Scam letter(s) from Aleksa to Roberto (Brasil)

Letter 1
hi there, how r u? despite my english, it's not one of the best, i've just stopped to tell u that i m very interested to be chatting with u & to get knowing of u more on a personal level. i m seeking 4 my life-partner, my best friend & my soulmate. i m caring, honest, genuine & loving. i hope to hear from u really soon. write me at my email take care, aleksa.
Letter 2
friendly hey from russia. to be honest, it's really kind of u to not pass by. how r u?... i dont know even about how i can name u? i hope it would be really right to name u as Marcio. so.. let me tell u a little about myself. u can call me Aleksa, i like this name very very much :) i m 24 years old, almost 170 sm height, 52 kg weight & in fact i live alone in rented one-room apartment. my family is small, no.. i'd like to say "too small" & it consists of me & my dear mummy. i & my mum, we live apart bcz there aren't any places to work in paranga village where i was born.. by the way, i was born on july, 10 1984 & this makes me a cancer but i may say i dont have claws. & at once i want to ask u to not call me as "ms. claws" :) ok? likely, i sound funny or not so serious but it's not true bcz my life was hard, anyhow i faced a lot of bad situations which took me with my mum totally by surprise... bad surprise... when i was in mum's paunch my daddy was killed. he worked by trucker &.. i dont know this story fully, i m sorry.. it's not so easy to speak but if u do want to know, of course i'll let u know of it. life has forced us to stay submissive & a bit of vulnerable even. 4 now i live in yoshkar-ola city & here i also work. i dont have own habitation & consequently i m compelled to live in the rented apartment being far from my good mum, from my real home. Marcio, of course we should talk in english bcz i dont know other languages, just english & russian. i hope it's not problem 4 u. frankly speaking, i've been taken aback by writing to u bcz u r new person 4 me.. well, i've not traveled much, just to other city nearby, 4 example to moscow, st.-peterburg, saratov bcz i dont fly bcz of not having any friends in far places:) i think it will be interesting 4 u to know more about my character. i dont know about how it would be better to start writing. well! i should not be cold 4 telling. i m easy going, kind, gentle, giving. i m not a jealous person. i think i m very romantic woman. i like to communicate with people, i like good humor. i appreciate such the qualities in the people as a fidelity & honesty very much. i believe in real love with uncontrolled desire to be longed, to take responsibility 4 ur beloved & i think it's very important in life. i like when i m presented 4 compliments & i m ready to listen it indefinitely:) i like when there's cleanliness around of me, no turmoil of course. i often do a cleaning at my home. also i like cooking, especially some tasty dishes 4 relatives, 4 friends of course. i like viewing romantic relations between a man & a woman but likely, it's everyone's dream.. to be fascinated by a loving. i dont tend to waste time in general, especially since some wrong people which aren't serious & they play with human destinies. before now i looked at my girl-friends.. how they were with their guys, some of my friends r married already & i m getting a shame of course to say... but i was not at destiny's disposal to be in love.. & so i was never married, i dont have children but i m ready to be eager 4 ideal relations, 4 seeking a good, in some way "impeccable" man. i m sure that's my dream ? 1 currently. i m still a single woman & now i m in such the age that i m full potentially 4 beginning true relations, to stay shoulder with shoulder 4 ages irrespective of whether we'll face any hard situations. well, here is i stop to write more & if u do want to know something else, it's free 4 asking. u can look at my photos in the appendix & i'd like to receive some of urs too in order to look at ur face, body each time when i want. ok? i've some questions which wont cause any difficulties & pls dont avoid the answers. Do u really seek 4 serious relations like i do? how do u imagine ideal relations? pls write me back all possible about urselves, just utterly truthfully. hope to hear from u soon, Marcio. take care, aleksa!
