Scam Letter(s) from Natalia to James (Germany)

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Letter 1

Hello my new friend James !!!
Forgive me for that that I could not write to you the letter earlier. I hope, that it - will not be for us a problem.
I was pleasantly surprised when have seen your letter in the letter box. I tried to write to you, but I thought, that you will not answer me. So it is interesting to correspond with the foreign person. I very badly know computers. I now know how to use a mail on a computer. I have asked to register my questionnaire of the manager the Internet of cafe. I live in Russia in city Cheboksary, and my name Natalya If you want, I shall inform to you about my city. Several days ago I have come in the Internet of cafe, and I have made some new photos of me, and now I can send you it if you want. In this letter I shall send you my photo. I - twenty seven years of age now, but on July, 27 to me will be 28 years.My growth of 173 centimeters. I think that we can construct serious relations and I very much want serious relations You are interested the person for other part of your life? I am really interested in the person for other part of my life and my hope that your purpose coincides with my purpose and we shall achieve together our purposes. I the lonely woman but I do not want to be one. I was never married, and I have no children still. I have serious intentions. I tried to write to you, and now I see, that you have answered me, I think, that we can start to correspond you. I have written only to you, and you have answered me, I think, that you are interested in me. Whether really it is the truth? We two persons who want to meet whom - that? I think, that we can try to know better each other but if you do not want it is your choice. I want to ask you, you correspond with women already? You have the Russian friends or friends who know Russian people. It is interesting. You know Russian? I have studied the English language at school and university, and I think, that you understand me. I can speak the English language also. I hope, that my English language - it is not so bad. I have stopped at university of a speciality of the doctor, and now I work as the doctor in hospital. I shall sometimes use the program of translation to write to you because I think, that I do not know some words, but most of all the text which I shall personally write. I live one, and I rent my apartment. If you will answer me, I shall write to you in the evening. Also I shall inform to you more about myself. I shall wait your answer. And we shall speak about all other details with each other the next days. And if you will be really interested and will write to me, please inform me some information on you and if you can send a picture of you. I would like to see it.
With best regards Natalya

Letter 2

Hello !!!
How you do?
My dear I hope, that I interested you because you interested me. I very much would like
That we corresponded and can be our correspondence , will develop in the greater.
I want to inform more about me directly I, I like to be engaged in sports meets in the summer in free days
Like to make morning slowly moves two kilometers, it very much encourages me. In the winter I usually go
On a skating rink{*roll*} to skate and in free days I go to ski, but it it happens not always, but I try
To make, it as it is possible - more frequently. Nevertheless I visit a hall of training, there I am occupied
In aerobics and I am occupied on simulators.
I visit them usually in the spring and in the autumn. It is probable, if we shall meet, you will allow me to go in a hall of training? What do you do at a leisure?
I want to inform you as passes my usual working day. I wake up on 6 mornings, and at once I go to be washed up then
I prepare for me for coffee and a breakfast. I leave from a house on 8 mornings because to me I was necessary
To be on work on 9 mornings reach{*achieve*} for work as bus of service, he passes{*misses*} my house at 8 o'clock 10 minutes of morning.
After I arrive for work the working day he, I start, begins in me hardly usually in second half of work of day more
Actively. At 13 o'clock in us the break of a breakfast begins, and we with workers go to have dinner in coffee then I
Would go to the Internet of cafe what to write to you the letter. By 15 o'clock in the afternoon my break of a breakfast
Arrives to the end also to me, again it is necessary to be on work. My working day arrives to the end at 18 o'clock in
Evening after work if I urgently am not tired, I goes to the Internet of cafe, and I check the letter. Then I go home.
At home usually I am already at 19 o'clock, in the evening I prepare for a supper. If I urgently am not tired
That I, usually I go to take walk in us it is close to the house where I live, there - beautiful reddening I am usual
Leave there in the evening to sigh from fresh air. Then I go home. Before to sleep, that I usually read the book
After 1 hour after that which I have fallen asleep.
How passes your day?
You want to have children?
I think, that abroad I can show abilities in work more urgently because in us in Russia very difficultly to
Develop and advance and in us, work of the person and earnings everywhere very much is low very awfully appreciated.
I want to tell to you if our destinies will leave, also we shall live together, that I also I want to work for
Benefit family and I shall create firm family, my husband will always carry out female duties on the house will be
To eat a tasty breakfast and a supper, and my husband will always have the pure{*clean*} house. I think that I
Have taken the big interest to me, there has a little come time to run, my time arrives to the end.
Write to me, please I shall wait your letter.
Natalya !!!

