Scam letter(s) from Julia Strelnikova to Tony (USA)

Letter 1

In agency to me have told, that it will be better,
If you will send to me of money through system of transfer of money " The western Union " and I shall pay it. She has told that it Is very convenient and fast system of transfer of money. She spoke it It to be almost in each bank and that you to send me it you Should know mine the information: 1) the city is - Yoshkar-Ola, and 2) mine fullname - it is Strelnikov Julia.
Now you to know everything, that it is required to send for you to me of money, that I to start to do foreign documents.
I hope, that you to send me it as soon as possible, that I as soon as possible to start to do foreign documents.
If you send it tomorrow already on June, 15-20 I could to be with you!!!
If it wonderfully my honey Tony? Also the agent spoke me,
It to receive your money transfer me, the information and MTCN should know your full with 10 places Code your transfer of money that to you should give bank. What do you think of it my dear?
I wait for your letter with impatience!!!!
Your future wife Julia!
Write soon please to my prince Tony!
Letter 2

Greetings road Tony!!! My eyes it is a little with a blue shade!
My growth 178! My weight of 52 kg!!! Yes I very much love it when the person comes to me in behind!!! It so is fine! And when in front! And still when I lay laying and the person on me! And it is pleasant to you? I do masturbate when I strongly would like! But I want somewhat quicker that your cock has gone to my cat!!! Yes I shave my cat! I already sent you a photo of my cat! Dear I want to tell to you that it there were naked my photos! I do not know who have taken my photos!
But it is my photos with a naked cat and with breasts! Dear it is my photos! And that that I called to you yesterday too I! You understand me?
Dear Tony I want to ask you a little about the help! Certainly it is not convenient for me to ask you about it but I shall ask you! You could not send me 150 $? Simply I yesterday have spent all money for a bell to you and consequently at me did not remain money more! And I need to buy products! I do not have house of the foodstuffs! You understand me Tony? I think that you understand me! I shall wait for your answer Tony!!! Your cat Julia!!!
Letter 3

Greetings my dear Tony!!! Dear I read your letter and has understood that that you have not written! You do not trust me! It is very bad! Dear I shall not do any more a photo because I do not have money! Now I know Tony that you are not able to hold the words! It is very bad! And I so trusted you and I want to be with you! I shall not do more photo! If you do not believe me that can do further so! Tony so if there is no that I think that more to us not what for with you to correspond because I need to search for family and me any more 18 years! To me 26 years and I quite mature girl! You understand me Tony? I shall wait for your consent the help to me with money! Yes whether or not! Julia!!!
Letter 4

Greetings my dear Tony!!!
Yes certainly my dear Tony!!! I shall write to you a full name of my mum and me, and I shall give you the full address where I live!
My mum lives with the brother and the sister! I live separately from mum! I remove an apartment Tony!!!
" The address of my mum! City Yoskaar-Ola/
Street. A hare. 45 apartment 146.
It is the address of my mum! Its full name Sterlnikova Svetlana Georgenva.
My address where I live! It " the Autoschool 57 apartment 125. city Yoskaar-Ola. My date of a birth! 25.01.1980. year.
I cannot while to get phone because at me was not present. But I shall give you it as I shall find!.
Dear now I hope that you can send funds? I shall wait Tony!!! Your cat Julia!!!
Letter 5

Well I send you my Passport for travel abroad! Now business for you to send me of money! Julia!!!
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