Letter(s) from Tatyana to Eddie (USA)

Letter 1

Hello again, my sweetheart!!
Thank you that you write me and this way you make me even happier. When I read your letters I want you to be with me at this moment. I almost hear how you say all these words that you write. What is happiness for me?? Happiness is when you know that all your close people are healthy and happy. This way you are happy too I think. Even if one of your beloved gets unhappy, you can't be fully happy too. Do you agree with me?? I know that you may not believe me. This is because God gave me a good appearance!! Honey, I'm not so bad!! Yesterday I went to the river with my friends. We took meat, vegetables. We had a barbecue party. We bathed, fried meat and just chilled out. It was great. I wish you were with me there. Maybe my dreams will come true someday, I will not only hear you but see you in real life. I wrote you in my previous letter that I work at school as a teacher. I don't have my own children and these kids at school...they are like my own ones. When I come to school and see their smiles my mood becomes better in 10000%. I think that kids are the flowers of our lifes. All the mothers live for their children, they can give everything to them. Honey, do you like to travel? What countries have you been to? Have you been to Ukraine? I'm proud of our country. It has a big history, many traditions. One of my favourite is connected with wedding. When two people are getting married they should taste a peace of special bread with salt. Have you heard about it?? tell me about your country and countries you visited. What kind of person are you?? I need to tell you that I'm very impulsive, all my love is full of joy, dances, different kinds of activities. I need to do something all the time. I love to gather with my friends, to dance, maybe to drink something alcoholic, to play interesting games. Once a week or more seldom we go to a pub and just have fun. I can't just sit at home alone all the time. It makes me crazy. I don't have my loving man, and I need to find something that keeps me in a good mood. I have already told you that I'm a teacher. Right now I have vacations. School is empty. I have no work. We come to school twice a week just for some paper work. But the salary is so low now. I write you about this because maybe I will not be able to pay for the translation services and I will not be able to answer you. It makes me really upset(((( Tell me what usually makes you smile and laugh?? I will wait for your answer impatiently, because I know you will write exactly what I want to hear)) Kiss you, your Tanya.