Scam letter(s) from Irina Mirina to Diwaine (USA)

Letter 1
Hello new friend Dee
How are you?
I hope that fine!
Thank you very much for your letter, it is very pleasant that you decided to write me! frankly speaking I am very glad that you wrote me because you are a very nice man and I like your profile. You do not pay attention, but now I not much, I worry. Because I am afraid at once it is not pleasant to you. I with big pleasure will answer your questions. I live in Russia. Excuse, that I had to specify other address which is not actual. Excuse. But I think, that for friendship between people the distance should not influence. Especially there is a good way of communication. It is the Internet. I think that I from Russia will not affect badly, our friendship. I love films. My favourite genre of films is a comedy and romantic films. Last film which I looked but there was a romanticism. Its name of "27 weddings" you looked it a film? Well let me tell you about myself. As you know am my age of 28 years and work as hairdresser. I was studying in the Institute of as the master of hairdresser. Therefore now I can do various hairdresses both for women, and for men.My work is situated in aan old building, where my director rents some rooms. I like my work very much; it is a sense of my life! I can spend all days and nights at work because it is very important for me! Tell me please about your work? Do you like it? Do you think-the job is important in our life? I like to spend my free time dancing, listening to music, meeting with friends and reading. I prefer reading detective stories, novellas, poems and magazines. I like to travel very much. And you, do you like to travel? I found sincere, honest and kind man who can open his heart and soul to me because if I love a man I will do the same! As for me I am very kind girl, I like children . I like to play with small children very much! Well I think that I finish my letter and I am waiting forward your e-mail ! I hope, that we with you shall learn each other gradually. You at once have liked me, and I hope, that at us with you all to turn out. I hope, that you send to me the photo and tell about yourself. Write me please some details about you, your life, job and hobbies.
Sincerely yours Olga.
Letter 2
Hello my friend Dee!
How are you? I hope that marvelous! As for me everything seems not so bad, and in addition, I received your letter! Good news! Thank you a lot for your attention and your letter! It is very pleasant for me to read it and to learn more about you! I would like to tell you more about myself! I was born in city Medvedevo it is near of Nizniy Novgorod. It is nice and beautiful town with green parks, beautiful streets and avenues.
Dee Why you do not send for me the pictures. Though for me appearance not the main thing. And I appreciate in people first of all their private world. But nevertheless it is interesting to me to see pictures of the person with which I communicate. So please send the pictures for me. I will wait for them. I like to go for a walk around the town in the evenings and days, when I have free time. I prefer to go by foot- it is more useful for me I think.
And you, what do you prefer, by foot or by car?
At you interesting work. I think, that it gives to you many pleasure.
Thanks, that you have told to me about the work. I was born in very friendly family, with mother, father, sister. My sister is elder that I on 4 years. When I was 9 years old my parents died in road accident….I was young but I remember it very well. I was at school and suddenly the headmaster told me to go to his cabinet. She spoke with me for a long time explaining me that nothing is eternal in this world…and my parents too, I could hardly understand what has happened but later….Oh.. How it is terrible to say goodbye to your close people for ever. Since that time my sister and I were bring up our grandmother, she taught us to be honest and sincere girls. To trust people and believe them and to be trustworthy too! She died 2 years too. We cried a lot when she left us. She was for us all! She gave us the education, life, job, home and parent caress. Now I live with my sister in one room flat, because when my parents died the Administration of our town took everything from us: big flat, money, and car. We were as ***** people. We live in flat of our grandmother and the time passed and we worked and worked. Now I can live for myself and I helped my sister. She has a little child but without father, her husband. As we live in small flat I prefer to spend more time in my work. Dear Dee I open the history of my family to you , I hope that you are not afraid of it? As for my woman's happiness I can say that I am happy. As it would be very interesting to me to learn a little about your family. do YOU have good relationship with them??? how Often do you see your relatives???? do You spend holidays together??? Yes I think what to travel it very interestingly. You travelled much. You probably saw a lot of interesting. I didn't find my soul man here, in Russia that's why I made up my mind to find him abroad. I think that foreign men are real gentlemen and honest in relationships. Can you prove it? I think that yes. You seem to me very good, sincere, open-minded , reliable and good man in your intentions. Am I right? I hope that you write me soon nice letter with photos. I send you mine and hope that you will like it!
Sincerely yours Olga.
Letter 3
Hello my dear friend Dee!
How are you? I hope that everything is o.k. with you!
What do you do now? Did you wait my letter?
As for I wait your e-mail very much! It is very interesting for me to receive your letters, which are full of kind words and I feel that you are very gentle and kind-hearted man!
To tell the truth when I decided to use the internet to find my friends, my soul man I was a little afraid. I thought: " what I do? What it is? " But now I am glad that I decided to try to find my happiness! To tell the truth I wait every day the moment when I will open my box and see your letter! It is good, that I have an own computer of the house. It allows me to use at any time the Internet and to write to you letters. But unfortunately, because of my work and my busy schedule of work I cannot spend a lot of time behind a computer. Thanks that has told about the family. It is very good, when you have the big and amicable family. I am glad for you. I am glad, that at you with it good relations. A family it is possible to spend the good day off. To gather all and to cook tasty food. Or together to celebrate what be a holiday.
I with the great pleasure will answer your questions. After all only so we can learn each other better. We in Russia have a music part. These are 50 cents. I sometimes listen to them and I see their clips on a teleimage. I like to spend time well. I sometimes leave on a disco, but it now happens seldom. I try to help with the majority of time to it with the child. I a code was not for the husband and I have no what children. I do not want, that the destiny of my sister would repeat with me. Its person has betrayed and has left one in such difficult situation. And so I like your letters. I a lot of the interesting have learnt about you and about your family. You as have much told about yourself. It so is pleasant. I think, that I will try as much to tell about myself. Yes, and nearly has not forgotten. I visited cinema and looked a new film its name "21" it is an interesting film about the American casino. You looked this film? It has liked you? Yesterday evening I spoke with my sister about you, I told that I began to write to man in abroad. She was a little afraid because since the moment when she was deceived and abandoned her groom, when she was at 4 month of pregnancy, she does not trust the men. I told her that I am not afraid and will continue to write you!
Of course I must admit that I meet here a lot of men who wants only *** and not serious relationships. I do not want to write such people.
And you? Dee, why you decided to write foreign women? Why you do not want to be with woman from your country? To truly speaking I would like to tell you again that it is very pleasant for me-your attention!
Now I have in the computer only my photos and I will try to send them to you.These pictures from a sushi - a bar. To me like to try various kitchen of the different people. But I do not do what often to visit any cafes. I like to prepare itself. I the good cook. One of my favourite dishes, is a pie with a banana and pears. I do good preparation of a pie so it is tasty. I must notice that you write very nice letters! Simply if you would write only a few words I will be happy! As for my desires I want to have my friendly and lovely family, I want to have my kind and courageous husband and funny children, I want to have a boy and girl. And you? But I do not against of to be the mother in law or to adopt the children. Dee, thanks you for your pictures. It is interesting to me. It looks very attractively! I think that today I will read the new book of Dasha Dontsova, I like her style of writing very much! Of course I will help my sister Nastya to wash child's clothes. Unfortunately we do not have automatically wash machine, that's why we make it by hands, it is very hard because our little baby spoils a lot of things! Funny baby!
Well I finish my letter and will wait yours!
Sincerely your Olga.
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