Letter(s) from Olga to Todd (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my dear new friend Todd,
It is so nice that you mailed me back!
It is great, because it gives me feeling that you are interesting in me, it is great because I'm very interesting in you and I’d like to know about you as much as possible.
As for me, my name is Olga, I was born on the 25 of September 1981 in the small city Kirovsk (it is situated in the eastern part of Ukraine).
It’s very nice and beautiful city. Everyone having visited it once would never forget it. Kirovsk is very old and historic city, there is a lot of monuments to the national heroes of Ukraine like Bogdan Khmelnitskij and Taras Shevchenko (the famous Ukrainian poet) and to the heroes of the Second World War. I love my city very much, I spent there all my childhood.
After having finished the usual secondary school, I entered to the college.
Now I work as a hairdresser and I’m continuing my education in the University.
I’m a student- correspondent of the last corse, in future I’m going to be an economist. I like my job very much, it’s also my hobby. And I’d like to admit, I understand English, learning it in the school and University.
My family is not very small, comprising of just the four of us.
My father’s name is Andrey, he is 60 and he is a building architect, so he designs and builds buildings of all different sizes. He spends most of his time in the work. But now he works in the company, designing and build cold storage for the food industry.
My mother’s name is Anna, she is 50 and she was a physiotherapist before she met my father and did many years at college training and learning all about the human body, so that she may help stroke and crash victims to walk and move their limbs again.
She did this for many years, but then she had my sister and me, so became a housewife.
There is 10 years difference between both of my parents, so I guess age does not come into the fact. I have one sister, her name is Sveta, and she is 29. My sister lives with her man separately from our parents. I also live separately; I rent two-room flat.
I am looking for serious relations and a very special person – my second part and when I find him, we will hopefully be 'all' things to each other... Very best friends, unconditional partners & lovers and of course life partners...The age difference doesn’t bother me. I need a wise, reliable and romantic man.
If he is handsome that is a bonus, but more importantly he has to be handsome within, in his 'Soul'... That kind of beauty never ages, it is always there and so is more important to me than outer beauty.. So beautiful within he “MUST' be...
I hope also that he will be seen always and behave unconditionally like a Gentleman when we are out together socially or with friends in public, but in the privacy of our home and behind closed doors, it would be nice if he sometimes wasn’t such a Gentleman, if you know what I mean... Romance & emotional and physical intimacy is a very important ingredient in any serious one on one relationship between two people together and so the flame of love and interest within the relationship must always be worked at and not taken for granted....
To make love gently & lovingly sometimes and passionately and wildly at other times, enjoying each other, receiving and giving pleasure to each other in all ways that are mutually enjoyed and accepted by each other... That is the kind of partner & relationship I seek....
Jealousy has no place in any relationship I'd be involved in...Jealousy is a very negative emotion that breeds mistrust and if my partner & I have no 'Trust' between us, then we have 'Nothing' to even start to build our life together on...
I really think You are very handsome 'within' in your 'Soul'... I hope so, because if you truly are and you also have the same wishes as I have described above, then Yes may be you could be the man I seek... I would like to hope so...because I’m very interested in you.

P.S. and I'd like to add that many of my friends tell me that I look like Angelina Jolie!look at the photo i send you...
don't you think so? =)

I think it’s enough for the first letter. Write me what features do you appreciate in woman? I really hope, I can be this woman, whom you're looking for.
Your new friend Olga

Letter 2

Hello, my dear friend Todd,
How are you? I hope that you are happy and well and taking really good care of yourself. I was very happy to get your letter.
I truly believe that people were not meant to live alone, but together in a healthy, happy, secure relationship.
I am looking for someone who would be very special for me, and who I would fall deeply in love with.
The greatest thing in life is finding your missing half, the one who will share your happiness, your pain. It's very necessary for me that there would be a spiritual harmony with the person, whom I once will call 'my only and beloved', who will receive my tenderness, my heart and my love.
And I still hope to meet such a person.
I really want to have a friendly family and a home filled with comfort, warmth and happiness. What do I want to find in my mate?
A lot of things, like any other woman - a husband, a friend and a lover for myself.
Today I didn’t go to work; I visited my mother and eat lunch with her.
I have good live in my city Kirovsk, but I miss partner, It its not good for human live alone, of corse I have friends and family, but that are not the same.
What is better than came home from work and meet your love dearly, get a big hug and kiss, sit and talk about how day was, after make tasty food together , light the candle open good bottle red vine and eat with you lover.
I really believe in an equal relationship between a man and a woman, support in work and in the home is also very important.
Really the communication between a man and a woman is so important, I want to take care of my man with all honesty and love and I want him to know that I’m always there for him at anytime and at all times in life.
I believe in true love and loving only one man for the rest of your life.
I must tell you that I saw your profile and picture and I have become immediately focused on you and your words, perhaps we are two people that have found a destiny and should be coming together soon, I think that this could happen between us, I really believe in this.
I’d like to try this with you if this is what you want as well, let us make each letter more special more private between us, I want to know all of your dreams so I may try to make them come true.
It is my dream as well to find my beloved man the one and only true love.
Well, I hope this letter was not too long and boring, there is so much more that I want to tell you. I also wish to learn much more about you, and if you have any questions at all, then please feel free to ask me and I will gladly answer them...so until then, I await for your next letter and please always include your lovely pictures with your letters , this is a very important personal connection for us... .....*smile*
Your Olga

