Scam letter(s) from Natalia Salikova to Carlos (Mexico)

Letter 1
What a happy day!!!!
Nice to meet you!!!!
Hello, my dear!!!! I'm sending you my first letter from my personal address It's me, Natalie. As you remember we met online on the dating web site. You caught my eyes right away I read your first message and saw your profile. I'm new in this. I mean this is the first time I'm searching for a man this way using Internet. But somehow you made me feel you were the hero of my life story that I was looking for so many years. I don't know how people usually build relations living many miles away from each other, but I definitely know what I want, what relations I want to build with you and that is why I will do my best to make our relations grow as if we were living in the same country. It doesn't matter for me how many miles are between us, it only matters what we have in our hearts. It is always possible to find the road to reach each other physically. But there are so many single people only because they can't find the right road to each other's hearts. If you give me a chance to stay in touch with you I will find the right road to your heart, I will use this opportunity to get to know your desires and likes better, and we will finally build the bridge that will make us united once and forever. I'm sure you have so many questions to ask me such as who I am, where I am from, what I do for living, why I'm still single, why I decided to use Internet to meet a lifetime partner. This is an introductory letter only just to let you know that I'm a single Ukrainian lady with clear intentions to find a foreign man for lifetime partnership and future marriage. I'm interested in you, I would like to communicate with you, I have a feeling you are the hero of my life story, I feel sure I can be the lady you will fall in love with and will feel loved in return. So please accept my proposition to continue our communication, to start building the bridge that will unite our hearts and lives in real after some time of intensive communication. I have a clear vision of what we can have together. So let's use this chance and let's not miss this wonderful opportunity to have one happy love story for two of us. I want us to be the only two heroes in one wonderful love story with a happy end. I will be waiting your answer here Wishing you a cheerful morning,
Please have a productive day,
Enjoy relaxing evening,
May your night will be full of pleasant dreams, Natalie, with warm affection for you.
Letter 2
Thanks for this happy moment, my dear Carlos!
You always make my day with your letters! Thank you. Thank you for your new photos. I simply like you for so much and find you so manly appealing. I like how you describe me your character and your past. I understand that it wasn't a well thought decision when you got married to your ex wife. But I guess you are experienced enough and that is why your future marriage will be a well thought decision for sure. You are right that I'm an optimist and I have only positive attitudes for everything. I prefer to pay for our letters to be translated because I don't trust computer translators. Of course being a student I have my money short and it is extremely difficult to pay for my letters. SO I wanted to save my money when i decided to find a man outside my country. I put my profile in Internet and then you answered me. I asked the people at the translation office to translate your letter with a help of a computer program. As a result I got a piece of paper with Russian words but without any sense. I didn't understand anything because computer program just translated all the worlds and didn't pay any attention on grammar and sentences. So I got scared to use some computer programs. We will not understand each other if we use computer programs. I prefer to use alive interpreters because it is the only one way how we can be sure that we understand each other. of course it is a pity I have to spend money for this. But money is nothing for me comparing with my future happiness. So I prefer to refuse myself in buying food and clothes just to be able to build my future with you. It seems to me that I read the most interesting book in my life and we both are the only two main heroes in this book. Thank you for this lovely feeling that I have when I realize I create my own love story with you. We are main heroes of our romance. But we both have families, close friends that will be parts of our mutual life when we are together. My family consists of my parents, me, and my younger sister. I love my parents. I deeply respect my mother for a wonderful woman she is, for her patient character, for her wisdom and kindness, for her readiness to surround everyone with endless love. My youngest sister is cute. I have mixed feelings when it concerns my father. As far as my loved mother connected her life with my father, she probably saw something good in him. It is my pain that there was nothing good in my father when I grew up. Since I was a teenager I was considered the prettiest and the most clever girl in the village. I was concentrated on my school studying only and didn't want to have any connections with any men. I was like a forbidden fruit for guys. They couldn't invent any way to make me start to date with no one. I just felt they all were wrong for me and just was waiting for the right time and for the right man. My father was angry with me as well because he wanted me to get married to some farm guy just in order not to feed me anymore. I was only 17 and wasn't ready for a marriage with anyone. My father made a deal with one guy and they agreed that my father would get something in exchange for my freedom. Luckily my mother got to know about that, and the other night my mother helped me to leave the village. I went to a ****** city and became independent. I still don't talk to my father and can't forgive him. To be more correct my father wanted to sell me. It is extremely difficult for me to pay for our letters. But even having the most difficult financial situation I have never had, I don't have any bad thoughts, I'm not going to sell anyone, and I will not make any crime. I don't know what I will do to be able to pay for our letters, but surely I will not sell anyone and even will not think about this. All I need is your support and appreciation for my efforts with translation expenses. I got totally disappointed in Ukrainian men. My father, that guy and many other men are numerous examples of lazy, egoistic Ukrainian men who don't want to do anything and accept women's love for granted. As you can see I have solid argumentation to be sure that I can be happy only with a man from abroad. If I meet a Ukrainian guy I always remember how cruelly my father wanted to use me and I suspect all the other Ukrainian men. So I can open my heart for you only just because I know you are from the country where women are respected, honored, and can be loved with clear intentions. It is a pity that I end this letter after a sad story of my life. But I can't rewrite my past. All I can do is to make our present and future happy and full of pleasant moments only. Believe me I will do my best to full fill our life with happy moments only. There is no any place for sadness in our future.