Letter 3

Hello dear James , I am very glad to receive your letter.
Earlier I never was on the Internet and did not get acquainted through the Internet.
Now I search for happiness. I single was never, and I do not have any children.
It - is many men to be afraid, say the woman, that they have children.I love children and
I could be the good stepmother. Children are not guilty, that they do not have any mother.
I think, that the lonely father in whom children, is obliged to find directly wife and mother
for children. Children I cannot live without mum. Therefore I would be good mum and the stepmother.
I worry as you concern to the woman from Russia. It is far enough. Be probable, that some problems can.
I would like, studying, than you could to become interested and fall in love with the Russian woman?
Certainly not at once, gradually. You are interested with the correspondence to the Russian woman?
I would like, gets acquainted with you better. I hope, that you will love my photo. Possibly you are interested also in me, know English language?I not awfully know colloquial English language, but to write English language of the text - in perplexity. Therefore I use the computer program of the translator. I hope, that this English language is clear to you. Though it is final - not ideal translation. I would think what to tell?I have some girlfriends. They have
appeared since a kindergarten then At school then at university and on work. But the childhood for me is final friends are more dearer. I have girlfriend Elena and Karina. They my favourite girlfriends.
I have told to the girlfriends about you. I hope, what you do not take offence?They my best girlfriends.
And from them I do not have any secrets.I live in a city of Kazan.It is very difficult to live when close there are no people on a birth. After death of the father I remained to live one with mum. Now I wish to tell to you a little about me directly. My favourite foodstuffs a roast chicken, meat with a potato, pelmeni. The favourite kind of sports rate and area is looked after also with field track and field athletics of track and field athletics, tennis. My favourite pink colour, favourite cinema the Ocean 11, favourite actor Brad Pitt, Favourite vanilla the cream, the favourite singer the Madonna, Favourite tulips of flowers and red carnations,Favourite drink drink Jin-tonic but to drink it, it is very rare.
My favourite time of a season- spring. At this time all blossoming, spring time of love.
You agree with me James ? Write to me. By the way, I do not have computer of the house, therefore I can write not often You very much, but I think, that it does not become a problem for development of our acquaintance.
I wish to know you better James , and it seems to me, that you - very good and decent person.
I understand, that our countries, very various and we - far apart. But it should not prevent us. And the main thing not to be afraid to tell the truth. I will try to write to you about me directly as soon as possible, possibly already tomorrow In the evening after work. Now I do not have any time. I wish you
successful day. I wish you, that all in your life all was good.
I will wait for yours after the letter.

Kiss you, Natalya!!!

