Scam letter(s) from Marina Kononenko to Tyrone (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my dearest Ty!!!
Thanks for your letter!!! I want to wish you Happy Independence Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's good that your treatment was not very painful. But the most important this treatment bring you good results. I truly believe in better and that everything will be fine!!!! yes,you are totally right that all these medical problems came at the same time;((( My father will stay in the hospital from Monday. As for Sveta we will wait a little bit with her treatment because it's really very hard financially. We will start it soon. But please don't worry about it,I know that your treatment is also very costly,I just share it with you without any willing to ask you for help,please understand me,ok? I am so sorry to hear about female donkey:((( But may be everything will be fine and shots will help her. inform me about her in the future,ok?
I don't have any special plans for weekend. May be will do my house work,usual thing. I think i need to deal with preserving cucumbers. We will need it in winter. I like to make salads with such cucumbers,pickles,and just to eat it,it's very tasty.
The weather here is very changeable. But it's not cold. May be,if the weather will permit we will go with my friends to the river,to enjoy nature and fresh air near the water. I don't like to stay at home during the weekend,I feel myself lonely. And especially when you know that it's wonderful to spend time out of the town:))) it's a big pity that we don't have any close sea side or good beaches,I would be go there,i think,every day:))) After work,of course;))) But it's only my dreams now. I think that this year I won't be able financially to go to the sea side. I don't know how to be with the vacation,plus don't have enough money,as you can guess rest on the sea side is always very expensive.
One thing I know for sure,I will be thinking about you during the weekend,will imagine you next to me:))) When i think about you my mood is much better always:))) I am happy that you are in my life;)))
Ok,will finish for today,send my kisses,my hugs,yours Marina.
PS. Say hello to your sons,to your mother!
Letter 2
Hello my dearest Ty!!!
Thanks for your letter!!!!!And for so many pictures!!!!! Darling,at first,Happy birthday to you!!!!!!!! I want to wish you only the best health!!!!!!!!!!!!it's only my wishes to you now! Of course I want to wish you also happiness and all things what you wish for yourself. I didn't congratulate you on Wednesday because i panned to send you my card from the agency the next day,but a lot of things happened on your birthday date,my mother went to funeral to Russia and I couldn't do it:((( I am very glad to that spent very good birthday with your family!!!
My mother's brother,my uncle died,biker didn't see him on the road,he was walking with his dog and biker knocked down him and his dog. She went there by train yesterday. I think she will come back home the next week. Her brother was 55 years old. His wife and daughter staid without father and husband:((( When she come back home she will tell me more details about this terrible story.
We had rain during two last days:((( So,I don't have any special plans for weekend,I think that we will have rain again. But I will be thinking about you,it's for sure in my plans:))) Weather forecast promised us very hot summer but it's a middle of July and we didn't have very hot temperature yet,but may be it's even better:))) I don't know where i will go to and what do? I will tell you about it later:))
But I plan to bake a cake with cherries;))) And will do some house work. I would like to send you a piece of my cake:))) I would like you taste it;))I won't put any frosting also:)))
My darling,I made video and made pictures of Sveta,I will send you all this from home. I think that the next week I won't write you from the agency,lately don't have extra money at all,my darling:((( But you can write me your letters to my home,I will do my best to write you what i can from home,ok?
My darling,I would like to be with you during this weekend,to enjoy your presence and to feel your warmness! if we could find mud we would fight with you:))) As for Sveta,she was able to swim the lake,and to wash off all mud on her.
My darling,I will be very sad and lonely this weekend. If you were with me we would have special and interesting plans:)))
Ok,wish you a nice weekend,send my kisses,my hugs,yours only
Letter 3
Good day my dearest man Ty!!
Thank you very much for your letter and pictures, I am glad to hear from you.
How are you doing??? Hope this my reply finds you well.
Dear, excuse me please for my delay in writing:(((. Unfortunately my family has bad times again:(((. Not long ago my mom has gone to her brother's funeral and now another misfortune has come into our life:(((.
