Letter(s) from Hanna Abey Williams to Jon (USA)

Letter 1

Hi jon

How are you doing? I'm very sorry for the late response to your mail so far, have been busy couple of weeks back regarding my dads stuff down here in Lagos West Africa and I just got everything sorted out but still need some assistance though, I arrived Africa couple of weeks ago and I don’t really come on internet but just figured out the internet stuff 5 days ago and I see you've sent me an e-mails which you're waiting for me to get back to you.. I'm very sorry for not getting back to you in time. I bet we would have lot of chance to explain some feelings and would like to know more about you ask any question and I will answer...For me, I'm Hanna Abey Williams the only child of my parent presently in W/Africa and will be coming back to the USA very soon, I'm a single lady and don't have kids hopefully someday, I’m 5.9", 128lbs, I’m with brown eye and dark brown hair, boobs is cup B and my waits is 32 and with this guess you can figure out my shape. I hail from a German/America parent, my dad passed away some months ago and mom passed away some years ago. I live alone in Bluefield VA before I moved down here in Lagos to come live a friend cos of my dads attitude towards me, he was so severe with me and that really got me pissed hmm will tell you more about that if you willing to know. I’m single never been married and no KIDS, ready to settle down. I'm into art design and but I work with my dad as his secretary and auditor it was good then when the going was good as well. I love the outdoor stuff, I love to go camping, dinning, bowling, long walk, movie, cook, music, beach, fishing, cuddle, snuggle, horse back, and would love to hunt some day though haven’t done that and wish I know how to hunt hopefully someday.. I'm an easy going lay down lady who is ready to have a very serious man as my husband and a serious man I say. I hate games and hate to be played, woe to the players if you’re one pleas don't mail back but ready to have a good relationship please get back to me.. And I love to tell the truth and when been told the truth in other words, my future Husband most have good trait and posses honesty has is hobby with that I'm ready to get my head low down for him I mean to be submissive to him. I really need a man that I can rely on, a man that I can trust and confide myself in him. Also, feel relax to share my feelings with and hope he come to my life soon... I will take my hand off the keyboard in few and would like for you to tell me more about you just everything about you is okay. Where you are presently? What you do for living? Do you have kids and are you willing to have more? Your background? What you like and don't like? just every thing I say. I would await your reply very soon. Once again thanks for the interest and still got something to tell but need to trust you first and would love for you to tell me you're a kind of man a woman like me can invest her trust in.. Can you be honest with me? lolol feel free to express yourself.. Await your reply soon... Sincerely Love Always... Hanna Abey Williams.

N.B. I attached 3 of my pics and I hope you will like what you about to see pls e-mail me your pics in your next mail and would send me a sweet letter lol

Love Always,
Hanna Abey Williams