Scam Letter(s) from Mavis Akyeamaah to Paul (England)

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Letter 1

Dear this is my information you will need

Mavis Amfoh
21st Nkrumah Avenue
Accra North
West Africa


Letter 2

Hello honey love
How are you doing there?i do missed you honey love please let me hear from you cos am here thinking about you all the time cos you are the only man in my life this are the picture i promised you last night.Sweetheart please don't do that to me again cos you are killing my heart and my soul you make me cry last night babe cos i don't know why you do this to me babe.please i will try and meet you online 2pm your time if not please let talk online tonight if you
come online by 2pm am not there let your pc get on i hope i will come online for us talk more love and kisses for you alone bye and take care



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