Letter(s) from Tatyana Vijtyk to Andrew (UK)

Letter 1

Hello my sweet Andrew!

Thank you for your wonderful letter! I was very glad to get it, as your every letter, which brings me up to the sky, which makes my world go round, which leaves butterflies in my stomach...

You know, you made me feel so special as never before and I can hardly imagine my life without you as it seems to me that I already got you under my skin... You may be surprised with such a confession, belive me too;0) I mean, I would never ever believe if someone told that something like that will happen to me. But I am proud of myself that I took this chance and I hope I succeeded... Even if the correspondence will stop just like that, I will still believe that it is better to do and to feel sorry for it then never try and feel even more sorry, right?=)

I know the Greeks believe that for every one who is born the Gods create their perfect Soul mate. But being the cruelest Gods of all they believe that love be a quest. So they place the Soul mates worlds apart. That only when lover have suffer the emptiness that comes from feeling incomplete. And I have suffered that incompleteness of knowing that there is a hole in my soul that only the love of perfect mate can fill. I am hoping that your feelings will fill it.In the ancient days the lover had to go on a quest to find his Soul mate. He would have to climb the highest mountain, swim the deepest and walked a million miles and if those Greek Gods believed that he had suffered enough they would allow the lovers to complete each other!!! Maybe you can call it progress and I know that it is not as romantic but now a days the Internet has replaced the quest.But the suffering of being incomplete still exists.Instead of swimming the deeps oceans, now we surf the World Wide Web. And it was this electronic waves that have brought me to your shores and you. You are wondering why I have chosen to you from this huge world.The truth is my love I dreamt about you. Since I have began my search for love when I was younger I have been having the same recurring dream. Like most dreams I can't remember what the dream exactly was, but I know that I was dreaming of perfect man. The one who will hold me in my arms and complete me. But the fact that I know he is out there makes me feel hopeful for love. Even though I never have been able to see his face and when I woke up I still find myself searching for his qualities in the man....that was until I met you. Each night now I have the same dream, but this time I see his face. Your face.
Your eyes. Your smile!!!
I touch your hand look in your eyes taste your lips and every morning I wake up, a bit sad as you are not near... You wonder why I have chosen you? It's just
because now I am willing to change my dream into reality!!!!

Now for the boring part...

I feel addicted to your letters to your attentions but there is one thing that makes me go crazy....
all this time I tried my best to save some extra money to pay for our correspondence, as you know my English is not enough to write to you by my own, but I am not able to do this anymore...
It is really hard for me, as my income is too far from good... I want to continue our communication so much, but I can't effort paying anymore... If you were so kind to help me, you should contact the translators' club I am using by the following address : carpediem_admin@mail.ru ...

Sorry babe but I don't want your secretary to influence our reactions by reading my letters. It is very personal and I can let them pass only though a professional.

Anyway, if you are not interested in me anymore, I want to say thank you for you letters, for your attention and for everything that was connected with my happiness that came to me through your wonderful and sensitive letters!

Hope to hear form you soon,

With everything I feel for you,
Yours Tatyana