Romance scam letter(s) from Tatyana to Steve (USA)
Letter 1
Hi Steve!!!!!
Steve I have received today your letter, and I am happy. I so wish to learn about you more. But I do not know from what to begin. I have seen yours profile, and you have liked me. I hope, that to you too I like. I would like to answer your questions all over again. Steve thanks for a photo, I was really happy when you have sent me the photo. I hope, that my answers are clear to you. I am not so good to write English. But I hope, that you understand me. I as wish to tell about myself more. My name is Tatyana. To me now 27 years and I live with mum in one apartment. I was never married and to not have children. The city in which I live, refers to Zelenogorsk. I work in local hospital. It is small hospital. Therapeutic item. I work there nurse and I help the doctor. My work is pleasant to me, because I can help people. To me like, when I to see their happy faces. Steve I have started to use Internet recently. After at us has appeared the Internet of cafe in settlement. I all over again did not think of it. But has decided to try. Steve that you would wish to learn about me??? Ask me, and I am obligatory to answer you. I hope, that you will send the photos also. I would like to receive more them. I send you the photo on which I in park. I hope, that it is pleasant to you. Tell to me who are Steve. What it is pleasant to you in women? What character?
What should it be able? I very much would wish to know.
I hope, that tomorrow I again shall receive your letter and your photo. I shall wait very much. Steve you will not forget to write to me the letter? I hope, that was not present.
I very much wait......
Your new girlfriend Tatyana.
Letter 2
Hello Steve!!!!!!!
Steve as you feel? I hope, that all is good. How your mood when you have received my letter has changed? I Hope, that my photo was pleasant to you. Today I send you a photo, on which I at itself on work.
Steve you have asked me where I live also I have told to you. You did not expect that I live in Russia. I live in Russia and it to have for you excitement? Steve Zelenogorsk - city (with 1937) to Russia, administrative centre Zelenogorskogo of area of the Kirov area.
The population 17,2 thousand person (2005).
The Soviet regional study of local lore museum is opened on June, 16th, 1910 under the initiative of the fan - the regional specialist Ampere-second. With 1919-1922 existed two museums - arts and olden time. In 1922 both of a museum are incorporated in one scientifically-art which per 1926 have been transformed to a museum of local edge. Since 1936 the museum is called study of local lore. With 1982-1997 the museum was branch of the Kirov incorporated enoi?eei-architectural and literary museum. In November, 1985 the museum passes to the new areas. With 1986 on 1991 together with artists of the Kirov is art-industrial workshops new expositions are issued: departments of the nature, history of edge, the pre-october past, history with 1917 on 1991 a, the well-known fellow countrymen, it is equipped by a showroom. I not a lot of the nobility about Zelenogorsk? But I think that to you enough which I have given that information to you.
Steve I work as the nurse in local city hospital of city Zelenogorsk, it most important for me to have dialogue with which people I to treat. I like them also they well concern to me. My work to look after patients and to help them a difficult minute. I like to help people and it is pleasant to me.
Steve I hope, that my photos it is pleasant to you. You too will send me many photo? I hope, that I shall receive them tomorrow. I do not know why, but I to trust you. I do not know you, but I trust. I do not understand why. Steve You know? I shall tell more about myself. My growth 174 sm (5 ' 7), weight nearby 54 kg (120 lbs). Proportions of mine a breast, a waist, a hip accordingly 93 - 62 - 35. And at you Steve??
I to appreciate in people kindness, sincerity, honesty and the good relation to another. It is pleasant to me, when purely, cosy. When I come home I always is glad, because at home always purely. Steve and you love cooking? I simply adore. The grandmother has learned me and now I always and all I make itself on kitchen. And what it is pleasant to you? What dishes? I asked you about what women to you like. I, for example, like men who are quiet, sincere and do not deceive. Which I love, and which loves me. Steve how you think, you can be it? Or not? I think, that we shall soon know it. When we learn one another better. Than you were engaged today? I hope, that when you receive my letter, it warms you and makes your day successful.
I hope, that at you all is good. I shall wait for your letter tomorrow. I hope, that I shall receive answers to all the questions and many your photos.
Sincerely, Tatyana.
Letter 3
Hello My Dear Steve!!!!!!
