Scam letter(s) from Natalia Neganova to Ken (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, my new friend Ken! I am very pleased, that you have answered my letter. First of all I want to apologize for my not fast reply. I have no computer in my house. Yes, it''s really pity... I can''t answer you in the same moment as you. Thank you that you have found time write me letter. I think you have many questions to me. I shall try describe myself. I do not know what tell you in the beginning... Well, let''s begin! I would like you to name me Natalya. I''m 28. My birthday - march, 8, 1980. My height - 5 foots 6 inches. My weight - 125 pounds. As you see in my photo, I have blue eyes, and color of my hair - red. I have serious intentions, and I do not want to make a wrong choice... I tried write to you, and now I see, that you answered. We can start our corresponding, I think so... I want to be fair with you. Be fair with me too. I live in Russia, in city Nizhniy Novgorod. Did you heard about it? It is very ancient city. Nizhniy Novgorod is located in 500 kilometers from Moscow. Nizhniy Novgorod the big and wellknown city in Russia, it is located on the river Volga. We are two persons who want to meet someone ONLY for serious relations. I''m right? We can try to know better each other, but if you do not want, it is your choice... Little about me. I have higher education. I started my education in secondary school, in Nizhniy Novgorod. After I have finished it, I have entered Economic Faculty of Technical University. I have finished it 5 years ago. Now I work as a bookkeeper. I am engaged in financial affairs of our firm. This firm not so big. I work here not so long time, about 4 months. During work day I can use a computer and write letters. It is more convenient for me. I really would like to know your interests, your race, languages which you speak, hobbies? Tell me little bit more about you. I also shall tell you more about me in the following letter. I send you my pictures. I hope my letter will not afflict you. I shall wait for your letter and your picture with impatience. But if you are not interested, drop me some words. It is important for me. May be your new friend Natalya!
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