Scam letter(s) from Olga Oreshkina to Aidy (England)

Letter 1
Hi From Juli
Thanks for your message on funnation.
You have gave there your E-mail
Tell me where are you from?
I am interested in learning more about you.
Hope to here back from you.
My mail is:

I check your email.
Letter 2
Hello, again. It's your new dating friend Julia.
I have written to you today and have told to you that I will write to you later.
I do not know how to start...
I have no Parents. My mum has died when I was born.
Therefore I do not remember her.
I grew in family of my aunt and uncle.
My aunt the sister of my mother, they have no children and therefore they at once have adopted me.
I never saw my father.
The aunt spoke, that he has thrown us and has left for America.
Therefore I do not know about him nothing.
And I do not want to speak about him. He bad father.
Do you have sisters or brothers?
You already know, that I 30 year old.
My Birthday was on January 31st!
When your Birthday?
I am from Russia and I live and work in the city of Murom.
A little about my city...
Murom - small town located on coast of the river of Oka.
From Murom up to Moscow of 280 km.
The name 'Murom' has taken place from the name of finnish-Ugrian tribe Muroms and means ' people on land '
Murom has been based: 862 year.
In 2006 to Murom will be 1144.
The population of our city is 126800 person.
The city has such history, because ancient.
How oldest your city?
Do have of your city the most famous places? (for example Paris has - Tour d'Eiffel, London - Big Ben).
Murom is industrial city here many factories.
But I work in small cafe.
Here I can to eat tasty.
I want to send you photos of our cafe.
I was born in small village Aleshunino it outside of city in 50 km.
In Aleshunino lived with my Uncle and my aunt.
We have there the wooden house.
Name of uncle is Igor' , aunt - Olga.
They work at village school.
Mine uncle is teacher of physics and mathematics, aunt teacher of the literature.
Our family consist is 3 person, i.e. I have no neither the brother, nor the sister.
And in the childhood all attention of aunt and uncle has been directed on me.
Therefore I have finished school very well where my aunt and uncle work .
Earlier I lived with my aunt and uncle but now I live and work here in Murom.
I have finished here university in which I have received economic degree.
I live with my girlfriend, her name is Nataliya.
We rent with Nataliya a small apartment.
You live with your Relatives or you have your own house?
I live near from my work.
And I many times passed by Internet - cafe from which I write to you the letter.
I heard about the Internet-correspondence and have decided to get acquainted with the man from other country.
I have sent some messages, but I have received good answer only from you.
I have received a few messages from other men, but their interest is **** photos.
I hope, what you will not ask **** photos?!
And when I have read your letter I was simply glad, that to me have written a good brought up gentleman.
I do not know, about what still to write.
Therefore I hope, that you will tell to me about yourself, about your family and about your work.
And I will be glad to answer your letters.
I hope that we will be with you good friends.
I send to you my photos and I hope that you will send me your photos.
Now I should go, but I will wait for your answer. Julia
Letter 3
Hello my new friend Aidy I very much waited today for this minute
when I can visit Internet - cafe to see you have written to me the answer or not.
I am very glad, that you have read my letters and have written to me back.
I have overlooked to write to you, that I have been never married.
The marriage is the big responsibility, family, children.
I can so speak because my father has simply thrown my mum when she was the pregnant.
> do you want childern and if so how many?
Yes, I want children, the girl and the boy.
Probably I want 2 children because I had no neither the brother, nor the sister.
But I very much wanted to have the brother or the sister.
> do you smoke?
No I am non-smoker.
And I never smoked.
> do you drive?
> do you have a car?
No, I am not able drive and I have no driving licence.
Today I want to send you some photo of mine uncle and aunt.
I am very grateful to them, they have brought up me as their native daughter.
They have replaced to me my parents whom I never saw.
They are very much love me and they very kind and good parents.
I would like to have similar family.
And I yet have not found worthy man.
Now I simply search boyfriend. Probably it you... - smile
Now I have a free time from work and I can write to you.
I do not know about what to write you...
And I think that I shall start with my work.
You already know I am manager and I very like my work... very.
My working day begins at 09.00 and I work till 17.00
At such schedule I can sleep longer... - a smile
On Saturday we start to work at 11.00 and we work till 17.00
And only on Sunday and monday our cafe does not work.
Therefore these days I like to have a sleep more and to watch TV.
Every day I wake up at 07.00 and at once I wash.
I am not a lark. Very interesting in what is O'clock do you wake up?
You a lark or you an owl?
After together with my girlfriend Nataliya, we prepare for an easy breakfast, usually tea with sandwiches.
And after we go to our working places.
You have asked:
> have you ever travelled?
Yes, I visited Ukraine with Nataliya.
Nataliya a seller in the shop and sells various products and vegetables.
But I think, that it will be better, if I will tell about myself... - a smile
On work I process reports of sellers,
I work with customers and clients.
All data I write in mine a computer.
Our owner such greedy that we have no exit in the Internet.
He simply does not want to have additional charges.
Otherwise I could write to you from work.
But it not a problem, Internet - cafe near to my work.
In the evening after work I go home and shopping various products for a supper.
Usually I come earlier than Nataliya and I prepare our supper.
We have supper together with Nataliya and after watch TV may be it sounds strange, but I like watch news and especially films about animals life.
I very like a films about wild animals. Do you like films about animals?
Do you like a pets?
I like a cats.
And we have at home, in the village at home of my the uncle with aunt a cat.
I have one photo where my cat was small.
I hope to you like my cat. The name of my cat is Barsik.
Now I am not interesting in sport, but at school and at university I liked volleyball.
Do you like a volleyball or you like a basketball or other games?
And we still like look various magazines of a fashion for women.
And so day by day. Every day is similar to the last day.
But sometimes I go to my aunt and my uncle in Aleshunino because I very much miss them.
I already wrote to you that Aleshunino in 50 from Murom.
And when I arrive to them for them it is the big holiday, for me too.
Nataliya - the best my girlfriend, comrade.
Everyone has friends, but the best only one.
You agree with me?
Do you have the best friend?
Sometimes in week end we with Nataliya visit various cafes, we talk and we drink coffee.
But we do not visit a disco, I consider that we already old for it... A smile!
Also we like to go to a cinema.
Do you like to visit a cinema?
Usually we go on comedies or a drama.
But we are do not like horrors.
Recently we looked film of ' 9 Rota ' it is very terrible film about war in Afghanistan.
In Russia there was very big advertising it is film.
Do you heard about this film?
What is genres of films do you like?
Also I like to do various shopping.
But it is like to all women I like to buy various clothes, but it is not interesting to you.
What are you like to do in your free time?
Oh.... Very pity.... My free time is finished and I should go.
I will be looking forward to your next e-mail! Your new friend Julia PS
> my russian you understand it?
Yes I have understood, that you have written, little bit wrong words, but is understanding!
Letter 4