Letter 4

Hello dear James,
I am very glad to receive your letter.
Know, that we so are badly familiar, but I already get used to you. Very pleasantly for me to read your letters.
I will be glad, if you have sent me many photos.On them to make upon parts impression of the moment of your life.
And I am more than these moments which I will see, should study is better you and understand your life.
My dear, you have a favourite hobby?Often on I has read history of Russia and Foreign countries.
Know, it is very difficult to live to when you wake up in a bed one.It is very difficult, when in the morning you the beloved not near to you. It is very difficult to live, when nearby there is no favourite person which can support .Will calm also you difficult minutes of your life. I want, it in the morning
I have woken a kiss of the favourite person. I want it me, loved.I think, that you understand me James .
I to trust happy destiny and me to place, that I, to find happiness and I hope that I will have a family.
Otherwise the life is not meaningful. It is very difficult to be the lonely person.In such person all life turns to small the same way of life.You spend all time for work and do not aspire home. As nobody waits for the house you. In the morning you hasten for work because at home to you boringly.
You nobody waits for the house and after work, you sit to watch TV till the late evening.
Sometimes you try it, that to change in a life, but not always it appears.
Every year the loneliness, it is more difficult and more difficult to find to itself the favourite person.
Slowly you turn in the homebody or the workaholic. And already any is not necessary for you.
Every year loneliness you become the independent person and the egoist.
I do not wish to turn to such person. I want love, entertainment, pleasure and happiness.
Both of us take all possible measures to find love and to find self-control with the favourite person.
In us serious relations can possibly appear, but while about it early to speak.
I require the husband not only as in a floor of the partner but also and and as in the interlocutor, it like the close friend,The life partner, and to the favourite person. For this reason inform me on the life.
Tell as there spend your usual day and please tell to me in more details about a place, that you live.
I will look forward your letter and I hope very soon to receive your letter. With love yours Natalya!

Letter 5

Hello my dear James !!!
I am very very glad to see your letter!
Please write to me about dreams!!!!I wish to tell to you, that I search for the beloved the person on the Internet because There I can count the person to which I really expensive Also it is necessary, the person who will love me as happiness And hope fortunately, the person who will wish to execute an old age me.The majority of men in egoists of Russia also does not respect women. They like only directly alcohol.I only want, that who - which loved me and respected. That I have demanded not only as the beauty and as the beloved.I want it I, the person loved and wanted only me. It when I, to establish in a bed me the beloved, waited there.
He would grasp me, and we will fall asleep in embraces.When this which he has woken, has kissed me and spoke, it was pleasant to me good morning, I love you.It is my dream, I to aspire to it, it I to want!!!!!! My dear you want it also?I also wish to tell to you about my usual day.
I rise very much early in the mornings. Usually I am brought up at 6:00. I wash, to clean a teeth, I accept souls}.6:30 I to dry up hair and I really make sports exercises.
In the mornings I to spend for sports meets meets approximately 20 minutes.
Weight or to move to a place and to do usual warm-up for all body.
7:00 I to go to be prepared for a breakfast.
My breakfast will consist of a sandwich: - bread - a cheese part, and tea with a lemon.
I to spend with that end in view 10 - 15 minutes. I am sometimes valid for a breakfast, do to me fried eggs.
It would be often desirable to eat this, which very tasty and very much!!!, but it is impossible.
It is harmful to my number. I try to support number in a sports condition 7:15 I go to put on and really to make cosmetics. It borrows from me approximately 30 minutes.
At 7:45 I to leave street and to go for work. From my my house before work approximately movement half an hour.
On work I should be at 09:00.When I arrive for work I to drink a cup of coffee with milk, and I start to work.
Well, at 13:00 in me a lunch break. I go to have dinner in a local dining room. Sometimes I to take with me I am to straight lines from the house, I look.I have usually dinner soup, a potato with meat, and we expect.
But for a dinner I can sometimes eat various pies. I stop to work above 18:00. And I go home. The house I reaches 19:00.As you can see, that the free time in me remains a little.The house I arrives by the bus or trolley bus. I have no car.In Russia in general all have a car.The city in us is located in the
big territory. I live in one part of a city.My work is in other end of a city. Therefore the trip for work on me is borrowed a lot of time. In general I think that the Internet this big achievement of mankind, As people from two various ends of a planet can get acquainted with each other.
With that end in view I wish to tell many thanks of the Internet of founders!!! We so are badly familiar, but already it seems to me, that we are familiar eternity.I do not know, why, but I show you kind and sensitive feelings.I learn you every day more and more, more I understand that you very good and decent
person.with impatience will wait for yours after the letter.