Letter 3
"hello again dear Marcio" & i hope i'll say these words repeatedly! thanks a lot 4 ur spent time 4 writing ur mail. i hope u r ok in all aspects of ur life:) so.. in such event :) i m starting this letter. to be honest, i wrote to men before now but nobody was serious as much as i'd like. in this web-site i wrote to 3 men but u r an only noble gentleman who has written me back. i think it's thanks to god & thanks to u of course:) by the way, do u believe in god? what's ur religion? i m christian orthodox, a good beautiful church is situated nearby from a place where I live. i go to the church as often as i can, usually on saturday or on sunday & 4 all christian church holidays. thanks a lot 4 ur sent pics. u r so beautiful! do u allow me to print these pics & to admire u all the time? :) Marcio, i was registered as from rio de janeiro bcz it was impossible to register as from russia since that web-site is stipulated 4 brazilians. do u understand? no, i m not from rich family. why do u ask me? Marcio, u haven't answered to my questions in general. pls re-read my previous letter & answer to those question. pls dont hurry our relations! ok? as soon as we'll be ready & will feel that our meeting has come along 4 seeing each other face to face, i'll come to u of course. ok? it makes me happy that u want to welcome me at ur place. it's kind of u of course to invite me but u should understand me.. pls.. in this letter i'd like to tell u a little more about myself & about my mum. 4 the 1-st, Marcio, i m a homely person but my life is missing a loving of a good romantic man & therefore i consider myself lonely woman in some way. i'd like to say why i m seeking 4 a man in other country. bcz here our men r not 4 marriage or family. they tend to think of themselves & of their physiological needs. their usual plan 4 the evening is in order that to gather with some friends in a cafe "without involving any alcohol of course" do u understand me?.. to seek 4 a girl, it's clear.. & to make love with her all night long. & they r disrespectful to their families; it leads to deceits, to quarrels, to betrayals inside of family. i often notice it bcz i've some married girl-friends. to be honest & open 4 u i think it won't sound superfluous thing if to tell that i m ****** & i've never made love in general. likely, bcz i still haven't met such a man who would like to fall in love 4 my heart just as in my body. i m interested in a man who can treat me rightly, to bewitch me & who wants all of my love, happiness along with harmony of family life that i keep & that's ready 4 sowing but there's nobody who is ready 4 reaping. if u r really seeking 4 the same, i m glad to get acquainted more but if ur mind differs, it'll be better to stop this writing to one another at once so that not be hurted & hurled subsequently. Marcio, do u understand me?.. & i hope u agree.. so i continue.. ok? i can be a party heart, i m confident & gregarious. i m young & the whole life stands in front of me & in this age i should choose a proper thing to do so that not to regret later. Marcio, so i m ordinary, i've my mum & friends. i m well proportioned & exercise regularly, but not obsessively. i m expressive emotionally, intellectually & physically & i need the same in return. i like to laugh & to be spontaneous & to enjoy being physically active. now a little of my family.. as u know already, my daddy was killed, his name was nikolay, my mum often recollects him & sometimes she loses heart bcz of memoirs & in such events i try to distract her thoughts of it. i ask my mum to tell me about him, mummy tell me a little, 4 example, that he was the beautiful noble man. mum's name is elena. she worked as a seller in paranga in a small food shop but now she is a pensioner & receives pension money 4 living, i & my mum, we're accustomed to help each other & i often help her financially. i also work as a seller & so i go in the wake of former employment of my mum:) i like this job bcz this work is inside & out 4 me! i should be affable with my visitors & communicative always. i m eager 4 a creating dialogue pretty nicely & to satisfy my visitors' needs with my service in order that people aren't disappointed. i m keen this work! pls dont get angry with me but i m pretty tired & i m going to stop. ok? Marcio, i've enclosed other photos. hope u like.. well, dont cough.. :) the best regards, from Aleksa.
Letter 4

grateful "hello" to u Marcio, pls dont get angry with me 4 delay of this letter, i was a little busy. this is 3-rd mail i m writing & i already start to mutter & stomp, being so joyful to receive ur answer, i m really very charmed to read ur message. Marcio, to be frank, i get writing at my girl-friend's home, here in the neighbour apartment, she allows me to "visit with" her 4 writing whenever she stays at her home. 4 now i dont have an opportunity to get my own pc & to connect it to the i-net at my home but i plan to buy it not so distant future bcz i m being convinced more & more that the pc is an irreplaceable universal thing. likely, i sound silly bcz u r, undoubtedly, more competent in it. but in order to not deceive u, another one thing else makes me admired, this is i can write u though u r out of touch 4 real talkings. so conveniently, isn't it? like always, so nice to receive ur writing, thanks a lot my dear. u have sent me ur photos again, i repeat but u do look stunning. i've already printed one photo, u r super! oh yeah! Marcio, thanks 4 ur compliments about my pics. it's really a kind of u to make me the happiest with ur such divine words. to be honest, each of ur words invades me with so pleasant warmth. Marcio, it would be funny if i'll put the numbers 4 my questions. :) no, i prefer not to put. Marcio, did u delete my first