Last summer I had vacation on the sea side. I'm sending you two photos from my summer vacation. One photo was taken just on the beach when I had a pleasant walk in the evening. The other photo was taken in the yard of the house where I lived.
Waiting to hear from you soon,
Sending you my love,
Letter 3
Dear Mr. Carlos,
this is the translation company "Get It Translated" writing to you. We would like to give you some details concerning your correspondence with Natalie S. As you remember in some of Natalie's letters she mentioned she didn't speak English and used the help of the translation company. We are exactly the translation company that assists Natalie and you in your correspondence. We translate your letters from English into Russian and print them for Natalie, translate Natalie's letters from Russian into English and send them to you, we scan Natalie's photos and attach them to Natalie's letters, print your images. The last letter you sent to Natalie was translated for her. Natalie wrote an answer in Russian but couldn't pay for it to be translated and sent to you. The fact Natalie couldn't pay for her last letter to be translated and sent to you means that she wouldn't be able to pay for your future correspondence as well. As far as we know Natalie has spent all her savings on the letters you have already exchanged and now she meets financial difficulties and this is the reason why she can't continue to pay for our services. We would like to advise you that there is a way how you can stay in touch with Natalie. If you have a possibility to help Natalie to cover the cost of our services, then we will gladly send you our prices and conditions.
As we have noticed Natalie is very interested to continue your correspondence. We ask you to answer this letter the nearest future in order to inform Natalie will you continue your communication or not.
Sincerely yours,
office manager
of the translation company
"Get It Translated",
Albina Spivak.
Letter 4

Personal Russian/English
translation and interpretation services
"Get It Translated"
Dear Carlos, we would like to give you the following information concerning our English-Russian and Russian-English services.
As you know your lady Natalie is our client. Natalie was paying for our service while communicating with you. As far as you decided to take translational costs on your responsibility we would like to advise you how you can do this.
The Services we offer:
*1 Interpreting services;
*2 Computer services;
*3 Consulting service;
*4 Training services;
Guide Rates for our services:
*1 Interpreting:
per letter from English to Russian 5 USD;
Russian to English 5 USD;
per 1 month (all inclusive !!!discount!!!) 220 USD;
per 2 months (all inclusive !!!discount!!!) 360 USD;
per hour 20 USD;
per working day (!!!! discount !!!!) 80 USD;
per minute 1 USD;
per hour (!!!! discount !!!!) 40 USD;
2* Computer
scanning + sending one picture 3 USD;
receiving + printing one picture 3 USD;
receiving + printing one PDF page 3 USD;
scanning + sending one page of any document 3 USD;
communication by web camera with your lady (per minute) 10 USD;
3* Consulting - !!!!! contact us to get full information !!!!!
4* Training - !!!!! contact us to get full information !!!!!
- General English courses;
- Preparation for TOEFL/IELTS;
- Introductory lectures about the culture of your country;
The methods you can make a payment:
- Western Union,
- Unistream,
- Anelik,
- Bank Transfer (contact us to get information).
The fastest way to renew your correspondence with Miss Natalie is to make a payment to your lady (our manager - contact us) directly.
the name of receiver Natalie Salikova
the TOWN Snejnoye
the address Kasnoznameniy tupik, 27
zip code 91000
country UKRAINE
!!! After making a payment, PLEASE, inform us about its details with the full information for getting it:
- your full name;
- country you live in;
- the sum of payment;
- Money Transfer Control Number (10 digits for western union transfer)
N.B. Please feel free to get in touch with us so that we can discuss your requirements.
Respectfully yours,
service manager
of the translation company
"Get It Translated",
Albina Spivak.
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