Letter 6

My mum and my best girlfriends are very glad for us.
Dear forgive me that I could not write you the letter earlier because I have problems with money and I cannot often write the letter because I have no money to pay for the cafe Internet.
I hope that you do not take offence and will write me very soon letter. I to study I study, it will be necessary for my trip to you. I never was abroad and therefore I do not know, what documents are necessary for me for our meeting. But I study all it, and I will write to the closest letters to you. I very much want, I will get acquainted, and I will make friends yours friends. I do not wish to hide feeling to you. I want that all world, knew, as you are necessary for me. I very much regret that now between us of thousand kilometres. And our dialogue is limited only according to letters. But I hope that will arrive that day when we will meet. This fine day we should speak about all!!! I every day to study english language and therefore we will not have problems in dialogue. Therefore do not worry, that we will understand each other very well. My love, I constantly re-read letters which you write to me and I understand, that you are the best person in my life which can understand me and support in difficult situations. I am happy, that I have met you and have written to you. That day when I have written to you, was the happiest in my all life. I know, that any relations should be based on trust and understanding, Any relations without it cannot exist in general, in in other relation. It is difficult to name it as close relations. But I investigate, consider it so. My love, I was possible, did not answer some your questions. Speak me about it, or it is possible you, has not satisfied my answer to your question. Though I try to answer all yours letters completely. I have already told you, that I use the computer program of the translator.
Because of this transfer quality suffers a little. But I on 99 % understand everything, that you write. Well, dear James I should go. Success to you today and to good mood. I wish all of you the most good!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!! I with impatience will wait for yours after the letter.


Letter 7

Hello my love James !
I am pleased to receive from you letters.Dear I it was registered on Jlove because to me good people have told that that there.
Your letters the pleasure and high temperature in souls enter me.
I was today in agency. I know as I can arrive in you. I only should give necessary documents
For registration of the visa and to transfer interview and physical examination. I can receive the visa within 10 working days. The total cost of the visa and granting of air tickets and with services of agency will do 1470 USD. It is not convenient for me for speaking about it, but to me it is necessary to tell. They - the big money. I cannot find so many money. I can find only at relatives 300 USD. You can help me with payment of registration of the visa? I very much wish to meet.
I dream from us. I very much wish to meet you. I very much wish to arrive to you and to be with you a lot of time.
I dream, That you meet me at the airport about colors. You give me flowers with love Words.
It so is pleasant for the woman. Then in an evening supper in candles. Slowly dance.
You whisper to me to pleasant words. Music has been finished, also the registrar of a tape any more does not sing a film. Both we cost{stand}, and we look against the friend the friend very close.
You speak with me: " I LOVE YOU ", also you give me a passionate kiss. It is very romantic.
I hope, that my dream will be executed. You very dear for me, also I hope, that you will not leave me one and will help me with money that I could pay for official registration of papers and be very fast we can together. Dear I hope that you understand me and sincerely want our meeting and will make a step towards to our relations and can help to pay to me for official registration of papers and I can arrive to you and be very fast we can together and I shall be the happiest when we shall meet. Whether I shall wait for your letter and write to me road you are ready me to help with money to pay for official registration of papers? I hope very soon to receive your answer.
With love yours and only yours Natalya

