Scam letter(s) from Olga to Alan (USA)

Letter 1

hello Alan, thank you for answer!
i correctly write your name?
you already know as my name many people have reductions of the name,
but i have no reductions of my name.
my friends call me also Olga how you are named by your friends?
ok i live in russia, cheboksary city.
it city on coast of the volga river,
it is about 600 miles from moscow, surprice ? :))
well, how is the weather in your area?
here is fine do you like to travel ?
i have been to france, it my biggest travel.
it is the beautiful country, i travelled there in the last year.
well, 5 " 6, weight 110 32 years old, my birthday on march, 17th my zodiac - fish when is your birthday?
do not worry about our age difference, it does not important for me. the first thing is who you are,
the last thing is your age. do you agree with me?
what profession you studied?
i studied tree treatment technology,
but i work as the operator in the paging company.
working from 7-00 am to 7-00 pm or from 7-00 pm to 7-00 am.
yes, i work 12 hours in day, but i work in shifts.
i have one working day and one day off and so forth.
i like night shift because it easy and work only 2 operators,
in the afternoon always supervises ours boss.
well, i would like to know more about your work?
do you like your work? tell me more...
i do not have children,
never married,single lady why ? sometimes it happening.
enough man's attention at work, but nothing serious.
yes, there are many admirers in my life also but i am one man woman only. i need only 1 man,
and ready to wait as long as it take.
do you understand what i am talking about ?
some questions for you sorry i do not remember about you precisely so many of profiles there :(
i have sent them many messages, but they do not answer me oh my god it is so hard first time in internet have you been married?
any children?
if yes, how many, what are their names and age,
how do they look like. tell me more, send picture.
i study english in free time, begun at school.
what do you think about my english?
do you like it?
i do not have computer and phone at hostel where i live, that is a pity.
so i use internet on my work.
may be it will be interesting to communicate with you,
who know?
also i wanna to know more about your family so... :)
i will work the day after tomorrow and write you, ok?
p.s i hope that you can see my picture,
it was made last week in my room in hostel,
you can see as i live.
send me some picture too,
for me very interesting as you live.
Olga from russia
Letter 2

hello Alan
how are you doing?
what about the weather?
i hope it is fine in your area!
i had the spoiled mood from letter that i received today but it not your letter quite the contrary, your letter has cheered me up i do not understand, why men in internet offend woman and why men in internet badly speak about girls from russia can you explain to me what happens?
Alan, only you speak with me i think it is the time to tell you about my family :
i have sister, sister's name is Svetlana, she is 35 Svetlana left russia for france in september (her husband"s name is Serj,
you know, he has helped me to registered in internet, he is 48 years old they met in internet the beginning of summer and there was wedding in 25 of september in france, i liked visit in france my sister live in dieppe city about 70 miles from paris,
it is beautiful city on coast of la manche,
but i would not like to live there, because i do not know french language Svetlana was my translator in france Svetlana should send me pictures of me which were made there she should reduce them, because my e-mail does not accept them if to you interestingly i shall send them to you when i shall have them also i have got grandmother, she is 91 years old, her name is Valintina,
she lives in village, about 150 miles from me i like to visit her somedays, she in good health we lost parents, auto accident happend three years ago and we lost them i do not know what any more to tell you about me Alan, what hobby you have?
than you are engaged after work or in free time from work ?
you like to see cinema ? you have the favourite actor?
i adore see cinema, it also my hobby :)
my favourite actor Patrick Swaisy, i have a collection with his films my favourite films: ghost and ***** dances i was see them more than 100 times, you see these films?
only do not think, that I crazy :)
Alan, i am happy that i found you for me it very big to see your answer thanks what is your dream…? tell me more...
write to me soon
i will write you the day after tomorrow
i will work in night shift
Letter 3