Letter 3

Hello, my dear Todd,
Thank you very much for your attention to me,
I was very glad to receive your letter again.
Everything deals with you is very interested for me.
What do you like? What are you fond of? What is you hobby? And so on.
If the weather is bad outside, then I like to watch a good film.
Well the last one I saw at the cinema was 'Ghostrider' which I really enjoyed! Cool soundtrack and great over the top film! I always preffer to watch a film at home, because I can stop and rewind it at any time if I missed a bit. But then again, at the cinema, it is so much bigger and better! I like the works of 'M Night Shayamalan' who made films like :- 'Signs', 'Sixth Sense', 'The Village', 'Unbreakable', 'Lady in the Water' to name a few. I also love all kinds of sci-fi films, like 'Alien'! But that is not to say that I like a good romantic or love films very much too. I just have to be in the right mood for any film, so that I can watch any kind of film. But there are some that are just so bad, that not even I can watch them.
I also like Julia Roberts and Hale Berry, I like also Mel Gibson, Bret Pitt, but may be my favorite actress is Angelina Jolly (a lot of people say that I like her very much).
Other things I like to do in my free time, is to walk in the countryside.
Whether it is with my dog or just on my own, I love watching everything to do with nature, in the fields, in the woods or just at the side of the road.
I enjoy going for a peaceful and romantic picnic in the country, or just walking along watching all of the wildlife.
I like to read a good book and can sink into one at any time.
My book interests are very much like my film interests, so I like the works of 'Arthur C Clarke' and 'Greg Bear' at the moment, as they write good science based science fiction, so it is always based on some fact and is not that fantastic. I have just started a book by Arthur C Clarke called 'The Garden of Rama' and is in a series of book by him, so I look forward to reading all of them. I do not always get a good chance to read a book, so I do so whenever I can. I also like very much Bulgakov “Master and Margarita” and Dostoevskiy “fathers and Children”.
I like classical music as well as pop music. I was listening to 'The Four Seasons' Vivaldi last night and I very much enjoy that piece of music.
I like also Madonna, Beyonce and Pussycat Dolls, Sting and Duran-Duran.
Well, my other hobby is to look after my house. A new vase, a nice picture on the wall, a bright carpet on the floor or even just a bouquet of flowers makes my home more comfortable.
I like to cook on the weekends and spend time making my home beautiful.
In the winter time I like to light the fireplace and sip on hot chocolate while reading a good book.

I will finish this letter to you now my dear and so look forward to your reply with great anticipation.
Tenderly yours Olga.

Letter 4

Good morning my sweart heart Todd
I'm pleased to receive your letter. Every your e-mail makes me closer to you. To me so easy to correspond with you. Yes, I got your pictures.
I really like them.
I'm trying to find my second half, want to love and be loved. You know, men in our country don't appreciate my beauty, my intelligence.
They all are looking for only fun. I see that you aren't joking with me, not playing. From your letter I saw you in a better way. You're serious truthful with me.
Do you have dream? I want to tell about my dream. I dream to travel about the world. I wish to see how the people live , to learn about their tratitions, customs. I like corresponding with people. I wish this world to be better. I have been in not many places. Last summer I've gone to the Black Sea with my family. Of course, we were sunbathing and swimming. We've had great time. I with my sister were enjoying sitting on the coasline and watching sunset. This is so a romantic view. Still I consider myself really a romantic person. We've taken many photagraphy. I like sitting with my sister and seeing them. And recall what a wonderful time we've had. Tell me please what is your dream about? Where do you like to go on your vecancy.
I will waiting for your answer with impatience.
Sincerely, yours Olga.

Letter 5

Hello my beloved Todd
I'm happy to read your letter. I see from your letter that you are honest with me. You are so a romantic kind tender person in your words.
Everything that you've written to me is great.
Recently I watched a film. It's called 'Master and Margarett'. This is film about great love. Man and woman went down street and saw each other. They suddenly felt that they know each other for many years.
This si was love from a first sight. Then they went together with touching hands down street saying not a word. And I thought she is very happy woman who found her happinees. I would like to be on her place.
I believe treachery is the worst thing on the Earth. This is awfull when you can't trust the closest man. I so wish every people in the world be happy. But I believe in true love. Love has to be developed during all life.
Please write me as quick as possible.
Yours, Olga.

