Scam letter(s) from Inna Shatunova to Sedrati (Algeria)

Letter 1
My name is Inna! I am 28 years old.I addressed in dating agency. When I have specified, how Isearch for type of the man. Me have told to approach in 6 days. When Ihave again come to agency acquaintances, to me have told yoursemail adress.I am a teacher and i like my work very much.I work with children and Now I have an opportunity to write to you I am an beautiful kind and lonely young lady. I want to find mylove, my half and want to marry him. I am looking for a man who willfall in love with me and I will fall in love with him. I have neverbeen married but I dream about it. I am fond of children and I dreamabout a happy family with the loving man. I am interested in music,cooking, reading, traveling and others. I know English very good andcan speak fluently!!If you are interested in me please write me on my write me and I will send you my photos.
I wait for your mail very much.
Letter 2
Hello my love!!! I have very good news for us. Yesterday I learned everything about my coming to you. Oh my God I am so happy. Now I have come to the internet cafe to inform you that everything is o’k. I was written down at the reception of the transport company. As I learnt I need to do the visa, the passport and the document of insurance of health. They will be ready in 15 days after payment. I will be able to be in your country only for 90 days but if you don’t like me, I can come back home earlier. Such opportunity to me drops out time in life to be with you so soon on a visit. I will try to learn the prise if the tickets later. As I have informed you. I need your help. Dear please help me to come to you. If you can please send me 410 ? for registration of my documents. Everywhere in our country quotations are in American dollars. The visa for 90 days costs - 410 ?, and still it is necessary at any expenses. To do the visa I will have to go to Moscow. There it will be much easier and faster with the documents. I need to pass medical inspection and pay for the insurance and the passport to travel abroad. Because I can't go abroad without medical insurance. Then I will learn the account of tickets and tell you it. This money is necessary for me as soon as possible because I need to pay for documents. If you can, send me money today, so I will be quiet and won’t worry that I don’t have time. I would like, that you sent funds through Western Union, it is the international system of remittances which is in many banks. Also my love Jamel, as Larry said to me, you will need some data about me, you will need my full name, if you remember,
name Inna
surname Shatunova.
My dearest Jamel, I want to ask you when you will send me this money- 450 evro, it will be necessary for me to know important information which required at a parcel of money. (Money Transfer Control Number-MTCN). This number you will have in the receipt that an operator will give you. My dearest Jamel, you must send me this so important data in e-mail. Without this data MTCN I won't be able to get the money which is very necessary for my coming to you, my dear Jamel. My love Jamel, I understand that it's a large sum of money, but I can rely only upon you, I ask you to help me with this money. My love Jamel, we love each other very much and we will be together, I’m sure in it, my darling Jamel!!! I'm waiting and I'm dreaming for a moment of our meeting at your airport, my Jamel. I think that I will cry at the moment when I leave our airport and when I see you, my Jamel, because it will be our happiness, my dear Jamel. I close my eyes and imagine this happy picture. My love, I dream of the time when we live together, my darling, go for a walk, keeping our hands, my love Jamel. I want you to show me your native land, places where you like to go for a walk and where you like to spend much time, also I want to get acquainted with your relatives and closest friends so much! I want to be with you very much, so much, my love Jamel! I love you Jamel, and I miss you, my dearest love Jamel! My dear Jamel. Dear I must tell you that I have nobody here. I don't have any relatives and you are the only person whom I need. My friends are so happy for us and that soon we will meet each other. They understand that we can't live without each other and wish us the great love in our future life! Great greetings from my friends to you, Jamel, please, accept the love from my friends! Also hi from Natasha and Larry! I thank them for being my closest friends and thanking to Natasha, we have found each other, Jamel. Well, my love Jamel, let me end my e-mail, my dearest Jamel, I'm waiting for your message very much, my love man Jamel!!! Wanting to be with you so much my love Jamel, Truly, your love lady forever and ever Your love Inna P.S. Also your full data (a full name, the address and so on) because they will be necessary for me will be necessary for me from you when I shall legalize papers.
Letter 3
MY ANGEL Jamel!!! I am very glad, that you will help me funds for arrival in your country. And I ask applications that I so long did not write to you. Simply at on in Kazan many do not have own computer and it to have to go to the cafe Internet. And because of it very often there are no empty seats in the cafe Internet. Here my data which will be necessary to you. You could not make a copy of form MTCN which will give to you in bank that I could remove funds without problems and start to do documents.We with you shall be happy, together, that I am confident it!!! I know, that you protect and protect me when I shall arrive to you!!! I so am pleased, that things approach between us. We shall soon Together and we shall have happy time together. I want to incorporate ours Hearts! I so am excited about our meeting! I shall shout for pleasure, When I shall see you for the first time. I so want to feel your care of me. I so want to understand, That you love me. I shall be true only for you. I want to love you. So it is a pity to me because I could lose with you contact. I want to arrive to you, and in never feel more Similar feelings. This fear from men sweated loved to enter my heart the big grief. I love you, and we shall be happy together. I was, more today cannot write than anything as I am left for limits with happiness, and I have no not enough many words to express it! I am very pleased, that between us there is a Trust, I am simply happy To understand, that my love trusts me. If not it I become more confident That we shall soon meet you because the love Can overcome any distances. Certainly there are difficulties, which prevent To us to reunite, but We together should overcome them, because all in ours Hands. We should Meet you because we cannot live the friend without the friend, you Agree with me? I soon wait for your letter Jamel, my love. Name: Inna
Surname: Shatunova
The country: Russia
City: Kazan
The western Union
Write to me to your full name of a surname both your exact and the address. Yes the God will bless you With love Inna.
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