hello my friend Alan, thank you for letter
we are so far, at the same time i feel that we beside.
i want you to know that you are the one man, i correspond with.
There are no normal men to speak als with.
ok, how are you doing ?
i would like to tell you about my dreams...
when i was little girl i dream of different things...
for example how it would be nice to get new doll,
nice gift, i made surprises for daddy, i was very cheerful,
grown up in the world full of happiness,
child in the bright world of books with kind pictures :))
orange trees, friendly gogs, sea distances and smiling persons...
love stories at the cinema put tears on my face :) now i wish to be with man of my life. i wanna to find my soulmate, to share my life with.
dream of mutual feelings of love, this person must be kind and caring.
i have got very important questions for you and want to get honest questions.
Alan, are you kind man ? are you caring ? are you want for serious relations ?
i want this man to understand me, i want him to feel my private world,
not only beauty of body, but also beauty of my soul,
beauty of my feelings. i am very sociable and it is important for me to feel that man understands me, really, one man from all over the world,
from millions of men, only one, who is able to see my own world,
Alan are you this man? what is more important for you : external beauty of the woman or her internal beauty ? this is very important question i wanna you to answer for me.
a private world of man is the most important for me, not age, not his nationality, but his idea, feeling, honest words are important for me. thank you that you are honest with me.
i need 1 man who is kind and honest, who know how to treat lady.
i had relations in the past,
he was 37 years old man and we were going to marry. i found out that he had an other lady,
when i was sure i told it to him and he cryed,
asked me to belive him that i am woman wich he love only and other lady for fun only, but it was hard to belive and i left him.
it make me so hurt and i have not looked for anybody for 2 years,
but it is hard to stay alone, so i try to choose enternet,
with hope find honest man who is my other half,
my soulmate, to share my life with.
by the way what is your favourite dish ?
i like to cook pies, you know :)
( in russian (pies-piroshki) :)
i cook pies with meat, fish, jam...
the borshch is soup with meat, vegetables :)
i like cooking so much ! who know, may be one day i will cook something tasty for you ! :)
this is my hobby...
write to me soon,
i are going to visit grandmother this weekend!
what are your plans, anything special?
Alan if you wish to see more of my photos,
i can take a diskette with my photos, it made 2 years ago,
but i not vary since then :)
Letter 4

Hello My Friend Alan
i am very glad to get your letter this evening. how are you doing my friend ?
how is the weather in your area ?
here is fine, fall season :)
i have just back from granny,
where i went by train,
and spend time in my granny"s house. the nature there is beautiful,
air is so frash. we had very good dinner,
granny cooked for me, you know,
i allways take cooking lessons from her.
our grandfather Andrey passed away 7 years ago,
so granny live there with doughter (my aunt) her 53 years old.
well, weekend was really good ! the weather was very...
i am going to attach pictures, they have been made more than 2 years ago,
but so you could see how nature there is beautiful.
unfortunately I have no time to write more kiss
write to me soon!
Letter 5

Hello Alan, Thank You For Answer
i enjoy reading your letter.
how are you doing ?
my mood is very good, nice working day,
oh, how passed your day ? anything special ?
your letters are full of honesty and kindness, i feel that you very good and very sincere person.
well, that"s a pity we so are far, if we were not,
it would be very interesting for me to meet you,
we have so much to talk about, do you feel the same way ..? :)
Alan, i always looked for such kind and fair person as you.
actually, i cannot meet good man for me here in cheboksary,
seen last relations with man, when i have been deceived, feelings of love in my heart have been broken., i want to be with the man, who is caring,
who would be fair, i wanna to feel mutual love, sympathies, i want to wake up every morning close to my husband and to fell his warm,
i am ready to put all the best i have into family,
i want every day to bring only light colours.
certainly, there are may be disappointments, there are may problems,
but in my mind it is possible to find the way out of developed situations.
happy family is all i wanna in my life,
i am sure that my future husband will have tasty food for breakfast,
dinner, supper :)
wife must to support husband in difficult situation as husband must be full of care and attention in relation with wife also. certainly, Love, should be mutual in family.
Alan, you feel the same way ? what do you think about this in whole ?
i belive you are serious person and do not play games.
best regards from my sister to you!
i have told to her about you,
and i have told to her that you wait my photos from france.
i will work the day after tomorrow also,
i will wait your answer very much.
Letter 6