message? is it hard 4 u to open my message & answer? i wrote u that u didn't answer to them in general. no, i haven't known that u were divorced. of course these facts dont worry me. & it's great that u have a girl. what's her name? it's great that u've child & it just shows that u're very serious man. but i want to ask to u a question if would u like ur next wife to be pregnant? do u treat a birth of children again? i m in such age that i m ready to conceive 4 giving birth to my children. do u share my thoughts? Marcio, yes i do.. i've a camera but all problem is in order that my mum lives apart. i live in yoshkar-ola & she lives in paran'ga but i guess that i'll visit with my mum this weekend & i'll carry out ur asking. ok? can u be a little patient? oh, do u know that u have just told me challenging thing bcz i always dreamed to visit ur country one day but whereas, needless to say, we still should get knowing of one another.. so let's inspire each other 4 now & pls let's postpone this idea. ok? dear, can i call u so? what's weather there? here is very nice :) what's ur mood? in turn i m in shape & my dear Marcio, u sound a kind & understanding person since it's so easy to carry on dialogue with u. dear, i'd like to tell u a little about my village paran'ga where i was born & lived until moving to yoshkar-ola city. u can look 4 paran'ga village in web-sites of the satellite supervision. my village is situated in mari-el republic & it's about 100 km from yoshkar-ola city & to the south-east in the distance 932 km from moscow. u should know moscow city :) there's difficulty 4 moving inside of our republic- this village is "antarctic" of mari-el & it's too far from the main highway "sernur village- yoshkar-ola city". of course the main busses & railway stations r in yoshkar-ola city. at my native place the population consists of about 10.5 thousand people. no factories of course; all the basic industry is in yoshkar-ola city, the light industry & small business prevails here. but there're educational institutions, 2 schools & 1 professional school. i study in paran'ga just in the school, right after leaving school, i studied in mari state university at the economic faculty in yoshkar-ola &, to speak utterly truthfully, i was successful :) so i stayed in this city & got my today's work according to my received education that made me the happiest ex-student by then. Marcio, i m really glad to know u & i feel responsible 4 writing u back, 4 example, & i swear i'll never delay my message in return.. if my letter will be ever delivered a kind of late, it'll be bcz of some problems. great if we'll be frank in our letters all the time. i believe.. so that to have beautiful loving & a long term relationship, to live without betrayals, it's necessary to keep good contact to one another, to be next to each other always, isn't it? hope u agree.. 4 some reason i think i can be easy 4 getting along with a man, i m good listener, i believe we'll find a way to speak of anything & of everything what u'll be ready to discuss, this is the best way to get to know someone. i never judge anybody & in fact i was accustomed not to judge thanks to my mum, except 4 proper & bad things. As long as u're being treated with respect & honesty - it show that matters r correct. i m new to beginning the family life & i hope u'll give me the trust, let me know of u better, so we can speak like adults & be open. we've to take the risks & chances or someone beautiful isn't able to come into ur life. i think so & u?! i m asking ur forgiveness but my writing is over bcz i m going to take a shower & to get a little rest. tell me about ur usual day.. What do u do while being far from any daily worries? how do u like to spend ur spare time? what dreams do u have? to be honest, i m curious very much! Marcio, do u want to make russian girl the happiest? so let's not waste, i wait 4 u message with impatience. faithfully ur aleksa.
Letter 5
how r u? i m fine & u? i was happy to receive ur heart-warming letter. in turn i'll do my best to be an interesting 4 u in my messages. thank u 4 ur keen attention to my letters. Marcio, ur writing is very nice & easy 4 understanding. it was gracefully to look at ur new photo! i like u so much! Marcio, pls excuse me 4 sending the same pics. i got mistaken with it. i wish i m not going to take a sheet of paper & go to the post office. better to talk here in i-net. of course id u would like to send me mail by means of real mail, my full address is russia, city is yoshkar-ola, voinov-internacionalistov street, 26-31, 424038 oh.. this day was so crazy.. as u know already, i work as a seller & i was the participant of competition "i m a seller". my task consisted in persuading buyers to do buying & to earn the maximal profit 4 shop during 30 min., the task was considered executed as soon as the buyer paid money to a cash register. all participants should communicate with clients actively, advise & show goods. i wasn't the winner of this competition bcz i couldnt execute the largest sale of the goods & i've not become the owner of the status "the best seller". but members of jury, summing up this task, have told that they have been surprised by how quickly i've managed to give professional consultations to buyers about assortment of goods. i've been given a consolation prize. it's 1000 rub. (about 28 euro). funny, isn't it? :) to say without false modesty, i feel responsible while being in my shop, i've to work hard at times. but i m not new to it & seems, i manage. it's important! i've middle wages, it's 5000 rub. monthly. well, i think now ur turn to reply me.. dear Marcio, i m waiting 4 ur next message. until then, pls know that u're pretty liked by ur aleksa.
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