Scam letter(s) from Svetlana to Timothy (USA)

Letter 1
Tim My name is Svetlana, I'm looking for my happiness in 22 y.o.I live in a small provincial town Lubomol in my native country.I was born on the 25 of November
I believe I was born under the lucky star. I'm tall-1.70, pretty nice I'm searching for my star and I believe I will find it. I have been dreaming for all of my life about happiness. And what does it mean "happiness?" Happiness is my future family, my love, a good housekeeping & a garden smothered in roses.
I have been dreaming for all of my life to go somewhere to the East. I have never ever been abroad and the only desire is to find my love. I belive my love is abroad,I'd know about your country, your minds,habbits.
I had a dream last night. I layid on the beach, I saw a big seashore, I felt the breathing of the sea. The liquid touches of inflows caressed all by body, the waves throw me. Maybe it was the call of my destiny. I feel my happiness is so close.
But it' so far away...
My passionate is cooking. You can't imagine how tasty are our Ukrainian meal!!! I'd prepare for you my favorite kisses-soft, tender cookies. Kisses because they have a shape of the hearts.
I spend a lot of times with a book in my hand I m future librarian. Just listen to the words of Paulo Coelho, one of my favorite writer: "We must fight for our dreams and concentrate our efforts to that end. But we must not forget that life is made up of all pleasures. They were placed here to encourage us, assist us in our search and provide the moments of surcease from our daily battles. It's not a sin to be happy.There is nothing wrong in - from time to time - breaking certain rules , regarding diet and happiness".
The happiness for me is a man of my dream. I will share with him all my troubles I'll give him my heart. A man of my dream is tender, affectionate, with shining eyes with open soul and clear as blue ocean, caressing me and loving me each day.
Every day I look at the mooony sky and wait for my lucky star. I share it with you I wiil be the one you love.
I'd like to know you better, tell me about yourself, about your life and interests, your hobbies. What feelings and qualities are you appreciate in woman?
I wait for your letter
I finished school of foreign languages I write letters on my own without agency
I use Internet cafe Svetlanka
Letter 2
I'm really happy after getting a new letter of you and having interest to me
I think you are a very clever man! I want to introduce my family to you As far as I'm conserned Its very important thing in life , to have a strong and loving family what do you think? I think we are a large and friendly family Id' like to start with my parents My parents have been married for many years you can't imagine 30 years old !
This year we are celebrating their happy wedding I wanted to enter Pedagogical University. My parents and teachers at school adviced me to become a teacher firstly to continue our family occupation.
Secondly becuase I always have given preference to the humanities especially English and French.
My father and mother have much in common but they have different interests,hobbies, points of view on sport and music. For example , my father is fond of sports and my mother doesn't go in for sport at all she is a great homesitter. She keeps house and takes care of her family. She is very good at cooking and she is clever with her hands. But my parents have the same opinion about education and upbringing of the children. They are good specialists as well. They are both teachers.Sports is very popular in our family. Together with my father we have our usial morning exercices at home and we have our tennis training and in summer we like to swim most of all, because swimming makes a man and woman healthy and strong. My favourite kind of sport is callisthenics. By the way, among girls it is very popular!It 's a kind of art gymnastic it makes me slim What do you think of myfamily? Tell me about your family?, your dreams! I like to clean the house In general I like when the house is clean and nice I believe in GOD, I'm a christian and visit Church on Sundays. I can't live without sports and I like gym and callethenics most of all , because I belive that wealth is nothing without health, as lating saying goes sound body in sound mind,and if your health is good you are always in good mood I like to read romantic stories, especially love stories! I think it will be nice if I have a cat or a dog , Im very careful and I will take care of them with pleasure I love to listen to music of all types such as classical music from bach, Mozart, Tchaiskowsky, Beethoven, Chopin, etc. I also love romantic music, and latin music. I am fond of latin dancing such as Meringue and Salsa. I also paint and draw. My drawings are inspired from the human body.
I send you my smile and wait for your letter!!!What kind of music do you like?
Letter 3
You know I was impatiently waiting for your letter. I think that you give me feeeling of inspiration and grateful to you for this impression By the way how wondeful to get such a letter of you, it's a real delight!
I was a little bit nervous wondering is there a letter of you in my mailbox or not.
I like the way you talk to me the way you speak to me .
I hope our friendship will turn into something like love It's cold today, it has been raining since the very morning, the weather gets gradually colder and colder that's why i'm dreaming, dreams help me to overcome my loneliness, , It was raining cats and dogs, all night long, how boring to observe such weather today, I want to swim to lie in the soft sand, to bathe, I'm deraming and looking for the summer.
I want to feel the rays of the sun running all over the body, I want to fell sun and bathe in its warmth.
It is necessary to get up early in the morning to make the day great.
I usually wake up at 7 am, because i need do morning exercises. If it rains outside i am busy with aerobics at home. This procedure is very useful and taking a cold shower make me vivacious for the whole day. I should do these procedures because i have to study and work a lot.