my dear friend Alan,
i am very glad that you receive my pics.
how are you doing my dear friend?
Road, these pictures have been made in France,
an exact place I to you cannot tell, as for me it is difficult for uttering,
my sister drove me everywhere and showed sights.
there it was good me. yes, I feel conversation often with the the man.
if two persons like each other they can speak on different themes and there is nothing bad if there will be a conversation on ***.
i would wish to be only with you beside, you agree with it?
i wish to have children, this the most expensive in a life,
it is family. to the first day when we meet I would like to lead with you alone,
to speak with you, to look in your eyes and to learn each other.
i looked once again your pictures, it is your such big house?
i am amazed, such beauty i still never saw, I always dreamed of such beautiful house,
to live in it with family and to be the happiest on all ground,
only unfortunately I have no own apartment,
i already spoke you that I live in a hostel, it is not convenient,
disconnect hot water, is noisy,
but I have no place to disappear.
there can be at us with you all will well, and we shall be a number,
only all over again I want to buy an apartment or the house and to present the grandmother who brought up me one,
without parents,
i think that it will be a good gift, you consider so?
tell how many at you apartments cost? Here it is very expensive,
I should save for a long time still to buy an apartment or the house.
my days are very lonely here without you are close to me. i think of you all the time and very oftern can get no sleap at night. the weather here is very nice, when i get up in the morning and see the sun it put smile on my face,
i close my eyes and see you are with me :)
when we get up together, i would like to go to the kitchen and make cofee to bed, every morning is going to be our and every evening before we get sleep bring us plesure time.
Alan, you often think of me?
i think of you all time!
now i should go to my workplace,
write to me soon.
Letter 7

hello my Alan,
how are you doing ?
i had last working day of this week,
the usual, boring working day:(
but your letters it always big pleasure for me :))
yesterday, was rain here, i walked home and rain falled down on my hair and i became wet a little, i never take umbrella,
sometimes i like when it is rain and i am walking from work ...
when i walked,
there were no people on the streets, i am only with my thoughts,
and so little wite dog, it was wet too,
it walked with me before i come to my room in a hostel,
i would like to be back and food it,but come an other wet dog and they run together somewere ... :)
it was very fun !
than i took a shower, had tea,
would you like to take a shower together,
or just tea :)) ?
Alan, what you do in this weekend?
i shall be at home,
i shall take in hire some romantic films,
also I shall dream of you very :)
with kisses
Letter 8

my dear Alan, thanks for the letter.
it is unique pleasure which i had today :)
i feel so bad because, i had awful day today,
but is not present that terrible! only bad mood in day flow.
mine weekend as usual, nothing so as description it :(
i have taken 2 films on saturday, one film i at all did not look up to the end.
i even do not remember the name of these films, it were not interesting films.
how you spend weekend?
Alan, i wish to ask you, about your country in your country detain wages?
now i am in arrears for room for 2 months,
because my salary is detained on 2 months.
today i asked so as give me a part of money which should of salary,
and as always i have heard the identical answer, the salary will given out next week.
today i collected with thoughts and spoke with boss,
i have told to him notice about go out of work,
if similar problems with the salary will continue.
i behaved in hands to not cry.
now i shall precisely go out, when will pay to me all of salary debts,
it is necessary to search for normal work to not spoil the nerves.
Alan, excuse me very much! i have bad mood today :(
talk to you soon my dear friend!
with kisses
Letter 9

hi my dear Alan.
I am happy to receive from you the letter again. My dear,
forgive that I to you so for a long time did not answer, simply I have not good news.
To my grandmother it became bad also she has got in hospital, therefore I could not write to you. Urgent operation is necessary for the grandmother,
it is hard for me, as the finance which unfortunately I have no are necessary and I can not borrow anywhere. I in despair, do not know what to do.
I am afraid that I shall lose the grandmother, she brought up me and I want to help now to it, only I do not know as me it to make.
To perform operation and behind that to buy medicines on treatment it is necessary 800 $,
I pay bitter tears because for me it is the big sum of money and where them to take I I do not know. Help me as be, prompt.
It is now hard for me. I shall wait for the letter from you.
Yours Olga
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