Letter(s) from Sofia Danny to Rowan (New Zealand)

Letter 1

Dearest in heart Rowan ,
How are you doing?i am in the hope that all is well with you.I am fine and so happy to have email with you.Thanks for your words and it is an honour to share your thoughts with me I believe it will really goes well with us.I am also looking for that serious man to share the rest of my life,i am not into pranks on the internet,i have been in searching for a good and nice husband to make my family with in the nearest future.I am living in Bamako the capital city of Mali in West Africa.Please if you have the world map you can fine where i am located.I know really that we are far from each other-but consider it that if we come to know each other very well we can come to see ourselves any moment!so dont count our selves to be stranger to each other.It is an honour recieving a mail from you and i promise you that it will be nice knowing and getting to see you someday face to face,i trust you from this mail to me.I find it difficult to start this first letter which can change my life.Waking up every morning i ask myself one and the same question: "Why am i alone"? One can say i want too much from life and i will never find what i want,some say i want to find an ideal man and i can spend my life searching him but i believe there is a companion soul for me in this world,i just haven't met him yet but i will meet him,i am sure of it.I don't ask for things i will not be able to give in return. When i find him i will ask him to love me,to respect me,to take care of me and i would like to be the only one for him. In return i will devote my life to this man,i will surround him by tenderness and care,i will be ready to support him in good and bad times. Probably you will say i am too romantic but i don't think it is bad to be romantic.Our life is full of stereotypes and i want to create something which will be unlike everything people had before.I want to create relations which will be based on mutual respect and understanding and what is more important-on trust.I have much to offer but i don't want to give it to a person who likes me as a woman,i want to find a man who will appreciate my rich inner world and who will take me for what i am.I don't like when some people try to change other people and i didn't use to do it myself.We all have our weak and strong points but each of us is a class on him/herself.Each person is a good person by his nature cause God created us like this.Some people just can't express themselves in a proper way or they are not given a chance to do it I understand that in this letter i had to tell you more about usual things,like my hobbies,interests,family and so on but i decided to try to show you my personality not in a usual way,i decided to share my thoughts with you and i hope you don't mind me doing this.If you write me back i promise you will get the most prompt reply with as much details about my life as possible. Lets talk about Sofia Daniel a bit, to be sincerely truthful,I am a Liberian by nationality and I was born and brougth up in Monrovia the garden city of Liberia .I came from a family of six excluding my mum and Dad,has God will have it I am the only girl the rest are males.My Dad and Mum died in the war in my country !I was breed up right from birth from a serious christian home that have the love of God.I am a principle woman that have respect to whom ever respect is due for.Educationaly I am a high school graduate.

I have many questions to you but i will ask only few of them.
Tell me about your family and friends.
What do you appreciate in a woman(your future partner)?
Do you love children?
Do you want to have of them? I want to thank you for your answers. It would be great to find your letter in my box tomorrow. Will you give me this pleasure?.I hope so cause i am really interested to know you better. All your photos will be greeted. It is the true that you may not know that I have been passing throughpains,miserye,sadness,sorrows,and bitterness..............,all this are because of the cruelsome and brutal war which rendered me hopeless,helpless and made life embittered and bleak.Sometimes,I began to imagine the unpalatable situation of returning to a homeland riddled with blood.For millenium,humans has ben committed in finding effective ways to kill and destroy-but do humans demonstrate the same enthusiasm in the promotion of peace and social harmony? Indeed,life is a total misery for me and my grandma in this 95 % muslim country. And Mali is one the poorest countries in theworld.House,electricity,
water and transport are very expensive.It is only God who knows what I am passing through with my age Grandmother here in the church-I wonder when my tears could get dried.I even wonder if God has overlooked on me.I vowed to walk in His ways.I am not like other young girls/woman here who chose prostitution as the end means-God forbid it-I prefer death than selling my self-body for material things.I am conscious of my soul-I pray that God will advance soonest into my situation.I will always pray for you,pray for me also and my age grandmother which is here with me in the church here. May God keep on caring for you with His everlasting love.Please dont fail to be writting because you are so welcome in my bossom of love.I have to go and hoping to read from you soonest!
Yours in heart,

Letter 2

Dearest in heart Rowan,
Thanks for your email and how are you doing? I am in the hope that all is well with you.Great to have lots of nice pictures from you.I love them it is really nice and i had just printed them out for keep.I am from Liberia but living here in Mali,due to the civil war which rendered us homeless.Yes i know Toumboutu it is a nice place to be you know.I have been to that desert land and it was really nice and i enjoyed it so much.Life is so hard to me here and i am really seeking for God helps and longlife.My brothers has been long i have not heard from them,but i know the lord God will be taken care of their lifes.My brothers are living in Ghana but hoping to go back to Liberia.I am the youngest in my family.Yes they are christians and three are truck drivers and two no job for now.I have been an hair stylist for 7 years and i also enjoyed doing it.For now i am unemployed for the moment but still looking for a job.Thanks for your compliments and you are welcome into my life.That is all my pictures and i promised to send more to you. Now i read and know about your heart desires. Please tell me more.Kissess and hugs.

Letter 3

Dearest in heart Rowan,
Thanks for your email and how are you doing? I am in the hope that all is well with you. Yes you are right as i am far apart from my brothers,but i dont have any choice.I pray to meet them someday,the last time i heard from them was last two years.Yes they are truck drivers but i dont know if they have a job currently at hand.I pray for the remaining two to get a job.
I am not yet lucky to get a job,i am planing to look for loan and open up my own hair shop and start maing money that will be more better than just working for someone.I will also one day love to be a writter.I will wait for your response.I have to go and hoping to read back from you soonest.
Kissessssssssss and hugs.

Letter 4

Dearest in heart Rowan,
Thanks for your email and how are you doing? I am in the hope that all is well with you.Yes you are right the game was lovely despite the fact we cant watch it here because we have a TV at home here.
I want to write about the romance fiction,it is really a great step for me,i need more time to get back on track.Thanks for your prayers as well.The weather here is very cold at times due to the rain.Please we really lack foods to eat,come to our aid.Kissess and hugs.