Steve your letter again makes me happy. You are able to make, so I would smile. I at once forget about all and I think only of you. How put today? Successfully? I hope what yes.
Steve I would like to learn about your family. What can you tell to me? At you it is a lot of relatives? Where your parents?
My mum now 59 years and her name Irina. I do not know the father. Mum to speak nothing about her, and I do not wish to learn, because she cries, when I ask her. More I do not ask, and nobody speaks me. And I have already reconciled to it. My grandmother name Galina.
I earlier often lived with the grandmother and it much to that has learned me. Steve why you have decided to search for the love in the Internet? I, for example, tried to find the man in the city or in other earlier, but nothing has turned out. At all of us the man it is a lot of to drink alcohol. I do not love it. I have not met anybody here and have decided to learn about you more. I wish to meet such who would understand me. Who can support me and to whom I shall be important. And I shall always love such men and I shall be only it. Steve I do not think that the age is the important factor. Because with the years men more cleverly also are more skilled also I would be happy, to live with such the man. Therefore age not the main thing for me. I wish to enjoy love, passion, tenderness, I wish to see happiness of the beloved. And I shall make all for the sake of it. And you Steve???? I to not love quarrel. I think, that all can be solved easy. How you think? Steve you would like to receive its my photos? I today send you a photo, on which I On wedding at the girlfriend I send you an air kiss and I hope, that it makes your day successful.
Steve thanks for a photo, you really to have remarkable photos.
I hope, that I shall receive the answer soon. The truth? You will write to me at once as will receive my letter?
Yours Tatyana.
Letter 4

Hello My Friend Steve!!!!!
I am glad, that you answer my letters. You like me more increasing and more. I wish to learn you more and more. The more I learn, the you are more to me like.
Today I went along the street and looked that surrounds me. I earlier much that did not notice. Steve you Represent? I go along the street where went not the first year and I notice a lot of new. At all I do not know how to describe it. After has got acquainted with you, it seems to me, that in my life there were changes. And only good. And at you how are you doing? How you feel? You had a successful day? What new has occured? I today have met the girlfriend. She has suggested to go at cinema. But I would not be in time. And I have refused. Steve and you love cinema? What? You Like to go to theatre?
And to dance? Danced earlier? Likely you are good to dance.
I like to look films. Especially about love and comedies. Steve as you like to have a rest? We with girlfriends it is a little bit put went in Sochi back. On rest. I never to forget the sea which so is fine. If you could be with me I think that it would be much better.
How you think?
Today I went with the girlfriend at cinema. I have promised to her the last time, that today we go. We looked Russian film about love.
"Last Breath". Very much it was pleasant to me.
Steve I send you a photo, where I with the girlfriend.
I all time think, I am pleasant to you or not? You very much like me also I is glad, that have got acquainted with you. And you Steve?
By the way, my girlfriend asked to think up a name for her cat. I at all do not know what to tell. You can will prompt me? How you think?
I shall wait for your answer with impatience tomorrow.
I wish, that your day would be successful and full of happiness.
I with impatience wait your photos and letters.
Letter 5
Dear!!! Why you have ceased to write to me I hope that with you
All is good I every day I wait for your letter every day I come In the Internet of cafe what to see your letter but I I do not see it. I hope that you have not forgotten I I can to you any more I like also you have found other woman and do not wish to communicate with me. Inform me That occurs between us.
Your Tatyana.
Letter 6
Hello My Steve!!!!!!
I at all do not know to like you my photo, but I send it to you. Here I at home to have a breakfast
Steve which you to have thanks for a photo for me today, I am very happy and grateful to you when you send me the photos.
I would like to learn from you about your friends. Steve, at you it is a lot of friends? And the presents? Not simply familiar. And people to whom you can trust in all???? And they will always give you advice, he was not as though sick. Which does not want to you a pain. Which help with all to you.
Steve At me only one present girlfriend from whom we can speak about all. It with her I went to cinema. You remember, told?
Her name is Nastya. We with her grew together and, studied together, together went on dances. Now she works the teacher at school. She teaches English. We with her together well studied English at school.
Steve and what friends at you? At you many the present friends? Tell, the truth. And to have a photo, where you together? You can send it to me?
Steve all is interesting to me also I wish to know all about you.
Likely I to make many questions, I hope, that you are not offended on it.
