dinner or at a romantic fireplace. I have only a dream at the moment, but what a great feeling has it to be to have your company while we enjoy the opening communication, romantic talks about love, close relationships at a fireplace.
I like to lay back in the grass, holding hands, to think about a candlelight dinner together, moonlight, enjoy love to each other, the touch of souls. Romantic evening with a tasty dinner at home, on romantic scenario.

my most passionate kiss
your Vasilisa

Letter 6

Hello my love,
What's your today? Are you inspiring by me? I hope so much on it, my love. Because, I am flying and singing from our love today. Love came to me, placed in my heart.
It's so excited, i can't describe through words. My feeling is so huge and unconditional.
I understood it quiet recently. You're my charming price that I had looked for so long time. I found out the treasure, it's you, my love. I had a sign in my heart.
This love secret had saved inside me and here's I give you it, my love secret, an intimate nook of my heart. I open you, my love. i have a thrill in soul, but my love is more frank and brave for me, helps to make this step and say you about my mystery. Our connection, our communication every day, exchange of thought and share special moments had closed us, tied us very strong, opened eyes for love future together. Do you think the same, my love? Are you ready to accept my secret code of love? Will you keep it?
People had met, their souls entwined and love happened. I had the same feeling.
I know, you're too. i am your little angel, loving second half. You're my brave, romantic hero, my future man. Only mine. We should share our love in reality.
A real meeting is our chance for love, togetherness. We can feel a chemistry of love, hand the love keys from our hearts and tell the secret code to open heart doors each other. Do you agree my love? I'll whisper you my code in your ear and you will save it and every day to open my heart by your love key.
I imagine us in sensitive dance of love together, we are dancing under love song, my head is spinning... I couldn't fall down your hands hold my waist.. you can feel my breath on your neck.. It's so hot and sweet to see in my vision.
These things aspire to reality, come to you, my love. I dare to visit a travel office to know the details what's way I can come to your country.
Such step is necessary our dream will be real. Agree? Tell me, my love, what's your thought? Do you want to meet with me? Have you any special song? Do you like dancing?
Do you dream of us? share the secrets of our hearts be close? I am waiting for you...

My intimate kiss,
your loving Vasilisa

Letter 7

Hello my romantic hero Scot! What's your mood today? I woke up with exciting in my heart from that our love was started, we involved in it with so stirring desire... can you feet it, my hero? It's our turn in love...
love turn to make each other happy. Our love must be true in real, our dreams is necessary to come true. I want to feel you nearly me when we say three magic words.
I just don't want to waste any time. So, I had visited the tour company.
There are not a lot of them here, there are the several ones, more good and reliable.
I found out the one according to friend's my mother advice.
I had a long conversation with a travel manager. I nave never been to abroad ever, nothing know it, so she explained me everything in details. I run to share the good news with you, my hero. First of all, I must make the basic documents: an international passport and a visa. They will make me a tourist visa, because I can come to abroad as a tourist only, this type of visa is valid about three months. Before getting visa should be formulized an international health certificate and booking the tickets. The documentation process will take for the pair weeks.
The total cost is 605 USD ($185 for passport, $220 for visa and the health insurance is $200). My hero, my love, I am so excited by that, I'd like to process my paperwork right now without hesitation. Do you support me, my love Scot?

My love hero Scot, will you help me with the money arrangements as soon as?
Are you able to give the money assistance for your loving woman?

I hope on you so much, cause, it will be our first step to serious relationship.

I long for your reply!
with much kisses from your loving Vasilisa



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