Scam letter(s) from Rose Lamptey to Jorge (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Jorge,
How are you doing today? good i guess anyway i'm doing fine here as well,i had love to tell you more about me: I am a single lady,never been married,no kids,I work in a dress shop as a Sales girl,. ,am ready for serious relationship but looking for a true love we could be the one of my heart after i recieve your reply.............I love reading,listening to music,like action comedy movies,love meeting people far or near, i love been with friends and going out for camping and most of all been close to the nature..Am looking for a man that can make me happy and be there for me through thick and thin and that can help me find the treasure that i have lost and will see me through all my ups and down, a man that is loving caring,undestanding,that will respect my opinion and most of all that play the game of love. I am very outgoing,communicative,easy going,outspoken,I am also a very Romantic type,love to cuddle,hold hands while walking,I'm trustworthy so far as people tell me maybe I'm just laid back,lol...I also tend to have a good heart with so much of love to give and to recieve.I am a sensitive, intelligent, passionate affectionate,loyal, witty, inteligent, humorous, efficient, creative, sensitive, caring, generous, communicative, sensual, charming, reliable, cleverly neat woman looking for someone special to share my world with and potentially, to grow old with I am alone child of my Parents,Parents are late now though,lost them to an auto accident sometime back,I love watching Movies,Televison,listening to Music,Singing,Reading,Writing poems,Swimming,playing Basketball.Now I guess a question will come to your mind(Why is she Single)isn't it... ok,I used to have a boyfriend but I broke up with him,I caught him on bed with my best close friend,you know how that is,it's a SHOCK, this led me to break up with him,was I right by that decision???I seek for a complete honest man,who will come home to me,love me,adore me,a strong man with a strong heart who will want our relationship to last forever,a comppassionate man,one with good heart and know how to handle matters,I want a lover not a fighter,lol I am committed life to living to the fullest and in growing as a person. Having fun is very important to me and I am looking for someone with whom I can share life's experiences and grow together in faith and love with. My ideal match is someone who has a zest for life,someone who can have laugh and have fun but,and at the same time,he most be responsible and serious. Someone with whom I share a strong physicial and emotional connection. In the long-term, I believe that it is essential that we share similar values and that we have excellent communication with one another.I love to cook all types of food but I have no one to share a meal with-so I cook only when I have to. would u like to have a meal with me. Since when i loose my parent i did not have anyone to take good care of me so i decided to follow my Step Mum to nigeria cos she has been taking good care of me,
Its a pretty good here in Lagos, Nigeria anyway but its a little bit sunny and I dont have Choice had to live here like that , just want to find someone nice because im ready to sacrifice myself to the right man not the wrong man and make me happy,....Hmmmm I guess enough is being said about me.
Alice Daniels

p.s: Please send me some pics of you.
Letter 2
Hello Jorge and How you doing..Thanks for getting back to me and thanks for the lovely pics of you and your beautiful daughters..I really want this to be real between us and i will like to meet you and learn more about you face to face...More about me...I lost my mother when i was 2yrsold and my father had to marry another wife to take care of me..I lost my father when i was 4yrs old and had lots of problems with my late dad family..My step mother decided to bring me to Nigeria where i have been living since when i was 5yrs old..I will like to come back to the state any time as soon as i see my true and genuine love because i am seeking for true and genuine love...i am very happy u write me back is nice time having a men to spend the rest of my life with so how do u treat a woman can u send me some of ur pics u did not mid becuse i believe in one thing in life anything u are doing u must be honest loyal so that u have ur gold so can u tell me about ur last relationship so how do u feel when u did not have a any woman with u .............What I am seeking is a man as laid out in Proverbs 31. A man who is strong (but not overbearing), loyal, respectful, kind and sweet. That carry himself like the king he is in all situations. That arouse my intellect as well as physical desires. Looking for a that somebody that I can share my entire self with. Somebody that is not afraid to be loved as well express love...........Well I will like to tell u that am a Sensitive WoMan,Am Honest,Kind,Caring, and Truthfull, You r so Handsome....I don't play games and I am looking for a serious relationship with marriage being the ultimate goal! I am caring; compassionate; respectful; and I consider myself a gentle person..I treat men with respect and i do Love to take them Out. i will like to let u know that i agree with all u have said cos friendship first and Relationship Start So we can Have Much in comon, cos i dont want to Lose a man Like u. u are so georgeous and Handsome, but i dont count that as a Big deal cos all i base Upon is Love and Hamourny.. Without that relationship is Nothing and i will like to tell u that i will do anything to make u Happy since we have Know more about each other and have Much in comon and i know something corresponding will come out of it......I will like to see you and also make this work between us Hope to hear from you soon. Alice Daniels
Letter 3
Hello Jorge,
How are you today, am not sure if you read my mails that well, i explained to you that am with my step mom in Nigeria right now....I have been here for a while now and i'll to willing to come over only if you want me too...How are the kids doing today?...hope they are feeling better....Jorger i must also say that i had a wonderful time chatting with you yesterday (its monday here and the time is 1:15pm) am at work right now and i just wanna write you this mail and also wanna know if you are doing grate..Jorge, i also have some questions that i would like to ask and i would be glad if you answer me with all sincerity...I have also attached my pics and i hope you like them...i pray we could start something out real soon cos i hope to be with that genuine man and i pray HE is YOU..Hope to read back from you soon...Take care and have a wonderful day. Missing you
Alice. NB: Here are the questions i would like to ask.. What do you do for a living?
