Romance scam letter(s) from Natalia Yashutkina to Jeff (USA)
Letter 1
Hello!! Its Natalya Yashutkina!! Girlfriend Natalya. Natalya has had an accident. It is very strongly sick. Now it lays in hospital in very grave condition. She can speak very little. She to me has told that I have written to you.
I spoke with doctor Natalya it have told that operation is required to it. It is very strongly sick. She spoke about you that you very good person and she wants with you long relations. She cannot write as lays in hospital. To it it is now very heavy. Please understand it. Now money for operation are necessary to it. She asks them from you as her parents cannot help it completely. Please help it. As she has told that I to you have told it not scam. It is a reality. It needs on operation 2500 euros. Her parents can find 1300 euros. At them is not present more as to them now do not give the credit in bank. Please help Natalya. I ask you. If you have what that possibility to send money or you have what that feeling to Natalya that send money.
Here data Yashutkina Natalya, Russia, Kazan. If you can that send money through the western union or MoneyGram
Write more likely!! Yashutkina Natalya
Letter 2
Hello! I like our correspondence, your letters bring to me pleasure, and I am grateful to you that you write to me. It is very pleasant for me to realize that someone thinks of me. You very interesting person and I with pleasure shall have with you the correspondence.
I think that it will be interesting to you to learn about my family. At me usual Russian family. I have younger sister, her name is Marina. Mum very good and kind person, my mum the best, she is always ready to help the relative and not only, her very much respect on work. Mum works as the teacher at school. There she teaches Russian. You know Russian? Mum very good teacher, and everyone respect her, not only on this, but also because she very good person. Mine the daddy too very good and kind person, it works as the driver. The daddy too respect and appreciate on his work. The daddy and mum very much love me with the sister, they try to make all for us, even that sometimes happens them very difficultly. At me remarkable parents, and I very much love them. Still I have dog, her name is Malva. She is very good and obedient dog, she never bites, she only licks all, it very much is pleasant to me. Still there is at me a grandmother and the grandfather, but they do not live with us, they live in village, near to city. Sometimes I go and I visit them, very much it is pleasant to me at them. I live together with my parents and together with the sister.
I want, that our friendship was serious, and I hope that she to end with a marriage, but about it still early to speak. I very much want to know about you. But we learn it in our further correspondence.
As far as seriously your attitude to me? What in me it is interesting to you? What merits and demerits at you? What you have harmful habits? You smoke, drink? In you I am am interested first of all by that to me is very easy to communicate with you, you the pleasant person, and under letters I think that you very good and kind. I do not smoke, and I drink very seldom, only on holidays with my friends. But I do not drink much, I do not want that you have thought of me poorly.
I wish successful day, and with impatience I shall wait for the letter.
Letter 3
Hello my dear !! Excuse that could not write to you earlier. I very strongly was ill me there was quinsy. Last time when I was in the cafe Internet after that I walked in the street with the girlfriend. In the street there was a strong rain and I was without an umbrella. I have come home and at me the temperature has risen. In the morning when I have woken up I have felt a sharp pain in a throat. I had very strong cough. I have caused the doctor home it have examined my throat and have told that I am serious is sick also to me it is required to lay at home and not to get up. He has told to me that I need to drink medicines. I very much wished to arrive to the Internet of cafe and to write to you, but I could not as the doctor has told that I cannot leave on street. Now I am healthy and I can write to you. I hope that you will forgive me. I am very glad that I am healthy. It were terrible days for me!!!! To me my girlfriend every day came and was with me. I very much wish to know as your affairs?? How your work?? How yours mood? I hope that at you all perfectly. I very much want that you did not forget me!! Do not think please that I did not write to you. Understand that it can be with each of us. I will wait for your fast reply. Tomorrow I will necessarily answer your letter.
Whole yours Natalya
Letter 4

Hello!!!! I every day come in inernet cafe, I check mail and there there is no letter. It very much upsets me, I want with you the further correspondence, but you are visible do not want, but if you will write you to me means wish to construct with me of the relation. We wished to learn each other better, wished to fasten with you relations, but they cannot proceed without our further correspondence, you are possible than that is occupied, but I would like, that you knew, that I think of you and I wait for your fast reply. Natalya
Letter 5
Hello! I have been pleased with your letter, it is pleasant for me to know, that you have become interested in me. I hope that we shall try to learn each other, and further I would like to reach serious attitudes, instead of simply the correspondence.
I dream to meet the man of my dream. I have dared to search for it in the Internet because men which to me met saw in me only beautiful girl, but nobody tried to learn me in soul. I only want happiness. To know, that I am necessary for someone, that someone loves me. I all would make to find such person, and I shall be very grateful to destiny if you appear such person.
I live in Russia, in the city of Kazan . You know where there is my city? Probably is not present, and then I shall tell to you, it is near to Moscow,
I am interested in cinema, I like to listen to music, I adore to dance.
I am engaged in aerobics and I try to conduct a healthy way of life. I like to have fun up to I shall fall. My friends speak, that with me is never boring. Now I work as the seller in grocery shop, I not so like this work, but it is necessary for me to work, differently in any way it is impossible. Ask me everything, that you interests, and I shall try to answer all your questions.
Have gone to me a photo, better a little. Tell about itself. You have the hobbies, the favourite things, favourite meal. Write to me, I shall be glad to learn about you more. With best regards Natalya p.S. I have no skype
Letter 6
Hello!! My name is Natalya. To me of 27 years! I have seen your profile on one of sites. You have very much liked me. I would like to speak with you. If you have a desire to speak with me that write me on it the address! Natalya
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