Letter 8

Dear I am very glad to receive your letter. Favourite you to me are very expensive also, I wish to be with you, and I am ready to arrive to you, and I have concluded today the contract on official registration of papers, and I send you a copy of the contract, and now I should pay for official registration of papers 1470$, and at me can be only next 500$, and I ask, that you have helped road to me with money and have sent to me 950$, that I could arrive to you.
My documents will be very soon ready, also I can arrive to you. Dear which I should pay to money urgently for official registration of papers and I ask, that you have helped favourite to me, and I very much hope, that you can help me. Whether I will wait for your letter and to write to me, you are ready to help me
with money and to send to me 950$, and I very much I hope, that you can help me with money, and I send you a contract copy. I am ready to arrive to you, and I hope, what you also are ready to help me?
I very much hope, that you will help me with money, and I ask, that you have gone down on road to the Western Union Because it is the fastest way of remittance and have let out transfer on my name:
The name: Natalya
Surname: Yaperova
City: Cheboksary
Street: Bauman the house # 12 apartments # 77
Cod of the postal index: 428037
Also I ask, that you have written to me:
1. Your full name.
2. Your full address and a city of departure of money.
3. A cod of the postal index
4. The transfer sum
5. The code: MTCN
I hope, that you will make all correctly and will write me very soon letter.
Dear I should pay money till Saturday and I ask you try to find money and to help me because I cannot wait and I should pay money urgently.
My information which is obliged you for transfer registration.
I very much hope, that you can help me with money and will write me the information concerning money.
I will be very grateful to you and I will be very fast, we can together. Write me a name of the closest international airport, that I have ordered, that air tickets have arrived to you. I will wait for your letter, and I very much ask, that you have helped me with money, and I ask, that you have gone down in the Western Union in the morning and have let out transfer on my name. I will wait for your letter, and I hope, that you can help me and will write me the letter. I will wait for your letter.
With your love and only yours Natalya

Letter 9


Open Society « Global-Tour agency Cheboksary », hereinafter referred to as Travel agency, on behalf of the manager « Global-Tour agency »
In city Cheboksary of Kozhevnikov Aleksandr , on the one hand, and Yaperova Natalya , hereinafter referred to as the Client,
On the other hand, have concluded the contract as follows:

1.1 The client brings the contribution, and the Travel agency undertakes to give out under the first requirement of the Client documents on conditions and the order,
Stipulated by the present contract.

1.2 The CLIENT has the right:
2.1.1. Under the first requirement to receive in Agency taking place documents.
2.1.2. The client has the right to receive all necessary information on actions of agency with his documents.
2.2. The CLIENT undertakes:
2.2.1 To observe the rules of fulfilment of operations established by the current legislation, and also corrected Agency, and to represent on demand of Agency documents.
2.2.2. Within 3 working days to notify Agency on change of the address of registration, the address for the notice or nameplate data.
2.2.3. To pay services of Agency according to working « Tariffs and rates of a commission on operations with physical persons »

3.1. The AGENCY undertakes:
3.1.1. To give out to the Client under hisfirst requirement documents taking place outside of work.
3.1.2. To accept money resources of the Client and to take into account them.
3.1.3. To carry out transfer of means the sum and write-off of means of the Client according to the current legislation.

4.1. The parties bear the responsibility for default of the obligations under the contract, according to the current legislation.
4.2. The agency does not bear the responsibility for default of the obligations under the present contract owing to action of force majeure circumstances, i.e. not giving in to the control over Agency and taking place outside of his authority, interfering performance taken on itself Agency of obligations.

5.1. The present contract inures at the moment of entering a sum of money and stops the action from the date of receipt of the application
The client about cancellation of the contract.
5.2. All changes and additions of the present contract should be in writing and signed by the parties.
5.3. In all that it is not stipulated by the present contract, the parties are guided by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
5.4 Disputes under the contract are considered in the order established by the current legislation.
5.5. The present contract is made in duplicate, having an identical validity, on one for each of the parties.
5.6. The refund is not guaranteed after the beginning of work above documents provided that work is not started the refund is guaranteed
All property Agency.

THE CLIENT: Yaperova Natalya
The DOCUMENT: the PASSPORT series ? 88 04 720558 of the CITIZEN of the Russian Federation ?IV-EC 640952 is given About M of Department of Internal Affairs Cheboksary 23.08.2000 a.
BIRTH DATE AND BIRTH-PLACE: on July, 27, 1980, Cheboksary, Yaperova Natalya
It is REGISTERED TO THE ADDRESS: Cheboksary, Moscow prospectus 10 .

AGENCY: Open Society « Global-Tour agency Cheboksary », street. Moscow prospectus 10 , EII 7831091467

The mutual relations which have been not settled by the present contract, are adjusted
« Tariffs and rates of a commission on operations with physical persons »,
With which the Client is acquainted and agree

Date of registration: 14.08.2008 a.

Iiaienu eeeaioa ___________



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