Scam letter(s) from Anna Belova to Steve (Australia)

Letter 1

Hello my friend Steve!
My friend, how your affairs? How your health? I hope, that at you all is good!? As to me, at me too not bad Mood. Today in the street is very cold. I think, that at us already warm days will not be, because time comes nearer to To winter.
Days everyone become colder and colder. The climate sharply varies the same as also mood of the person. If weather Cloudy and cold accordingly and the person feels like not important. You agree with me?
And for lonely Girls similarity of me, such climate influences is very much appreciable. I hope, what you understand me, Steve? Today, under an impulse Wind and a fine rain, I have gone on work. When I went on work I felt like such lonely and Unprotected because it was very cold to me. It seemed to me, that me there is nobody to protect and that I am lonely. But Actually indeed actually.
Steve, you simply do not imagine to yourself how to me it became bad after that I Has seen. On road on work I have seen a young pair which walked on park and seemed to me that they the happiest People on this planet. They embraced the friend the friend, kissed so gently. In eyes of that girl I have seen what is not present at me. I have seen there the sea of love and happiness. I have envied them. If I sat at home and it was film, I has burst into tears. To me is very insulting that such nice girl as I, may not find to myself present, worthy Love which would accompany with her all life.
When at us the lunch break I was has decided to glance in the Internet of cafe And to look the E-Mail. If is fair, I have gone to the Internet of cafe only in hope of to see yours The letter, Steve. But,
unfortunately I mood up to the end has fallen, when I have not found out your letter!!!! I so am strong Was upset, when has understood, that you have not written to me. Steve, what happened, why you do not write me? I may you something Has offended? If it so you to me at once tell about it. I shall try to be corrected. Understand me please, but after that, As I began from you to correspond, my mood every day began to arrive. Your letters give me a charge on whole Day. After I read your letters, I understand,
that life yet is not lost and that life proceeds. Nobody may To foresee the further life, but it seems to me, that at us the further development of relations, only if we may turn out Let's keep up stable correspondence. You agree with me,
Steve? I think, that you will count my letter too Frank!? But so it actually. As I hope that I can write to you everything because I trust you. Remember, that Even if you will not write to me, all the same I shall come in the Internet of cafe,
in hope to see your letter. I shall be with Impatience to wait for your letter.
With sincere respect and hope for the fast answer. Marina
Letter 2

