Scam letter(s) from Jane Scott to Nicholas (England)

Letter 1
Hello Nick,

Thanks for your kind message....I believe as we come to read and write to each other,we will know what really we do share together and also want in life too...Maybe, getting to know some unique thing about life in each others wants..Lets know what the future really holds.

I,m Jane Scott as you already know and i work and live in Abomey-calavi a suburb in the Republic of Benin situated in the western part of Africa and neighbors to countries like Togo and Ghana.Both countries represented Africa at the just concluded soccer world in Germany so i guess they are popular and you might them.Better still you could look up Republic of Benin on the world map or atlas...My profile was regstered by my cousin who got married to someone out in Belguim and they both met on this dating site too,so she registered me when she travelled to see the family of her husband in England.

I am open minded,simple down to earth person.i,m happy we share some in common.i believe in the maxim of universal tolerance,i traveled my country but would love to see parts of Europe,America and maybe some day the rest of the world like Australia,Asia and the middle east by God,s grace soon although at times i Nick't like flying as i prefer road transport where possible,hey Nick't assume am a coward ha ha ha.

I work as a public relations office in a small but growing charity organization here in Benin.We help to fight poverty and ***/AIDS ,amongst children,and youth empowerment in our country.i love helping others in need,i love wild life and one day believe i will live in a silent and secluded peaceful life away from fast growing western life,i love nature.

From your profile on the site ,i see you as a very interesting person,you seem kind and understanding and i would want to talk more and more with you,am looking for the right one as well. I am adventurous and willing to expand my horizon to seek all the pleasures available,learning new things all the time.i was pleased to knowing you more after i got to reach from you, i had to see all you seek and what for yourself too.My cousin got me on this dating after getting married to a man from Belguim and they both rgistered me on this dating,really i was little shy at first because it was my first time Nick but i believe in life there is always a first time.

I hope you didn't laugh your jaws out at my very **** pictures.hahahaha [kidding]my mama told me i,m beautiful...I will like to see pictures of you to get to know you more and more..

Bye for now and take care of yourself as i hope to read from you again.i,ll like to know more about how you go on with your life, your faith and relationship with God and also tell me about your family.

God bless you and have a nice day.

Letter 2
Hello Nick,

Its so nice to hear from you and its really a surprised too, i got to read your words in the site and at this time i get to talk to you by mail and this is kind of a surprise to me cause i have not been on this before...well i will like to see what we both do share in common as we get along.

So how has your day been?..i want to tell you that i have not travelled before and talking about coming to your brothers wedding,it was a hard shock on me Nick,well i must tell you that i dont know how to start thinking of this cause i am really new and want that true man i can love and will love me too,that man with a high quality of building a home...You sound kind of polite to me Nick but i think everything tells with time and the part we seek and want to share together too..Well to be straight with you,i have not travelled before and i dont know the procedures too..i dont think its right too cause i have to know you more and you so have to so same` too..Im so sorry for this Nick..I will love to be there too but i just dont have what it takes really surprise at this time Nick cause you make me be.

I like the way you write and the truth is that i will really love to know you more and more, i want to see your next word and how it will sound was your day and everything going with you out there too?..I will wait to hearing from you...I had a busy day but i will have to take a rest now cause i will be going to work tomorrow morning so i need to rest my head..

Will love to hear from you in the morning..i hope your weekend went well out there and everyone around you is smiling too?..take good care with smiles.

Have a blessed day.

Letter 3
Hello Nick,

Goodmorning....your words take my breath off that i just cannot tell how i feel inside of me cause im really surprised on this..Well im having a long vacation coming up for me and its going to last for 3months starting from the 5th of September but i really dont know about travelling..well i will ask my pastor in church this evening cause he travels alot and was the one who helped my cousin in her travel with the traveling company so i will ask him.

from your words i find at all time it makes me want to know how much your person looks like and how much we can learn from eachother.. i smiled when i read you say you are helping your brother out for his wedding,thats so nice and good of you.

I have to get a shower now and prepare for the day, i hope you had a great weekend and something nice to eat too for dinner..?...I have to get set for the day..

Take good care with smiles.

Letter 4

Hello Dear Nick,

Im so short of words and i just dont know what to say at this point in time cause you leave me all alone and i just cannot eat dinner at this point in time..

You make tears role off my eyes and i wish i was around you at this time to talk to you althrough the night..i was thinking why you even told me lies at the first time..Im not a rich girl but i appreciate myself the way i am and i want you to know that you will not die..If you love me tell me you believe me that you will survive this moment..Im having a deep feelings and thought of you at this time Nick..Tell me if you want to give me this money i think i will have to build you a home out here cause i want to look out for you and take good care of your health too out here and i want you to know you can be cured out here...If you want to send me that amount of money tell me if you want too..i just want a moment to look out for your loving eyes to find does words.

Will wait to hearing from you..i have to take a rest, i love the poem you write to me but i wish you know how much i think of you at this time..

Kisses my dear.

Letter 5
Hello My Dear Nick, not feeling too well this morning cause my neck aches me because of the way i slept but i will get better..I really got so much in your words dear and seriously you scare me with your words and this i have talked about with my mother too this morning Nick and seriously your words wants to make me cry like i am going to miss you for ever without a look in your eyes and time with you too..

My dear nick,so much you have put in me for some days now and also getting to generate so much inside of me at this point in time my dear..You asked about how you can send to me money and i have asked out for this..the only way i found out that i can get money easily and fast is through Western Union Money Transfer..I was enlighted about it and the easiest way is through Western Union..All you need is my Full name ( Jane Scott )..Country (Republic of Benin) my City ( Cotonou ) and with this i can recieve money from you with information of recieiving it from you Nick..Im thinking so deeply on this my dear.

I will wait to hear from you cause your words are so charming to me and the truth is that i dont want to lose you at this time...

Kisses my dear.

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