Scam Letter(s) from Anna Kurshakova to Allister (England)

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Letter 1

Hi my darling Allister. I am very glad to receive your letter.
My darling Allister, I went today to a travel company and have found out, that it is necessary for me, that I could arrive to you.
It is necessary for me to make out the passport for travel abroad, the visa, the medical insurance and other documents.
My darling Allister, I can pay registration of all necessary documents independently
It costs $ 367 USD (united states dollars)..
Tomorrow when I shall pay the visa, I learn cost of the air ticket. Also I shall inform to you.
My lovely, I wish to be with you.
I wish to wake up in the morning in bed and to tell to you " Good morning MY LOVE "...
My darling Allister, It is very important to me to know it.
My prince, it will be wonderful if we shall meet...
We can learn each other better, we can walk together and hold each other for hands, we can talk about all things, we can do everything, that we shall want...
It will be the happiest day in my life when we shall meet!!!!!
Write back soon. With impatience I shall wait for your letter.
Kisses. Love.
Your Nadezhda.



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