Letter(s) from Regina to Ian (England)

Letter 1

Hi my dear Ian! Thank you you for your letter. Thank you that you write me. This signifies you interesting with me to communicate .Ian for me unusual to get acquainted with person through internet. For me much unusual communicate with person only letter. Ian know if you want with me to play the plays , that say me immediately. I do not want simply to get acquainted with man , I want the serious relations. I already adult serious woman. Hope you not from that mans who defraud.
Shall Say you immediately I very emotional woman. But I else romantic.
I capable much powerfully love. If will it is necessary I ready to throw Russia and leave in country to loved person. Ian hope you understand me. I know the men from for borders very well-mannered and polite. I think you such. I seem that beside us much general. I send you else photo. Hope it likes you. Send me more their own photo. Wait your letter.

Letter 2

Ian I not yet ready to take you beside itself in Kazan. If you want that we were met , will better if we are met in your country. I much want to visit in your country. Ian yesterday I plenty of thought about you. I seem that , you for me interesting man. Beside faith that you serious , and me to want to hear you better. Ian you me much like , me pleasantly to get your letter. I pleasantly to write you. I think that not simply so exists internet. I earlier did not believe that through internet possible to find the person with which is of interest communicate. Now I faith that possible even to find its love in internet. Ian today beside us good weather , very hot. I shall go on beach to bathe. Ian me much want that you went with me. Hope you too will well spend time today. Well on this I finish its letter. Excuse me I shall not send you photo , me it is necessary to scan the photo.
Afterwards I without fall shall you their send. Wait your letter. Your Regina

Letter 3

Hi my dear Ian. I am pleased to get your letter. Your letter does me lucky. Ian you person with which me interesting to communicate. You Know I think that we already get old little closer. Yesterday I fine descended on beach , I well have spent time. With me together went my girlfriend , she took with you photo a device. I her has asked to do some photo for you. On these photo you may see my figure. Else I want to send you photo where I in school ,In school on lesson stand beside boards. I yesterday with girlfriend whole day spoke only of you. I very pleased that has met you. Ian I very pleased that you want to take me beside itself. I am a truth much want to you. But beside me not it is enough money. I think beside this journeys price expensive.
If you are capable to pay me half of the cost of the journey , that I shall go in agency and hear all about journey. Ian but as you have conducted the yesterday's day? You Know occurs that that strange we know each other whole several days , but I already each day wait your letter. Today I am going to to prepare very tasty supper , I much should like to regale you this supper. Say me what type of the food you like? On this I finish its letter. Hope you write me soon. Wait your letter.