I already miss and I check mail. Your letter suddenly will come? I wait, very much I wait.....
Yours Tatyana
Letter 7
Hello My Dear Steve!!!!!!!
Steve when you today have woken up you have received my greetings which I have asked you to transfer the sun? It to transfer you my greetings? It has warmed you? I ask you tell to me.
I so am glad to receive your letter. I am glad, that I am interesting to you.
Steve thanks for a photo, I today was very happy to see a photo which you send me. It was very interesting to me to consider all photo which you send me.
I today am tired very much on work. But the weariness has passed after I have received your letter. Steve tell to me about the work? What do you make? Than you are engaged? You Can is more detailed? You work every day? I every day, except for Saturday and Sunday. But sometimes to have to work and these days. I work nurse and consequently it is necessary for me to work some times in a week at night or in weekend. But I am usual in weekend to go to the grandmother. Steve at me the most good grandmother. She has learned me to all. I am able to erase, iron, look after clothes, to repair her, to prepare for fine dishes. The grandmother to speak, that has learned me to the best. And I am very grateful to her for it. Steve you would like to try a pie by which to make we with the grandmother? I am assured, that to you would like. They very tasty. Steve and which dishes you would like, what I would prepare? Or has learned to prepare?
Steve I send you a photo, on which I on a favourite place in park.
I do not know, during what time of day you precisely receive the letter? In the morning? Or in the evening?
I shall wait for your letter.
I hope, that you will answer at once as soon as you will receive it.
Your sincere Tatyana.
Letter 8
Hello My Steve!!!!!!!!!!!
Forgive, that I cannot answer your letter today. My colleague was ill, and I should replace it in hospital. I have not time to answer your letter now. I hope, that you will not be offended. I will answer your letter tomorrow and I will send you the photo.
Steve forgive, I, the truth, should run.
I hope, that you understand me.
Sincerely, Tatyana.
Letter 9
Hello My Dear Steve!!!!!!
Your letter again brings pleasure and happiness to me. I am glad, that you have not forgotten about me and have written to me. I very much waited for your letter. I hope, that your day too has passed successfully and all is good.
Steve if I now to be with you beside I could prepare you Lapsha and Pierogi. Steve for thanks for a photo, I was really very happy when I have received a photo from you.
Steve we communicate not the first day, and I feel, that our top on which we will meet soon. I much that have learnt about you. You like me. But I would like to learn more about you. At you to have the secret from me? To have something, what you hide from me? Tell to me, please.
Steve I do not have from you secrets. I can speak with you about what I want. I do not know, why, but I think, that you understand me. I do not love lie, I do not love people who lie. I since the childhood am brought up so not to lie. My grandmother says, that for this purpose what to lie it would be necessary, to have very good memory, what not to get confused. But I think, that it is better not to lie at all. And then all will be good.
Steve I do not know, that for us waits at top of mountain, mountain on which we flattery. The happiness, love, passion, tenderness can, and the disappointment can. I do not know. But I hope that the first, Steve yesterday there has arrived my grandmother. She has told, that I necessarily would send you regards from it. She asks, whether you wish to try pies by which it does? With a strawberry or another a berry? Steve, you would like? Tell also I to transfer your words the grandmother.
Steve I hope, that you do not get tired of my letters and questions.
I wish to know about you more, you more and like me also I is glad more, that have met you. I already spoke you it. But I hope, that you are not has got tired of me. How to you my today's photo?
I hope that is pleasant. I will wait for your letter...
I wait and believe, that I will receive it soon
Letter 10
Hello Gentle Steve!!!!
Steve your letter as the sun beam warms my heart and lifts my mood.
You like my photos? I like you? What in me it is pleasant to you?
Steve thanks for a photo, I today was happy to receive a photo from you, I am really very happy when you send me the photos.
I wish to ask you Steve, very important questions for us. I wish to learn from you about your last relations with other girls. If to you painfully to recollect it then so to me and tell. I will not ask you any more about it. But I very much would wish to know. Steve I will tell all about myself. I communicated with guys, but all that they want it only sex what then to tell to the friends, that he was engaged with me in love. I do not want so. I want love, sincere and gentle. In college I was on friendly terms with the guy who very much liked me. I too liked it. But it with parents had to leave and I cannot find it in any way. His father military men and they have left in other part of the country and did not write and did not inform anything on itself. Then I at me was the guy who, having learnt that it is loved by a daughter rich the man, has left me at once and in a year married on that daughters of the rich man. He loves money and more it is necessary nothing for it.