Where and When can we meet?
Do you live alone and can i live with you because i am ready to come but i dont have all what it takes to get to you..Can you be there for me?
What do you seek for in a relationship?
What are the basic qualities you seek for in a lady?
What sort of relationship you seek for?
What interests you?
What do you do for fun?
Do you like public intimacy?
How do you treat your lady?
Why do you need a lady?
Can you love this lady?
What is love to you?
Would you hit your lady for any reasons?
I'll hopefully want to know what your consent is about these questions.
I want to get to know you and meet you.
Letter 4

Hello Jorge and How you doing..Thanks for getting back to me..I really want this to be real between us and i will like to meet you and learn more about you face to face...More about me..I was born in White Plain,New York,my parents had jobs in Avon so we lived there..I lost my mother when i was 2yrsold and my father had to marry another wife to take care of me..I lost my father when i was 4yrs old and had lots of problems with my late dad family, my dad of a bloodclot that led to a heartattack (well that's what i was told)..My step mother decided to bring me to Nigeria where i have been living since when i was 5yrs old..I will like to come back to the state any time as soon as i see my true and genuine love because i am seeking for true and genuine love...i am very happy u write me back is nice time having a men to spend the rest of my life with and i hope you are that man. Take care Jorge
Letter 5
Hello Darling...I adore you and I am opening my heart to you,...Since the question is reciprocal,my answers are below here: What do you do for a living?
I am a Sales girl in a dress shop What do you seek for in a relationship?
I seek trust,honesty,understanding,sincerity,love and sharing,sharing the good times and bad times together with no fear of what the world might put upon us. What sort of relationship you seek for?
Well,well, the relationship I want is one to be build on the solid foundation which is love and trust,I do believe with this 2 ingredients of relationship,so many relationships has come to success unlike ones built on falses and pretencies. I hope you understand Aurthur What are the basic qualities you seek for in a guy?
The basic qualities are Honesty,Love,Trust,caring. What interests you?
God interest me,all the things he has created interest me,the nature really do. You ever been married?
No,I am very much single,never been married Got kids?
No,never had any. What do you do for fun?
Yes i will love to live with you but i do not have all what its take to get to you for now and i will also like you to help me with the calling card and Birthday Present for my mother
I like playing basketball,playing billards,swimming,dancing,writing,reading,watching movies or tv. Do you like public intimacy?
Public intimacy is my thing.I miss that though.I like to held and to walk while holding hand still,it's fun I guess. How long have you been single?
Been single for about 2 years back. What's being single like?
Being single is the dullest and lonely thing that has ever happened to me. How do you treat your guy?
I treat him with respect,loyalty,adore him,treat him like the King. Why do you need a guy?
I need a guy because I feel 2 people can make thigns's always good to have a shoulder to lean on. Can you love this guy?
Yeah,most definitelty,I will love him. What is love to you?
Love to me is everything,everything that has mde up this world is love. Would you hit your guy for any reasons?
I won't do that,I will rather discuss it over than fighting.
I hope I have answered the Questions to your satisfaction and if not bring on more. Thanks so much for the emails, they really mean alot to me and i hope what we are going to embark on what will bring smiles into our lives. Hope to read from you soon....Take care dearie and have a wonderful day today. Missing with all my Heart..
