Scam letter(s) from Keisha Qyaye to Paul (England)

Letter 1
My name is Keisha from match. I hope we can chat sometime in order to know more about each other. I am looking for a sincere, honest, caring and kind man, who has the same interests as I do and who wants to built happy family with a good woman. I want children, though it is great start and both of us have to be ready for this... It is very important that my husband will have good sense of humor and will be able to understand and support me in everything. Marriage it is not a game and I do not want to start it and finish in a year. I want to find the love of my life and to stay with him forever. I want to be a good wife, lover and mother at the same time. And am looking for the same sociable and understanding person to make my life long partner.
Attached below are my photos. Sincerely,
Letter 2
Hi Paul I have a friend who has been successful with online dating and she's been bothering me to give it a try. I have a Puerto Rican mother and a Lebanese father who is based in Ghana. I am currently living with my Ghana due to my education. I am a graduate from the University of Legon and i have a PhD in business Administration. I have two sisters and one brother who lives with my mom in Humacao Puerto Rico. I am a Queen that is a confidential decision maker who puts God first. I am honest, devoted, conscientious, personable, initiative, dependable and a people person. I'm a romantic at heart that is "Drama Free " I'm an amiable, and fun loving woman with a kind and loving heart. I love poetry, find thrills in the indoors but crave the outdoors even more. I'm a natured woman and a warm early morning smile, I love a walk on the beach and through the park holding hands,I love seeing and meeting new faces and races and experiencing new places and things too.I love the thought of a happy union and home and a beautiful forever after. I'm no superwoman but just a simple woman looking for someone special to love and fill my simple lonely heart and share a love truly made in heaven with my mate. I'll like to date someone who's ambitious,fun loving,maybe adventurous like me,someone who ain't afraid of a commitment, someone who can be himself (free) round me, someone simple and ordinary to share this simple and lonely heart of mine with. Someone I can treat right, give love and life to that's truly his to keep. I need to love someone, but most of all i need someone to love me. I don't want someone that will hurt me. I want to wake up and see his smiling face knowing that he is smiling because i am there. I want to cook, clean and bath him. I like being me,..... I am fun, funny, easy going, very affectionate, a great kisser and love to kiss, definitely hands on, know how to please, caring, sane, nice, polite, respectful, patient, intelligent, playful, oh, did I mention kissing and hands on ....., ( sorry, it's just hard to control roaming lips and hands) sweet gentle touch, massage, caress and....? I do not smoke , drink, or cuss,....My life choice. I like to let people be themselves and accept them for who they are. I love outdoor activities. Not into club and bar scene. I also love winters with warm evenings at home, when the stars look at you through your window. I love going on picnics outside of the town and spend time in the nature. Hope to again from you. Regards,
Letter 3
Honey, i am just coming back from the Bristsh Embassy. I will have to go for the screening before i pick up a visa form so i will keep you informed on the outcome. Longer term multiple entry (1, 2, 5 and 10 years) : 205p
TB Screening and other vaccines: undisclosed fee Send you photos as i promised yesterday.
Keisha **
Letter 4

I can't force you to do something you're not comfortable with. I understand what you mean but i wished i could take care of everything by my self. How will i be sure you will be there to meet me but i am putting my trust in you because God works in different ways. Take care. Keisha Quaye
C70-3 Ring Road,
Adabraka - Accra
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