Hello my dear friend Aidy I am glad to receive your answer.
I very much wait a free minute when I can write to you answer.
I am very glad, that I have found the new friend.
I so am happy to our acquaintance.
Certainly here I have many friends, this is my colleagues, classmates with which I studied in Institute.
And Nataliya my classmate we studied with her together in Institute.
Therefore when we studied, we with her have started to rent an apartment.
We already rented with her many apartments. Only do not think anything bad.
Together more easy live and it is less to pay for rent of an apartment.
And when we studied in Institute 1996-2001 year, we together prepared for lectures.
Then we became very good friends.
Now we are with you very good friends too.... I hope?! Smile...
From your letters I learn a lot of new.
And I am very glad, that my knowledge of English helps me.
I studied English at school and in Institute.
I think, that for Russia I well know English.
And I think that I able understand you in conversation.
Very a pity that I have no opportunity to call to you.
I simply have no phone.
But, if you will give me your number when I will have chance I can call to you... If you will agree, Ok?
I could call to you from my office phone.
But I do not want to have a problem with mine boss.
I am afraid to lose my work.
He is simply very greedy and he concerns to people as to things.
Therefore I am glad, that I have an opportunity to speak with you through the Internet.
I never travelled, and I learn a lot of new about world from your letters.
No I speak not correctly.
The last year I was in Kiev, it is Ukraine.
Earlier Ukraine was part of the USSR there I for the first time has seen the sea.
In this letter I shall send to you some photo.
We have visited Ukraine together with Nataliya.
Nataliya has won in a lottery round for two the person.
And we have visited Ukraine together with her.
We never would visit Ukraine if she has not won.
And we never could see the sea!....
It was wonderful.
Earlier I thought, that the life in other countries considerably differs from our.
The childhood... Study... Work... A marriage and family...
I have overlooked to tell you my Birthday on 31 of January 1978.
I am now 30 y.o.
But I spoke you, that I was not married and I have no children.
Certainly I have many familiar men, but they for me is simple friends.
Till now I could not find worthy man with which it is possible to create family.
Certainly, I had boy-friends but all this in the past and I do not want to recollect them.
I think that you as man can understand me, Why.
Simply unsuccessful relationship.
And now I half-year a free woman.
Probably and our friendship will develop because in a life is possible all...
I hope that you are agree with me?
I want to send you a photos, where I and my girlfriend together at our apartment.
And yesterday I have told to her about you.
I have told to her, that I have got acquainted with you through the Internet.
She has told to me, that she is glad for me and she has joked, that probably we will not only friends.
But I have told to her that now we simply friends on correspondence.
Now I should go to work.
I will again be closed in my cabinet I will include a silent sound of my tape recorder.
I will listen to my favourite singers Rozenbaum and Trofim.
I do not love noisy modern music.
I like their songs. Because their songs about hard life and love.
And their are plays on guitar.
Ok, I need go, I will wait your answer. Your Russian friend Julia
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