Then there were others, but many drank, someone simply wanted sex, and I have decided to wait the man. Now I communicate only with you, and you like me. I cannot touch to you, but I can to feel you under your letter.
You can tell in detail about the relations?
You when looked at stars? Steve, you walked at night? I would like to go along the street, to hold you for a hand, and to talk under night stars.
I send you a photo, on which I in resort city Sochi I with impatience wait for your letter. Mum, the grandmother, and my girlfriends with BRAVE transfer you huge greetings.
I send you the gentle kisses, and I hope, that they give to you feeling of tenderness, caress and to you it is good.
Your gentle and sincere Tatyana.
Letter 11
Hello My Lovely Steve!!!!
Steve your letter again to bring pleasure and happiness to my heart.
I feel heat which spreads on my body when I receive your letter.
That has told thanks me about the last relations. I am glad that you sincere with me.
Steve thanks for the new photo, you to have remarkable photos which do me by the happiest.
Steve as you feel? I wish to learn, how there passes your day. What do you do? In how many you wake up? As you think, how would put has changed, if I have arrived to you and was with you? What is the time we would be together. I would like, that we would spend time together, could enjoy our love and passion, kisses. Would like, that we would wake up every day in embraces of one another.
Steve as you think, how there will be our first kiss. I think, that it will be fine. I can feel your love and yours touch, your tenderness and passion. I very much would wish to try your kiss. I am assured, that it is fine.
Steve I do not know why, but after acquaintance to you I feel well. I had many forces, it would be desirable, that that to do. I am happy. I do not know why, likely because at me to have you. How to you my yesterday's photo?
Steve you looked at the night sky? You saw the big she-bear? It is similar to the big she-bear. I send to you of kisses, much much which will not go in even in it a ladle. I hope, that they bring to you happiness and success in a new bottom. To you like my kisses? You wish to try them in a reality?
I will wait for your letter tomorrow.
Steve I already miss, and I wish to ask you, you will come today to me in my dream?
I will wait for your answer as.
Your gentle and sincere Tatyana.
Letter 12
Hello My Fine Man Steve!!!!
Steve I am glad to your letter, I very much miss you, and I think of you constantly. You always in my heart. I feel, how my heart to knock, when I think of you and to me it is good. I do not know that with me, I do not understand, that occurs.
Steve thanks for a photo, I today was very happy when I have received a photo from you.
Steve I hope, that you understand that I feel to you. I do not know that such love, and I feel, that to you at me other relation. Other feeling. I do not know how to describe it, but I think, that it is love. You as are close to me as mum, as my girlfriends, as the grandmother. I do not know how to describe this feeling. It cannot be described. I am afraid to make an error, I am afraid to be mistaken in you because you like me very much. I very much worry, I do not know, how, but I should tell to you it. I cannot hide anything from you. I feel, that my heart where that is far. On mine it with you. I do not know, whether it is exact, but, I seem have fallen in love. As you think, that it for feeling, Steve, tell to me. I do not know your life has changed or not. It has changed, after we have got acquainted? I feel, precisely I feel, that I love you. I as wish to know, with what feeling you concern me. Tell to me Steve. What do you think of me? What you feel, when you read my letters? I am not assured that is love. That, which I searched. I am not completely assured. But I precisely know, that you that man with whom to me it will be good. I think, that you of whom I dreamt since the childhood. That prince on a white game whom I waited all life.
I send you the photo. I hope, that it is pleasant to you. How it to you? It I in a dance hall on dances.
Steve I miss you and your letter.
Very much......
Your sweet Tatyana.
Letter 13
Hello My Lovely Man Steve!!!!!!
I am glad to receive your letter. I am glad, that you understand my feelings, and I am glad to learn yours. Your letter has again warmed my heart. And I am glad, that is familiar with you.
Steve for me it really to fall in love with the person physically not seeing it never. Steve thanks for a photo, I today was very happy when you have sent me the photo.
When I do not receive your letters I feel lonely and as though anybody in this world is not present also to me it is not necessary to live.
Your letters allow to me forces to live, and I feel better.
