Scam letter(s) from Elena Tkachenko to Daniel (France)

Letter 1
Hello dear!
How are you doing?Frankly speaking it's rather new for me to write such a letter.But why not if thousand of people find their partners.
I don't know what to say next so a bit about myself(smile). I live in Ukraine in Lugansk, it is in the eastern part of my country.My name is Lena Tkachenko, my age is 31.i have been married for 5 years.But about one year ago i was divorced.I live alone with my daughter.My life has always been bright cause every moment i want to take all from this world.It was bright but not always happy.Sometimes happiness and luck were followed by pain and sadness.And only I am the reason to this. As I have said i have a daughter her name is Ivanna,she is 3 year old.I am divorced saying correctly he went away from me.
It was a great strike for me but I coped with this.I hope i don't afraid you with my words.I just want you know everything about me.The whole my life is intended for my daughter but I also want to share it with my beloved whom I will surround with my love,care,warmth of my heart.In my dreams I see how I give a kiss to my man early in the morning,I see his smile,feel his hug... Please write me about yourself,your fillings,emotions,dreams.Write about how see an ideal for you woman.Know I am looking forward your letters. Sincerely yours Lena.
Letter 2
Hello dear Daniel!
I wan to tell you a little bit more about myself if you interested of course.
As for my country so it situated near Russia. Ukraine is a very beautiful,with a great and very interesting history which is full of battles of our people for the independence. have you ever been to Kiev,it is our capital. There are a lot of churches there. Frankly speaking many tourists come to Ukraine to admire our resorts. The Crimea and The Carpathian mountains are the main resorts in my country. A lot of outstanding people well know in the world were born here. For instance Andrew Shevchenko,you may be hear of him. Our country is full wild forests,vast valleys,deep lakes and marvelous rivers which separate all these valleys and forests. Life her is not very easy but very attractive and fast-moving. Every minute something happens and if you want to be up to date you should be attentive.
People here is very friendly. Yes they like to drink but it doesn't deprive them of their dignity and sincere warmth. So may be it is that what can be said of my country. Hope hearing from you soon.
your friend Lena
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