Hello my Steve!
How you? How your health? I hope, that with you all is good!? I ask you protect myself. Ok? Today at me is simple excellent Mood. Likely is interesting to you to find out, why? Ok. At me very joyful news to both of us. I can arrive to To you Steve. I spoke, what can find an exit from a situation? (Smile) you remember it?
Now I can tell, that am exact I shall come to you. You are glad, lovely mine Steve this news? Also may it will turn out so, that in some weeks I shall be together with You!!! All depends on when I to receive the visa. But also besides all it, your help is necessarily necessary for me and Certainly your understanding....
Thank you big lovely mine Steve for your photo. To me was very much is pleasant to receive your photo. You a miracle. I like to look on You...
Today I wanted to take money in bank, that is the loan. Went to bank and consulted to experts, workers Bank. And to me have told, that to receive the loan in bank to me is necessary it will be necessary to fill in set of documents; To receive set of an information, and in a result to me might give up in the loan. At me such sensation what to receive the visa is easier. I Has learned, that to me simply will not grant the loan to go abroad.
As they are not sure that I to return Therefrom. You understand me? They do not grant the loan to people who is going to travel abroad. Having learned it, I was in full Despair also did not know, what to me to do?! Certainly then, in bad mood, I have gone on work.
My mum has made for me the present surprise. I did not know, that she is in city. She has arrived to me on work, that To tell to me about all. Having heard her good news, I was on the top of the world with happiness and was ready to jump, as The small child. It appears, there is an opportunity to receive all her money from abroad!!! And I can be with you. She found out the information in the company in which worked. In the company where she worked as abroad, have told, that they I can not To send her now all her available earned money as at the present moment have no them in enough. And consequently, that now their company passes auditor check. You understand me Steve?
Also to her have told, that they may To give out to her money only parts and in the certain terms!!! In terms, approximately from 6 about 8 months. Is very big Term!!!! I can not sustain such time if not I shall be near to you. Likely you think now precisely also!? I am right Steve? But as money and big are really necessary for me to arrive to you it was necessary to consult bank as is possible to receive all money earned by my mum, at once. To her have explained, that the bank account not the legal person is necessary for Border. On which money will arrive. Only such bank translation they may give out to my mum all sum. Mum Wanted to create the bank account, but to her have told, that it will occupy a sufficient plenty of time!!! Now mine Lovely Steve I am required need yours and your understanding, ours with you of position!!!
We long thought with mum how to us to act in the given situation. In the beginning we have thought, that we may be helped by mine The girlfriend. As she was going to go abroad to loved to the man. To begin to live with him. You remember, I wrote To you about her? And so... Having thought, we have decided, that it not an exit... Because it also may occupy a lot of time. And we Were not sure in her completely. We long thought, how nevertheless is possible to resolve this problem. And eventually at us There was an idea which may resolve at once all our problems... It you,
lovely mine Steve! Here you also is required The help!!!
Steve, I would like to ask your help! I very much want to be with you and you understand it. I think, that you also want to be with Me!? My request to you is, that you have helped us with my mum to receive her money. You understand me Steve?
Business In that I would not ask from you similar. But as our feelings are mutual also we want to be, as soon as possible, Together. I think, that you might help us!? Now depends only on your desire... Lovely Steve, you might help me?
From You is required only essential elements your bank account. If you have sent me them I might give their mine at once To mum. Mum to send them by mail to the company in which she worked. And her company instantly might translate her Money to your account. And as soon as at mum money will arrive to you on the account you send me this money. Well, certainly,
First my step, will be visit in tourist agencies, what to find out quantity of necessary money. Simply, my mum, again so, as well as any mum, has put the parental restriction. But it quite should suffice for my travel to you!
Probably all this is valid silly!!! But is a unique way that we were together. If to make all this As soon as possible,
the next week I might make out all necessary documents for arrival you. And already Through some time we would be together... You understand me lovely mine Steve? Now depends only on your desire And understanding. I wrote to you, that there is an exit from any situation. I hope you remember it?! I have made all that might. Now All depends only on you!!!
My mum very much experiences for me. As well as any mum, she wishs good luck only happiness the of daughter. And certainly she will be glad, if at us all will turn out. That we were happy. She sees,
how I have sharply changed, when We have started intensive correspondence with you. And it very much is pleasant to her.
So she not Doubts and of you.
She is ready to help our happiness... She very good mum. Is sure, that when you with her Will get acquainted, be convinced of what she the good woman. I assure you in it... And I think, that after I I shall come to you, we can arrive on a visit to my mum, to Russia.
Certainly I do not force you about that you have helped me. But to ask you money I too I do not want and I shall not be.
I do not want, that you thought of me as if your money are necessary for me from you only. My feelings to you very big and Sincere. And on this I do not want to mix the feelings with monetary relations. I can To take care of itself. But in the given situation I can not do without your help. I hope you do not become angry strongly about me? If you do not want to help me!!!! Or you do not have such opportunity I shall understand. Also I shall not become angry about you. I shall be To try to find other way out. I trust you and I do not doubt of your sincerity. I think, that you can To help me and I to trust you Steve.
Now when we have chance to meet is necessary to use him and to not miss. We should meet you and it Will take place!!! If at us really mutual feelings each other. I feel it Steve. I so am happy and already dreams I am together with you Steve. We shall meet and can stay together. To find out each other as is possible better and closely. I not I doubt, that you my elect. You that person whom I searched probably for all life. But I would like completely in It to be convinced. Our meeting is a unique chance as we might be convinced of our desires and dreams under the relation Each other!? You agree with me Steve? Is surprising, as interestingly we have learned about each other and steel so are close. (Smile) I Do not want to lose you. I as soon as possible want to be with you...
I do not know about what you now think, when read mine the letter. But!!! I shall hope very much that you can to us with You to help. I wait for your letter tomorrow Steve. Probably I can not fall asleep today!? I till now so am excited, what not I can sit quietly. I all to not believe in that "miracle" that has taken place with us!!! On another it to not name... You are necessary for me Steve.
My gentle kiss for you Steve.
Your Marina
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