Letter 6

Hello my dear Todd
My phone is +380 63 2485169.
Thank you for your nice complements. Every your letter makes me closer to you. You are so... kind romantic tender. I'm pleased to correspond with you. I like reading every line of your e-mails. Every your word penetrate to the depth of my heart. I'm glad that we are interested in each other. I've never known that I will find such a person like you. I want to write to you constantly.

I'm serious woman who knows what she wants. I'm here in Enternet to find an sencere man who will honest with me, who don't play games. You have become my only obsession in life, and my desire to be happy has became a reality. I know we have so much to learn from each other, yet I feel very comfortable in writing, that it seems like we have known each other for a much longer time.

My friends are so happy for me that I've found such a kind wonderful person like you. Thank you for your honesty and attitude to me. I want every day with you, every night making love with you. I want to st near by your side talking to for for many hours. I want love you and be with you through my life. I can't find words to express my love to you. I just want you to know I want to spend rest of my life with you.
I will wait for your letter with impatience.

Many kisses to you

Your, Olga

Letter 7

Hello my dear Todd
So many kind tender words in your letters i've never got before.
So much love from you even we never had met yet ! You're so...
kind romantic warm to me. I read you letters with big interests.

I feel that something is going with me, something that i understand i'm going fall in love. That never happened to me before. To tell you honesty I'm afraid to loose connection with you. If you will become my best friend and lover I promise it forever will be. I come to the Internet cafe and see your letter. This always makes me smile. What would my day without it. I can't imagine. Do you feel the same? Tell me about your feelings to me!

I feel you are real whome I'm waiting all my life, a man of my life. Only you make me happy. I know that I have a friend who can listen me and understand me. I'll be thinking about you all time. I consider a hour, minute, second when i be close to you, near by yourside. I want to talk to you in person, to touch your hand, to feel your breathe. my feeling to you get stronger to you with every day. You mean so much to me. I'm really love with you. I realy wish you could see how deep.

Many kisees to you.
Your, Olga.

Letter 8

Hello my dear beloved Todd

Today such a sunshine day. I feel happy I've received your letter.
I want to love you all I can. Want to dream you're always be my man.
I want to hold you every night, close to me. You are in my romantic heart. All I think about it you. My mornings wake up with you on my mind, and I go to bed after a day of wondering how you are, to lay my head on a pillow to dream of you again.

I am trying to make my days filled with happiness and peace at the idea of us being together one day. I know it is so far in the distance to think about, but very close to the heart to realize. I can tell you this with all honesty, without your pictures to sooth my soul, I would be lost and confused at the direction of our love.

I have been searching for that friendship my whole life. It wasn't until I saw you, that I felt that special time come back in my life.
I now know that it was YOU that I have been longing for my entire life. You make me feel safe,happy and loved.

I will wait you letter eith impatience.
Yours, Olga

Letter 9

hello by beloved Todd
I want to come to you!!!
Thank you for your last note to me. I'm pleased to receive it.
When I close my eyes I start fantasing about us. I imagine how wonderful it would be to slow-dance with you in a quiet nice spot, pressed together, feeling how our hearts beat. Would you enjoy dancing with me?

In my dream last night I saw us standing on th beautiful island. We were walking along a coast arm in arm, continueing talking. A wonderful view surronded us. Only you and me. On the beach you teasingly invited me for a dance, the best dance. I looked into your kind eyes filled with love warmness tenderness to me. Then you start kissing me. I can see that you feel the greatest pleasure touching the every inch of my skin, feeling the hotness of my body and my soul. And you know every my breath for and only for you. This is so romantic. I wish to sea you in my dream every night.

I'm so happy woman that I've found such a wonderful person like you. To me, distance isn't important. I read your messages and tha longer I think about you. I want to be only with you. I so wish to touch, to feel your hot breath, to kiss your lips. Want us to be together, to share every day of our life, to be attentive to each other.
What do you feel to me?

Yours, Olga

Letter 10

Hello my dear Todd,
Every your letter makes me closer to you. I come to the Internet cafe and I'm happy to find your massage to me. I can't help thinking about you. You always are in my dreams. I don't feel any distance between love. I feel as you are by myside. I hope I can touch you in the near future, to talk to you in person so I can see your kind eyes, to see your smile.

I wish so strong to feel you are by myside. I consider every day, every hour, every minute, every second when we will be together.

But I feel so bad now. I don't know what to do. Noone can help me. Nor my relatives or friends. This world is so cruel if your close people refuse to help you. They think only about themselves. But I know that YOU are in my life who intersted in my situation, in my future, who wants I be happy. I so need your support, your help now. You are the most close man to me.

You know that I rent my appartment. I have to live sepparately from my parrents. Still I have to pay for my university study. And I need to pay for my appartment. But I don't have enough money for that now. The sum is very serious 400$. I have only 100$. I can't find such an account. My friends have the same problems as me. I need a help now. I know, dear that you may have no wish to send me something. But you make me trust you, you are only who I love.

Dear, I will wait for your support, your help.
I love you.
Yours, Olga.