Scam letter(s) from Marina Antonowa to Carlos (Mexico)

Letter 1
Good day!!!! Hope it is a good day for you! Let me introduce myself. My name is Marina, but all my friends call me Marinka. I am a single lady from Ukraine, I live in Lugansk. I am 29 years old, my birthday is on 5th of February 1978. I am looking for real love, for a man to whom I will be able to have strong feelings. I am divorced and I have a little child. I don't think that a child can be a problem for strong relations and for strong love.
If you are not afraid of being involved in a relations with a woman who has a child, write me, and we will find out if we are for each other, if we can be a couple….. I believe that after divorce life doesn't end, and I have a power to start a new chapter of my life…. I know that every single person can love and to be loved, I am sure that we need just to try and to do all our best to create our fate. That is why I am here, I don't want to sit and wait till somebody finds me and offers his love.
I want to find my happiness, I want to build my future and I know that I will do this. I believe that nobody is perfect, but we can create our perfect futureAA. If you agree with me, if you want to be happy, if you are not scared of meeting a woman with a child, write me. If you want to know me better, if you want to understand my personality, I will send you my picture. It will not tell you everything about my personality, but it will describe you how I look like. I hope my first picture will make you interested in me. Write me on my personal e-mail address Yours Marinka
Letter 2
Hello dear Carlos!!!! Thank you so much for your answer. I was waiting for it with a great impatience. Your first letter means that you are interested in me and want to get to know me better. I am very interested in you. Thank you so much for your photos, you look great and very stylish. I like your smile ;-) dear I hope that it is not a problem for you that I have a child. So we have a possibility to develop our relations, who knows maybe we will have a chance to be together some day? Thank you so much for telling me about your family and about the country you live in. I have never been abroad, but I am sure that Mexico is beautiful place. Well... I want to tell you more about myself for you to understand me better. As you know I am single , and I have a child. It is a beautiful little girl, who looks like her mum. Her name is Vladislava, and my daughter's name means person who has a power'. I don't know why I gave her that name, maybe just because she was born in a very difficult period of my life. She is 2 years old, her birthday is on 22th of June 2005.
I had normal happy family( I hoped so), but my ex's parents didn't like me. I don't know why…. Maybe because I was not from a rich family. They wanted to see another woman with their son. They tried to do their best to separate us from each other. And the result of their cruel intentions is the fact I am a single mother. One day he just closed the door and had never returned back. I was on the 5th month of my pregnancy. My ex husband's leaving depressed me a lot, but I had a power to survive. Now my little one is with me, she is my happiness and my sense of life.
And some days ago I woke up early in the morning and I found my girl sitting on the floor and painting. When I looked at the picture I hardly understood what it was. And when I clearly looked at my little girl's picture I recognized an unclear painting of three persons. There were 2 ****** persons and a smaller one. At that moment my heart was trembling, and I understood, that I couldn't live that way any more. I understood that I deserved more , that my girl needed to have a real family. I understood that I needed to gather all my forces to be happy, to find true love with the man, who would not be scared of difficulties, who would be brave and who would protect and love me and my child….. I was fully disappointed with Ukrainian men, so I decided to start looking abroad. I hope that it will not be in vain for me…. I don't know foreign languages, but I believe that love language is universal for the whole world. I have already made my first decision on my way to happiness. I put my profile in Internet and decided to use the translating service to translate our correspondence. I really hope that we will be able to develop our relations.
Write me soon…… Send you the picture of me. Hope you like me to be a real woman. I am waiting for your letter...
Yours Marinka
Letter 3
Dear Mr. Carlos! We inform you that we are translating agency 'Global Language Organization'. We provide our clients with translating service from English to Russian and from Russian to English, interpreter services, guide services, typing and printing the documents, private correspondence.
All service in our company is provided by the team which consists of qualified translators and interpreters, experienced managers and leaders.
Working from 2005 we have provided with our service a number of physical persons and legal persons all over the world. Your lady Marina is also our client. We translated your private correspondence. Unfortunately now your lady has financial problems and she is not able to pay for the translating service. She is very interested in you and she is looking forward to continue correspondence with you.
So if you have a possibility to help her with this problem, contact us to receive the whole information how to do it. We are looking forward to your suggestions. You are free to contact us.

Best regards
Administration of
Letter 4

Dear Mr. Carlos, We are opened to give you the best service. And we have already informed your lady Marina that you have kindly agreed to help her with the paying of the translating service.
We inform you that we provide such services:
-Translating from Russian to English, from English to Russian
-Scanning and printing
-International phone-calls
-Interpreter's service
Translating and printing
per one letter 5usd
Scanning and printing
per one photo 3usd
International phone calls
per 10 minutes 5usd
per 1 minute 10usd
--------------------------------- Also we would like to make you know that we have special proposition for you to use UNLIMITED SERVICE, wish includes unlimited exchange by photos, letters, phone calls between you and your lady. You can easily save your money with using this service!
Unlimited correspondence
per month 220usd
per 2 months 360
We inform you that our company uses the most comfortable way of payments.
You can send your payment to our company trough Western Union, Anelik, Unistream or trough the bank transfer (contact us to receive the additional information). You can make your transfer directly to your lady Marina A.
And you can be sure that she will receive it, as to do it, she will need to present her passport or ID.
The information you need to make your transfer is : THE RECEIVER'S NAME MARINA ANTONOWA
ZIP CODE 91042
COUNTRY UKRAINE As soon as you make your transfer please send us the whole information about it and we will tell your lady about it:
The information we need is:
- your full name;
- country you live in;
- the sum of payment;
- Money Transfer Control Number

If you have some points to find out, contact us, and our managers will answer all your questions. The phone number is +380934289248.
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