Steve that you did last night? I looked yesterday, what that a film together with mum. I did not look it attentively. I thought of us. And mum has asked to make to it massage, Steve you love massage? Mum says, that after my massage to it it is easy, and she feels better. As though it had new forces. I studied to do massage when studied on nurse. I very well do massage, and I think, that too it would be pleasant to you. Steve You would like, what I would make to you massage?? I would like to feel as your strong, and gentle hands do to me massage, you will make it to me? I very much would wish to try it. Steve I send you the most gentle and sweet kisses, and I hope, that they warm you and your heart, and you feel better. You looked at the sky? Saw stars? I send you so much kisses, how many stars in the sky. With each star and if you look at the night sky they will begin to sparkle to you, transferring my kisses.
I hope, that washing a photo on which I in a sports hall on training, and it together with my kisses brings to you pleasure and love.
Steve I will sleep, and to dream of you. Perhaps we will meet, in our dreams?
I hope, that I will see our meeting.
Your gentle and tender Tatyana.
Letter 14
Forgive Steve. Forgive me Steve, I ask you, do not take offence at me. I do not know how to tell. I do not know what to speak. To me it is very bad, forgive..................
I do not know from what to begin, I do not know what to tell to you. I promised to you yesterday, that I will arrive, and that all our dreams become a reality. I very much want it. I wish to be with you, and I wish to embody all our dreams in a reality.
It is necessary nothing for me, only you and your love. I wish to be only with you for ever.
I do not have words. On my eyes of tear. I feel very badly because promised to you and I can not make it. I went to Travel agency and have learnt trip cost.
At me hardly heart has not stopped, when I have learnt cost.
Steve a trip very expensive. I do not know how to make it and as me to arrive to you. I promised, that I will arrive, but it turns out, so I cannot make it.
Steve it is very a shame to me before you. I thought, that a trip not such expensive. But when I have learnt that it is necessary to make, was in a shock. I have learnt, that it is necessary to do, what documents to make out and have learnt approximate cost of all of it.
These are very big money.
Forgive me Steve, I ask you to forgive me..............
I am far from you and I not can to arrive, I can not make you happy, I can not present to you the caress and love. I have no so much money, and I do not represent where I can to find them.
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!
Steve I wish to be with you, and even that between us also the distance does not frighten me. I ask you only about one. Do not leave me. Do not leave me one.
I wish to be with you, I do not know how to fulfil the promise, but I ask you not to leave me.
I have met you, I have understood, that you that man with whom I wish to be for ever. And I do not wish to lose you, the man of the dream. Forgive me, forgive, but I cannot be with you now.
I ask you, understand me.
Forgive Steve,
Sincerely and yours faithfully and love,
Yours and only yours for ever Tatyana.
Letter 15
Hello My Lovely Man and My Sun Steve!!!!!!!!
Steve I am happy to receive your letter. I very much miss you and I would want that we with you were together for ever. I love you all heart and I am glad that it is a barrier have not destroyed our love.
Steve I am certainly glad to that that you speak and that you would like to arrive to me and make all that it would be necessary for that that I could to fly back together with you, but I think that it to you for that what you will long do all documents and what to visit me If you can arrive to me I only shall be glad also I I can meet you at the airport and after we could move to me to the house for reception of a supper and wine. Steve but you never reflected on that how many it to you will cost for that what to arrive to me and then with me to fly back to you??? I think that it would will borrow enough time for that that I could make all documents and go to you. Steve can if you help us I can get all necessary documents and the visa and to arrive to you. I think that it will be much easier. How you think? I would would like that you helped us with a trip.
I love you Steve!!!!!!
You my life Steve!!!! You my and I all shall give happiness for your love. I cried when have understood that I can not arrive. I all night did not sleep. I have woken up today with tears on eyes. These are tears from that that I can not be with you. Steve you my Prince, you the man of my dream and I shall give all for your love. Steve you all of what I think, all of what I dream. All that I wish. I want to feel your passion, your love, your tenderness, your touches, your passion.
I am sure in that that I love you.
I do not know what to make. But I am happy that you not has left me one and the love in my heart warms me. I do not know what to make but I shall make all, all that in my forces what to be with you. I am ready to give all for you.
I love you Steve !!!!
Yours and only your loving and gentle Tatyana.
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