Alice Daniels
Letter 6
Hello Jorge,
I must confess that you are 100% qualify to be my dream man and i cant wait to see you and learn more about you face to face...I want you to know that i am for real and i do hope you will not hurt me if i give my heart to you...I am tired of been used and dumped in my life..I want to be a wife and also a mother to your kids...I have been having a good feelings for us and i will like you to help together with me in bringing me to you and learn more about eachother face to face..As for me,i am ready to come and learn more about you...I have been single for almost 2yrs waiting for the right man to come and i am happy that i found you...We need to make this work my love and see what the future will hold for us...I will also like to talk to you on phone to keep me going because i cant stop thinking about you at night and you have occupied my mind..I told my pastor about you and she said she saw a good vision for us been together and i will like to meet you...I lost my cell phone last 3weeks at the park when i was trying to enter a commercial bus and since then i cant afford a new phone because i dont have anyone that will call me..The only way i can call you now is at a payphone center which is costly here and i cant afford the money for now..I will need 400$ to buy a calling card for 50minutes to 65minutes where i can be able to call you anytime you want me to call you by using the time on the card but i can still get a lower one for 300$....I will be happy if you can help me with this because thats the only way i can call you on phone and talk for a long time...I am ready for you and am willing to come stay with you..Are you ready for me? Hope to hear from you soon Alice Daniels
Letter 7
Dear Jorge, I care for you from now until death do us part. Right now, you living so far away from me is killing me, but I know in my heart that we are doing the right thing. And, you are trying to get things straight so we can live there forever and spend a lifetime together. I don't want to lose you for anyone else or anything that anyone has to say about you. I want you to know that I love you from the deepest part of my heart. My love for you is unconditional. The love for you is so strong and the most powerful feeling that I have had in a long time and I am just at a lost for words when it comes to you. I just wish that their was another way that we could be together without living so far apart right at the time being. I want you to know that I love you and always will and there is nothing that will ever change that about how I feel...I love you. Love Always, Alice
Letter 8
Dear Jorge, I am writing you this letter to tell you how much you mean to me, and to thank you for coming into my life. You are something I never thought could exist for me. You are one of the best things that has happened in my life, and I don't regret coming across you. I have been through many relationships, but didn't really take them seriously. I was used and played by a guy who I really loved. So I decided to play guys the same way that guy once played me. I wasn't born a *****, it's just a guy made me this way. Since then I have not taken chances with a guy. But you happened, you came into my life and stole my heart from the day I saw your face on yahoopersonals. At first I was confused, didn't really know what I wanted, I didn't know if I would want to take a chance again and actually take you seriously. So, I decided to come close to you as and find out who you truly were and what you were like. You seemed cool, nice and funny some things I really liked in a guy. So I took a chance and got with you. In the beginning, things didn't seem that well, I actually had my doubts about you. I wasn't sure you were actually taking me seriously cos you asked series of questions and that made me feel ill. But, it was too late to look back; I had already fallen for you since the day I saw your face with that wonderful smile and I wasn't really looking forward to giving up too soon. I tried so hard to have you, we were like cat and mice before we finally met on the messanger, I wasn't going to let you go so easily! Well, time has passed and I have discovered new things and a new me. You have truly changed me but you dont know. Still, in a way, I'm scared 'cause I am actually growing a true feeling inside my heart which I just cant explain..i told my pastor and she said we are destined to be together and it scares me alot cos you dont think the way i do, but I know it's there waiting for you to come and uncover it. I truly don't know what your feelings are but I don't want to force you in telling me what you don't feel towards me. I would want to receive love and trust from you when you truly mean it. All I ask from you is to show me you care and not hide anything, to also have trust in me the way I do in you. Love always, Baby Girl...
Letter 9
I left the state with my step mother when i was 5yrs old after having problems with my late dad family and NO i got nobody or family in the state right now. I tried so hard looking for the right guy here but they are just not my type....i contacted you from yahoo personal after having a good feelings for you...I am a Sales Girl and i earned 500$ monthly from my job and my boss told me that i can earn more money if i am able to go back to where i was born and he helped me to search for a place in the state for me to put my profile and after i meet a real man like you,i will tell him my story and also talk on the phone for us to be able to know eachother better and see what the future will hld for us..Just unfortunate that i lost my phone at the park last 3weeks when i was rushing to get a commercial bus back home.I would have give you my phone to call me at but later tonight i am going to check for the amount for buying a calling card from here for me to be able to call you,tough its cost to buy a calling card here but i will try and get the one with less price for you..I know we going to meet because i am having a good feeling for you and it was after my seven days fasting and prayer that was when you replied me and i know you are God sent to me and i am ready to come to the state and learn more about you face to face..Jorge you have torched me in a more different way that i myself cant's crazy yeah but i know how i feel toward always happy when i get a mail from you, i think about you even when am at work..i guess it becos it took a while for us to finally get to write eachother and meet over the messanger that made me have this special feeling that things would work out fine between me and you..I DONT KNOW WHAT MORE TO TELL YOU...IT TOOK ME 3DAYS TO WRITE THE TWO MAILS I SENT YOU TODAY AND MY HEART ACHES...I have to stop now. Hope you will find that special place in your heart to keep me. Yours
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