My God father has passed away:(((. He has lived in Lugansk too, but in a different part of the place.
We have buried him yesterday. A lot of people have come to the funeral, he has been a very popular musician and composer here, many people have known him. The weather has been very hot and for some people it has been very difficult to bear the ceremony.
I have not worked yesterday because of funeral, it means I'll work on Saturday and as a result I should forget about all plans for this coming weekend:(((.
I doubt I'll have a chance to go to a river or a lake, such hot days I may think only about such pleasant trip to the beach:)). And of course about you, my darling!!!!
Though there are 3 working days till the weekend yet and thoughts about you draw away my attention from work:))). But it's OK, I like to dream, to make plans for the future....
I glad hear from you very very good news!!!!!!I happy that your illness in past now!!!! And we can mike our future plans!!!!!!!
I glad hear your decision about your live in Lugansk!!! Ok,I will look some houses here and let you know!!
I will be glad if you can help now with Svete's and father treatment!!
I know,you spend much money to your illness and I will glad any help from you!!!!
About marriage,I don't want big weeding:)) Only parents,friends and of course your family!!!! We will talk about it:)))!!!!!
Ok,dear Ty,I will finish for now,have a nice day,wait your letter,
many kisses,your Marina.
Letter 4

Hello my dearest love Ty!!!!
Thank you for your letter!!!
My love, of course i am happy to hear that you are well now and soon my dream come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, i always dream that you are live here with me,i will be happy next to you,my love!!! And i am so happy that soon it's all come true!!! I am sorry if my letter was not very excited, but it's because of funeral:( But today is better. My father still at the hospital, may be next week he will back home. Ty, my love, i want to tell you that i am ready to discuss the date of our wedding:))) I don't know, may be November??? I will ask how much time we need to wait after apply documents for wedding, and what day, i think it will be Saturday:) I hope that your mother and sons come here to our wedding too:)
I am just happy that soon we will be happy together here in our house!!!:))) I think that 200 000$ it will be enough to buy very good house for us:))))
As for honeymoon, i don't know where we can go, may be you will choose?:) Thank you for your care about me and my family, i will tell them about it:) They very glad to hear good news about your health, we all worried about you a lot!!! And now they will be happy to hear about our plans:)))
Again thank you that you make me happy and i will make you the most happiest man on this earth!!!!
Ok, Ty, darling, i need back to work.
I kiss you many times, your fiancee Marina.
Letter 5
Hello my dearest man Ty!!!!
Sorry,but I can't write you before:(( I wrote you one week ago that Sveta in hospital now:((
She is have a problem with nose and now she take pils, inection and many other prosedur.
I go to hospital 2 time on week and not have time go to used internet:((( Sorry!!
My parients is OK!! I'm is OK also, now many clients I have,becourse spreen time and all womens want be butiful:))
Is good for me and give me good salary:))
Weather hete worm,few days was sun!!! I think about you,miss you!!
My phone is OK,working all time!!
Ok,will finish for now,hope I can write you soon,kiss you,your Marina.
Letter 6
Hello my dearest man Ty!!!
Thank you for letter and pictures:((( I'm sorry that Lamas died:(((
And very good that you have Internet connection again!!!
I have not very good news:((( Airline compani again changed time of flyts for weekend only:(((( And now plain from Kiev to Lugansk on Saturday only 10.55am and sunday 21.00pm. February,28 this Saturday and you be late to plain to Lugansk:((
That is why I will ask Valera to meet you in airport and drive to raivey station and take you to Lugansk train, at 18.40pm and you will be in Lugansk next day about 9am,I meet you in morning!!
I call Valera and ask him buy trein ticket before. I don't see other way:(((
So,for you back in Kiev I buy ticket for you no problem,March,4,morning.
I know you will be angry,but what can I do:(((((((
Ok,I will finish for now,wait your answer,many kisses for you,your Maryna.
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