After taking shower i have breakfast, a cup of coffee . So, it is the way of my day's beginning. But sometimes i don't want to leave my bed. It happens basically in the week-ends. I like to loll in my bed, to read a book or just watch TV. I always wait for these days because i am very tired for the week and want to relax.
Tell me about your dayli life your feelings, travellings You know I m very serious about relations between woman and man and I m dreming to create my own family with husband who will love me I wait impatiently for your reply!
Letter 4

Hope you have good feeling lettering with me like I am
My goal is to find a man of my dream!Hope you will be such man
I have never ever been abroad and I 'm dreaming about it, to go for my love
Today I have no very mood I do not know what is the reason
Maybe loneliness How often you you feel like me or you are always in good moood and in a high spirit?
I believe and see you are someone special man , really honest man and sincere
You know you looks like a sunshine in my life you are my ray of light I need to know you feel the same, your letters are warm full of dreams and harmony you want to create a serious realtionship with me, you are tender,
Are you are ready for the changes in your life, what do you think of me?
I can hardly imagine my life without books. They are my friends, teachers and advisers. While reading I 'm travelling I'm a big traveller . In my native country I travell every year but it s a little bit boring. Now I'm dreaming about oceans, seas, REAL FEELINGS
I like clasiical literature like Tolstoy, Lermontov Haruki Murakami and Barbara Kartlend
For some people there is nothing so exciting as travelling and IM NOT AN EXCEPTION.
I'M happy that I have travelled a lot and I hope that my first journey wasn't the last one.
I like to travel on foot and stop in a beautiful places.
My family and I take tents and useful things for our hike.
We camp out in the forest near the river, cook dinner, play tennis.
We have wonderful time there and I always want tontravel again, Im very sad I have never been abroad.
It's a real pleasure to go to the country, you are open to all impressions, you are so close to the sky!!!
do you like to be a romantic person , do you like nature?
I wait impatiently for your answers!!!
Letter 5
I'm a little bit tired today but feel so good I do not know why.
Mayby today I feel myself so happy. Its the first time I feel myself so good for the last year.
I'm so happy I can write you again!!!
My YESTERDAY's EVENING, spending with my granny was nice and good, but I was sad. I missed about you and those sweet words you said . I imagine our meeting and your next words, burning with love and affection to me. How wonderful life is with its dreams . I imagine our future meeting, I see you face to face, I admire your sparkling eyes, I see the warmth of your heart, Ieven hear your heart beeting, -quicklier and quicklier than usual, you touch my hand you take me by the hand, and show me all tenderness , you caressing my hair,than something inflames, , maybe its the flame of your candles, THEY ARE OPEN A NEW ROAD TO NEW LIFE WHERE WILL BE YOU AND I AND A REAL LIFE TOGETHER AND FOR ALWAYS, HAVE YOU EVER IMAGINE OUR FUTURE MEETING?
I'm looking forward for your reply
Letter 6
It was so pleased to receive your news again.I want to share the feelings that I have in my heart. I hope you will be happy like me today .I do not knowhot to tell you this Bu listen what I feel from my heart
You are the most kind and carresing man Your letters always lovely .
It was so pleasant for me to receive it from you. I 'm so lonely and cold.
But when I red your letter it becomes warmer. My darling I can't wait our meeting any more.
I like to travel very much and I never been aboard. It will be great if I can visit your country.Dear if we can be there together I'll be the luckiest woman in the world. Dear I want to meet you as soon as it possible. I want to see the place wher you live to feel it I want to be with you also.I am so impatient to have you in my arms. . My darling, I want dance with you allnight long and to sleep and wake up with you.
This will be the greatest happiness in my life. Every passing day, my desire for you is growing and I am dreaming about us . My arms are waiting for you my love. When will I be able to see you? This is like dream now, but we will make it happen and I want you my darling.
You have possessed my heart and I happy with it. I will never complain to be your woman. My darling,I have never gone away from you. I was always with you. I hope you felt my heart beating for you. I want to take the steps in our relationship my darling and I am waiting for your reply. I am sure that every place is a paradise with you and you are my angel. Thus,I just want be with you and I want to be in the paradise soon. I am happy because I have an opportunity to speak with you once more.I trust in you and hope you trust in me Your letters give me a big energy and beautiful mood for all day. I always think about our meeting. By the way I know a travel agency here, which can organize the trip to another country very quickly. They make visa, foreign passport, buy the tickets and even find a hotel where you can stay there. I think it will be a good idea to use the service of this agency. What do you think about it? Sveta
Letter 7
I made an important decision I decided to come to visit you if you do not mind
I will be standing on the wet ground of the airport in the country which is completely unknown for me and thinking of you, standing in the airport, there in the terribly bright sun, so lonely, the only man who is so much wish by me!
But I know that this will never be the way, I have described. I know it for sure! We had to bare so much that now I know, everything will be all right! Please, believe me. I have no enough money to start to prepare documents at
once, will you help me. Can you connect with a travel agency and help
me a little bit ? Here is e -mail in my town:
Just imagine in a two weeks we'll be together
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