Scam Letter(s) from Irina to Eddie (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello dear Eddie:)
I waited for your letter. I am very happy that you reply. It is so unusual and interesting for me to meet in this way! It is my first try and I am a little bit confused as it is unusual way to communicate.
But I want to try and we will see what can happen.
I suffered a lot during my short life but I am very happy that I had that bad experience as it helped me to become stronger. I do want to believe in love and happiness. But I believe that we are responsible for this. I belive that we CAN change our lives and only we can make it happier. That is why I am here.
I was married. I lived with my ex for two years. We are divorced now.
I live a lone for one year. I am tired of lies and dishonesty! I want to find the man who is honest, responsible, serious, loving, caring, understanding. Who wants to create family:happy, healthy and endless.
I don't want to divorce any more. I have made that mistake and I won't repeat it any more.
I would like to tell you a little about me. My name is Irina, the short form is Ira. I am 29 years old. I was born on October,5.
I am Ukrainian, I was born here and I live here. I am from small town Lutugino. It is in the eastern Part of Ukraine. It is not far from Luhansk!
I live with my parents. I have mother and father. I have the sister she is younger than me.
I work in the library. I like my job very much.
I have a lot of dreams, likes and dislikes. I am ready to share everything with you.
I wait for your reply. If you have any questions I am ready to answer them. Oh, don't forget to send me your photos too.
With the best wishes, Irina.

Letter 2

Hello dear Eddie:)
I truly hope that you are fine and you have the nice day.
I am fine as I receive your answer. Thank you very much.
Thank you for the photos, i like them very much. I am happy when you send me the letters with the photos it helps me to learn more about you while reading your letter and looking at your photo.
As I wrote you I was married and I am divorced now. I don't have the kids but I want to have them very much. It is my dream to become Mummy. But I need the serious man close to me who wants to have the family too. I feel that this person is you as you came here with the same dream and with the same intentions. I so much interested in learning more about you and your dreams.
I have the family: mother father and younger sister. She is three years younger than me. My mother's name is Vika, my father's name is Oleg. My sister's name is Zhenya. My sister is married and she lives happily with her husband. I live with my parents after divorce. I tried to live alone but it appeared very expensive for me. As my job can't cover all expenses.
Well, my job. As I wrote you I work in the library in the reading hall. I work in the state library. It is the only library in our town. It is not very big but we have a lot of books here. All pupils and grown up can find the necessary book here. Sometimes my work is very busy sometimes it is boring as there is no any readers. But I have a lot of work here. I love my job as I adore reading.
I like classical author (Ukrainian, Russian and foreign)I have read a lot of books. My favourite one is Anna Karenina by Tolstoy and I love Paulo Coelho too. I have read almost all his books. My favourite one is Eleven minutes. Did you read it?
I like cooking. It is my hobby. I can spend all day at the kitchen and create the new dishes. I love baking. My mother was my teacher as she loves cooking too. My favourite dish is fried potato with mushrooms. I like all fruit. Do you like them? I think they are very useful for our health. Well, I like doing a lot things: watching films (comedies, thrillers, detectives), walking, dancing, swimming, meeting with my friends.
I am very interested in learning your traditions as we live in different countries and we have different culture and different traditions. I think some traditions are the same. What do you think?
I don't know English very good.
Oh, I need to go as I am late to my job. Now, I have the lunch time and I should be back in time. I will tell your more in my next letter.
Impatiently waiting for your reply,

Letter 3

Hello my dear Eddie:)))
today is another day I am reading your letter. It becomes more interesting for me. I noticed today that I were waiting for your letter. It is so interesting to feel such new feelings inside me. I am very surprised with them if to be honest. But I am very happy because I was so afraid when I wrote you the first letter. I had a lot of thoughts in my head and I wondered if you wrote me back or not...
Thank you for the photos, I like them very much!
Oh dear it will be great to communicate over the phone. But I don't have it. It was stolen and now I try to save some money for it.
We don't have a land line phone at home. It is very expensive to put the new line and in our district there is no any line!!!
What can I tell you? Today is the happy day as I am writing you my reply.
I told you a little about me in my last letters and I wonder what I can add more. Indeed I have a lot to tell you but it is so difficult to put all those words into one letter. I will try...:)
I don't remember if I wrote you that I like sport very much. I played volleyball at school and I went for the gymnastic. I adored to go there. But one day I received the serious trauma and I stayed at home for some months. I was not allowed to go back for the trainings for one year. I just left it for a such long absence. I don't know why. My parents didn't make me go back. So I left gymnastic forever. It would be great if I returned but what we did we can't change.
I like to spend the time joyfully. I have a lot of friends and we usually meet on weekends. Sometimes we spend the time in our old park if it is warm. There is one cafe here. When it is cold we can sit there. It would be great if we had another places where we can spend our free time. Unfortunately our government doesn't care about this now. I don't know why.
When I am at home I like dreaming. Do you like dreaming? I see myself with my partner in my dreams. I imagine how we can spend our days and nights together! I imagine our life together. We watch TV, we cook together, we have dinner, lunch, breakfast together. I see us walking long the streets holding hands or just sitting on the bench and kissing. Perhaps it is too good to be true but I want to make it true.
I am very romantic person and I have a lot of love in my heart! I need to have that Special Person to give it too. Who will except it without any questions and suspicious. Who is ready to give the same to me without any questions why!
I am waiting for your reply impatiently. I hope you will write me back after reading this letter.
I send you kisses,



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